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  1. Thank you all for your responses! Yay.......no generator yet!
  2. Thanks everyone!! We have been to several local campgrounds in our area just to get things figured out. Boondocking question, we haven't done this yet, but are planning to boondock up to the Adirondack Mountains in January 2023. After we get there we will be in a campground but want to boondock to and from. We want to go play in the snow! 🙂 ❄️ Could anyone tell me what kind of drain on the lithium batteries the furnace would be while not using shore power? We weren't planning on buying a generator just yet. Thank you!! Pic of our new tag! CW Hull #1261.
  3. Good morning Oliver family, We just became members last Thursday!! We are so excited about our upcoming adventures. Question for you. I ordered several upgrades from Foy Sperring and one of them was the wood insert to put in-between the twin beds to convert it to a queen. We have the new mattresses, not the KTT. Does anyone on the forum have this? Can you tell me where you ordered a foam insert for the middle and at what depth? Thanks in advance. LOVE everything so far!
  4. Hi again, I've beening doing more research on this topic and I am worried about getting starlink and the tree obstruction situation. I just chatted with Cradlepoint and he said there were no month fees to pay them, that after the first year, you can renew support for $65 per year I think is what he said. So the monthy fee would be just from Verizon for the added line per month? I know it is a large upfront cost, which is why I'm not sure, I just want to be able to get decent service wherever we are and I know camping in State Forests and such, there is ZERO cell service. If you have found something that works good and since this is an older post, will you share it? Thanks so much! And thanks VBistro for the tip on declining the service from Oliver. CW
  5. I'm assuming the starlink will let you stream on TV with Hulu, Netflix, etc.? CW
  6. Hello there, I will be making my final selection choices in June for my Oliver and I have on my order to get the cradlepoint wireless wan. Our Oliver is for camping and travel, not a business so I am exploring less costly options. I know this is an older thread so I'm wondering if there is new info for other options? Any info is greatly appreciated. Thank you Christi
  7. My Oliver is coming end of September 2022!! So excited! Now if I could just find a truck......hopefully by end of summer there will be some choice.
  8. Mike, did you boondock on those outings or mix it with campgrounds? I would love to not have to buy or take a generator and gas can and we want to boondock a lot but sometimes go to campgrounds. CW
  9. Hello there, I am getting ready to order an Oliver Elite 2 and have a question about the Lithium Platinum Package vs the Lithium Pro Package. If you had the Platinum package, how many days could you be off grid without a generator? Without full rainy days per say? and not in summer. I am just curious about the 2 setups. The pro is several thousand cheaper but adding a generator and carrying fuel would be extra stuff. Thank you in advance to those who can respond. CW
  10. Thank you so much for yall's input!! I got email back from Oliver and it said "The GVWR is pretty much the rating of the axles. They are rated to 7,000lbs. Your are correct, the dry weight is 4,900lbs. The heaviest we have gotten a trailer to is 5,600lbs. That is with tanks full and 500lbs of camping gear. If a Ranger will tow 7,500lbs, you should be fine with one of our trailers. We recommend a vehicle with at least 7,000lbs capacity. You should be fine with a Ford Ranger. " I am hearing you all about the gas tank size and payload capacity. I looked up a Tacoma and it is rated up to 6800 lbs towing and the payload is 1,050 to 1,685 lbs. The Ranger is up to 7500 lbs towing and its payload is 1609 to 1905 lbs. I would love to be able to get the F150 hybrid with generator but its so expensive. And if the Ranger will do it for now.....I can always upgrade to the 150 later, right??
  11. Hello Everyone, I am currently researching tow vehicles for an Oliver Elite 2. I have not ordered yet but I may go ahead and order by January before the prices increase in the 2023 models. I've heard they may increase by $4000. I was planning on buying the new Ford F150 Hybrid with the 7.2 kw generator because we plan on boondocking more than using crowded campgrounds. I have noticed that the dry weight is listed for 4900 lbs and the GVWR is 7000 lbs. Has anyone REALLY maxed out the Oliver to $7000 lbs? I don't have one yet but with limited storage I just found it hard to believe that you could put 2100 lbs of stuff in it. Thoughts? The number difference made me think that the Ford Ranger could tow it and it is thousands less in cost. The Ford Ranger has a tow rating of 7500 lbs,, payload of up to 1900 lbs, and tongue weight of 750lb I think. Any help on this woud be greatly appreciated. CW
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