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  1. I would love to see how you mounted the controller. I am using a Tekonsha Primus IQ that I used on the Outback. I removed it when my daughter got it and mounted it to the door of the fuse box because it was so easy. It works well with the Aliner and is out of the way for me and not very noticeable but I would consider another, OEM looking, location. Looking forward to seeing your pictures. I can definitely live with that towing MPG. I'll be interested to know sometime your, "loaded for camping" tongue weight. That was always an issue I had with the Outback due to it's light tongue weight limit. I had to be conscious of my loading, not that I ever noticed anything unusual, but it was always something I had to really watch for my own piece of mind. I plan to weigh everything on a CAT scale after we get the Oliver home. Thanks Ron
  2. Thank you Mike. I've enjoyed your and Carol's comments. I just got a Clam like the one you all showed. I had considered it for a long time but her recommendation sold me. I appreciate your effort. Yes, August is right around the corner and will give me enough time to finish the addition on my metal building for the new Ollie's bedroom.
  3. Congradulations DunnYet from the mountains of East Tennessee! I am thrilled to see your post, in fact, it's caused me to make my first. We are new to the Forum and live in Greeneville TN. Our Elite I will, hopefully, arrive 11 August having ordered it in Sept. I also planned to tow with a Subaru Ascent, a 2021. Our hills up here in East TN, SW VA, and Western NC where we camp most, are quite a bit steeper than those Tennessee hills you towed your Ollie over, but I feel so much better reading about your experience. To be honest most posts are from Elite II owners as they appear to be in the majority. You are the first, I have found towing an Elite I with an Ascent. The only Forum comments I have been able to find seemed to be second hand info from no one who actually used the Ascent but, referenced someone towing a boat trailer, I think. I have to admit, they were negative on the Ascent. I was worried I might have to give up the Subie, I just bought in September, having reluctantly passed down an Outback to my daughter. We have towed an Aliner A-frame pop up with the Outback for 4 years and I just didn't want a large tow vehicle if possible. My calculations and what I could find online all looked like the Elite I was well within the Ascents capabilities and properly loaded that it would safely tow the Elite I and with descent gas mileage. Still, I was preparing myself for possible disappointment. Thank you again for the post and I look forward to more! Ron
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