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  1. Update - Pulled the white and grey wires to try the bypass test but my improvised jumper would not get continuity. However, when the white and gray wires were reconnected and system was recycled, the main blower motor activated with a great grinding sound. I had assumed that the motor was running, just quietly. Looks like the blower motor is possibly bad leading to the unit reporting the pressure sensor low as a overlay problem, not the root cause. This is looking more and more like a significant warranty situation, so I’m going to button it up, update my Oliver support case, and be thankful we are just out for the weekend and will be back in Dallas on Monday. Thanks everyone - fortunately we are new enough to our Oliver that we still remember how to deal with heating water for dishes and washing (lol).
  2. First - thanks so much everyone for the responses and detailed ideas / discussion. Will try to hit all the questions in one spot here. Electrical skill level. Have not killed myself or anyone else yet 🙂 but definitely not where you guys are. Know which parts of a multimeter to stick where a good portion of the time, and my solder joints hold together but are not works of art. Did learn how to wire a 220 spotlight circuit while it’s hot from an electrician in my college theater days, a skill I try to avoid using. Took some photos - which I should have done the first time for additional orientation. Attached below. @John E Davies will try the jumper test right after coffee. Checked and reseated all the wires I can reach on that harness, none appear loose except the orange / blue main blower which seems to wiggle a bit even when fully seated.
  3. Call to the field repair specialists in the group. Truma hot water heater when turned on shows two short flashes on the inside switch. Looking at the external LED it shows Six short then two long. Code translates to “Error at exhaust pressure switch (EPS)” Have looked as far as I can in the flue and no obstruction. No wires are loose as far as I can tell. Thoughts? Anyone seen this before and have a hopefully quick fix? Currently located in central Texas. Hull 1030 LE I 2022
  4. We are in Duncanville near Dallas and would be 100% interested in attending an Austin, Hill Country, or San Antonio area rally!
  5. Newbie question, and may be way out over my skis. I’m from the “tech” world and in the past at conferences we have BOF or Birds of Feather groups that organize “spontaneously” using bulletin boards in the common area of the conference. These days of course it’s all online and less organic. Is there an equivalent for Oliver rallies? Things like modifications, campground planning, bourbon appreciation etc? Possibly I’m just too new to know about this since this is our first rally - but want to be prepared 😀. Admins - please feel free to move this to a new thread or area if it’s in the wrong area.
  6. Hull 1030 “Reset” Kevin and Rebecca Dunn will be there - site G4. Looking forward to meeting everyone.
  7. Attempt 2 - because I’m a sucker for punishment, have nothing better to do, and mainly because it randomly worked on the towing report thread after throwing an error. still using iPad Southwest WiFi photo taken on iPhone and synced to iPad via icloud Edit after posting - I uploaded twice, each time got the error message, second attempt looked like it might work but nothing showed up. I’m now going to try adding the photo in the edit.
  8. Have one of the new “Weigh Safe” balls on order should arrive in the next week. Planning to do a “test load” and drive to a nearby cat scale to get a profile weight, want to get is as realistic as possible. Of course will need to do it again on the trip to the Rally later this year. With our HC1 + Outback we were able to stay under the Outback capacity based on a long trip weight so I’m hoping we don’t bulk up too much. We review weight on things we add to the trip load and try not to add unnecessary weight. I’m trying to keep a hypothetical future generator in the front of my mind, not sure we will add it but trying to maintain that as a buffer just in case. Going to try to get good at managing the solar first.
  9. Ok that was strange just for grins I decided to try to attach the photo again and it threw the error message but then posted. strange…
  10. Sorry for the delay in getting back to this, was on a work trip first part of the week and have some seat time flying back tonight to catch up. Seating Capacity : Total 8 Front: 2 Rear: 6 The combined weight of occupants and cargo should never exceed 600kg or 1323 lbs. Again this is from the Limited Trim line without the sunroof.
  11. Yep - the whole time I was typing that I was thinking “This really should be a new thread.” Thanks for helping me out!!
  12. Sorry for the delay in responding, was on a work trip and finally have a couple of hours on the flight home tonight to catchup. @John E Davies you will be happy to know I’m on my iPad rather than the work Precision Workstation Laptop due to extreme turbulence 🙂 Attempt one - Southwest WiFi, iPad, photo selected from my iPhoto library taken on iPhone and synced to iPad via iCloud. No Windows involved in transaction. Upload unsuccessful, same message “Sorry, an unknown server error occurred when uploading this file.(Error code: -200)” Is it just me 😁 guess I’m limited to painting descriptive word pictures with very long posts. Returning to perusing the new and improved Southwest drink menu (cocktails have returned) in case turbulence subsides.
  13. Ok this photo makes all my problems go away 😀
  14. John not going to type it here but when we meet in real life remind me to tell you about my first meeting as CIO with my CEO 🤣
  15. Windows 11 (all released service packs applied) using Edge Version 99.0.1150.30 (Official build) (64-bit) Photos taken on iPhone in HEIC format, synced to OneDrive then converted on the Windows 11 laptop to JPEG format with extension .jpg and .jpeg (also tested with .png) Conversion done using the Windows Store provided (Microsoft developed) HEIC driver and built in Photos application (Method "Save As..." -> .jpg or .jpeg or .png) Photos are viewable on PC and are able to be viewed when uploaded to the link services below. Have tried the following attachment methods: (1) Upload directly from local hard drive using "Drag file here to attach, or choose files.." method. Have tried both the drag and chose through the file browser. (2) Created a public OneDrive link and attempted to use the link in the "insert Image from URL" function on the post. (3) Created an Imgur account and attempted to use the link in the "insert Image from URL" function on the post. (4) Uploaded to Box and attempted to use the link in the "insert Image from URL" function on the post. Error message is "There was a problem uploading the file. Please contact us for assistance." on the "Drag" and "Choose" methods. Links just turn red and don't accept / close. Hope that helps 🙂 Yes - I am an engineering personality at heart and our company support center is part of my department so I get all the stories that include the line "I don't know ... it just does not work."
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