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  1. We were accustomed to separate single beds in our pop-up A-frame. Since picking up our Elite I Hull # 1209 on August 11, we are trying a single bed across the back for my wife, that we leave in place. I use the dinette bed across from the galley, putting it up each evening. This keeps us from having to crawl over each other during the night. It also creates more space by not having the large dinette and opens up a seat on each side in front of her bed. I simply made a plywood support and use the small fiberglass extension that was in the closet. The 4 small side cushions are the middle of the bed and we have a 3 inch memory foam over the cushions that extends across the back. By no means will this work for everyone, but we're not very large so it seems to be working well for now. Having lots of small pillows, that I recovered, helps for lounging around in the evening while watching a movie or reading. The valances are on 1x2 poplar with the fabric stapled to it and velcro holds them in place very well so far. I borrowed Foy's ceiling panel design. I did have him make me one of his beautiful shower mats! Ron
  2. On August 8th there was discussion concerning, what seemed to be, an unusual number of problems noticed in a new delivery. Several issues were brought up but particularly some missing and poor quality caulking was noted. This really alarmed me since our delivery day of August 11 was approaching. After waiting so long, you just want things to go well. I’m a caregiver for my bride of 53 years who has developed a neurocognitive disorder. She requires my attention, which I am glad to give her. The primary reason for me getting the Ollie is to make it easier on us both in our race against time to revisit our trips out West and into Canada that we did with our kids in the old Coleman pop-up so many years ago. On delivery day, my goal was to test everything at the service center campsite, but with caregiving, I’ve learned patience, to expect the unexpected, and to go with the flow. I just couldn’t go over as much as I had hoped. I had gotten reservations for 3 days after delivery for the weekend about 60 miles west at Chickasaw SP. We have elderly parents and family nearby that we needed visit. My plan was to use some of these 3 days go over everything and to go back to Hohenwald on the way home to East TN to have them correct any issues I might discover. Ryan went over everything with me to my satisfaction on delivery. It’s just a lot to cover. A heavy downpour, as I pulled out, delayed setup and flooded the utilities at a few of the sites for a couple of hours. We had a few off and on light showers and it was very hot! During the orientation and that afternoon, I really inspected the caulking and everything I could. I only noticed two things. 1. the touch light over the sink did not work 2. There was a small gap between the top of awning gasket seal and the bottom of the awning. I could see a little light shining through the opening. A tech replaced the touch light that afternoon and I was told that the small gap was not a problem. I questioned this, and I looked at other Ollies outside and noticed that on most of them I could see small gaps of light showing above their awning gaskets. I plan to run a caulk bead on the top of the seal. Caulking- Where it shows, the caulking job was almost flawless. I know from experience how difficult this is. I saw no missed areas. On the roof, the caulking was adequate but no attention to esthetics was paid there, it wasn’t very neat. What follows will be of no interest or is old news to most owners but to those awaiting delivery who have no experience with a tank monitor, it might be helpful. Since I haven’t owned a trailer with a toilet (having only had a portable marine toilet in our A-frame popup), tank monitoring was new to me. While at the site and even at the SP I couldn’t get the black tank to show anything other than 0%. The grey and fresh tank monitoring seemed to work as I expected. On departure day, I flushed 2 gallons of water into the toilet and got it to read 12%. When I had to make my decision whether or not to go to Hohenwald, I called the service center. I was concerned that I might have a problem with the sender panel circuit board on the black tank. I called the service center and was told that there could be a 13% difference or error in what the monitor read and what was actually in the tank. He told me that they couldn’t see me until the next day. I decided to proceed home. Once home, I tested the black tank monitor by pouring gallon increments of water into the toilet and getting a reading. Here are my results: 2 gallons 6% 4 19% 5 25% 6 31% 7 44% 8 50% 9 56% 10 69% 11 69% yes 69% 12 75% 13 81% 14 81% Bowl emptied but pipe was full, I raised tongue of trailer and The level in pipe dropped and reading was 88%, I raised tongue more and the reading was 94% I’m satisfied that everything is ok and from past thread postings we know that the tanks drain better with some increased tongue height. Apparently, when camping those days there was just not enough going into the black tank for it to read much. I really like the owner manuals! Some are definitely not easy reading but I’m impressed that Oliver printed all the component info and manuals and combined them. Typically, most RVs have numerous odd sized manuals and info. I hope this helps someone. Thanks to all you folks on this forum for your insight and help thus far and I’ll definitely be asking for more. Li'l Ollie is at home in East TN
  3. We love our Clam also, but it's rather new and we've only used it on one trip thus far. Can anyone tell me about their experience when it rains? I understand the roof panel is just water resistant. I was considering a tarp placed over the top on those occasions rather instead of taking the Clam down.
  4. Seadawg is exactly, right we have an abundance of bears. Here in East TN I know bear hunters and resource officers. They all say the black bear population has exploded all over the Appalachians. The people population has also increased. Encounters are much more prevalent. In our hikes, especially in years past, we've had bears cross our path very close on two occasions deep in the woods. Once one stepped out of a laurel thicket and almost bumped into my wife with my toddler daughter on her back. My wife froze, and fortunately it scared the poor bear, who was I think an adolescent, as much or more than us. He ran off barking like a dog. We just hoped momma wasn't close. This was a time when bears were fewer and not as accustomed to humans and the food they carry. Now even hikers in the deep woods and AT are having serious problems with bears. I totally agree with John Davies, I always now take my spray and where I can my weapon. Especially these last few weeks, the local media have focused on the issues you all have described concerning human contact, feeding, carelessness etc. Now it's leading, more often, to the death of the bear instead of relocation. Now the slogan is " A fed bear is a dead bear". Sad.
  5. I sure will. We will be in Hohenwald on Thursday night. Since it's the end of the week we will spend the weekend at Chickasaw State Park near Henderson TN because it's our old home place and relatives live there, ninety miles west of Hohenwald. It will give us time to do an assessment and get familiar with everything. We leave Monday on our way back to East TN via a stop for two days at Cumberland Mountain SP, thanks to rideandfly. If I find issues of concern, this weekend, I plan to go through Hohenwald Monday to have them addressed before proceeding. I'll post when I return the end of next week.
  6. This really bothers me, since my delivery is this coming Thursday 11 August. I sure hope you say something to the factory!
  7. Looks like a good product for the Ollie. Like you said, we all have our opinions and I'm sure open to changing mine, but the issue is the non-stick. Though, I love the cleanup of non-stick, I've never found it to be even close to "permanent". Having cooked a lot for a long time and having listened to many professional chefs, I've never heard any of them say that there is a "permanent " non-stick surface. After going through several expensive well known non-stick products, I finally took the advise of some of these chefs to buy one cheap non-stick pan for the things you absolutely do not want to stick, which are not that many, and plan on replacing it every year or so. The workhorse cookware is a heavy steel. If anyone out there has what they consider a permanent non-stick piece of cookware that they have used almost daily for years, I would love to hear about it and want it. I sure love the way the Magma pans stack together and fit into the cabinet. Great video! Keep them coming
  8. Wildbrew, Very nice, neat job! I may have missed it, but what adhesive did you use to attach the 2 sides and front panels to the polycarbonate shelf and where did you get both? Ron
  9. Katjo, Thank you so much for doing this! Yes, there is so little on YouTube about the Oliver from owners. Our Ollie is being built right now, delivery August 11, and I'm trying to devour all I can. Looking forward to you upcoming videos!
  10. I asked because the sewer hose caps I've found thus far do not have the male garden hose fitting as part of the cap. Where did you purchase?
  11. Good idea. So, you attached the garden hose connection to the cap? Details?
  12. We are about 70 mi from Natural Tunnel SP and go there about twice a season. I recommend you also visit Big Stone Gap, Norton VA ( WoodBugger check it out and you'll understand), and the small towns around area while you're there. Lot's of beautiful country to see and history.
  13. It's Obed River not "Obey" and it is beautiful. I'm in Tennessee. Glad you enjoyed it.
  14. BILL REED I AM NOT THAT FAR FROM YOU (GREENEVILLE TN "THE SOUTH"), BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING THAT THESE KNOWLEDGABLE WELL MEANING FOLKS RECOMMEND, YOU NEED TO LOOK AT THIS AND DO MORE SPECIFIC SEARCHING IF YOU HAVE NOT DONE SO. Having been faced with these tiny black spots first over 40 years ago and 20 years later around a log home, office building, and new home that I mulched around heavily, I suspect instead of mold spores, that these are from Artillary Fungus, but yes are spores. A common culprit is from wood mulch. The fungi shoot their sports toward "shiny" objects like light colored cars, white guttering and siding when the sun shines on them. It is brown or black and tarlike. Look up this fungus and see ways to remove, but my experience was that it usually leaves a lighter, less noticable, but still a spot remains underneath when you dissolve the tar spot. Lots of this info on a search. This doesn't help your specific problem, but in my case, it all stopped when I switched from wood to leaf mulch. I did find some simple, but not easy ways to remove the tar spots, but the longer they're on, the more permanent the spot damage underneath. I found no other way than to work in small segments. You can improve the appearance overall that's acceptable from a "normal" distance. If you find, a more recent, widespread easier and more effective cure, I would love to hear it, as my research is dated. Pardon if you've already discovered this. Ron
  15. It is consolation and I know you're right for all the reasons I've heard others discuss here concerning rising costs of fiberglass, everything, etc.
  16. Thank you Bill & Galway Girl, that's exactly what I was hoping to hear. I agree, I would not think of waiting, but how about hearing from someone with an Elite I with fewer batteries. Dumb questions, sorry, but can the Elite I have more than 2 batteries? is the battery container on the Elite II larger than the Elite I? I hear Elite II owners talk of 3 and 4. If needed I was considering adding 1 or 2 maybe in the aluminum box on tonque.
  17. Not the Elite II, but the Elite is being redesigned and the website says no orders are being taken for the 2023 Elite while they are being redesigned.
  18. I've searched and have seen a few comments from people using some portable solar panels. Most comments from folks about the function of their rooftop OTT panels seem to live in areas like the West and Mid West where shade in not as much of an issue. Most of our no hookup camping is in the East TN, western VA, and Western NC mountains. Would someone please comment about how their OTT installed rooftop solar functions for them using it with this type camping. I am aware of the reduction in charging, but I would love to hear from someone who has experienced the systems use in my kind of camping. I must finalize my options by May 15th. I posted earlier that OTT is switching to Newpowa panels and to a Victron MPPT controller but they won't say when other than this year. I've asked them if I can get the Victron as it is more efficient, especially in shady/cloudy conditions. They haven't replied yet. We ordered in October and have really looked forward to getting our Elite in August. I know they must redesign, but it's a little disappointing to know I'm spending this much now on a trailer that is being redesigned next year. Any consoling will be appreciated. Thanks, Ron
  19. The OTT rep is not saying, yet, just the brand change is all she gave me.
  20. I am trying to finalize my solar options before a May 15th deadline. I've asked OTT for several pricing options not listed. They are now planning to Victron MPPT controllers and to Newpowa panels instead of Zamp but will not tell me when they will switch but it will be this year 2022. Ron
  21. I understand, I also use the EEZTIRE with it's windshield suction mount. I just sent you a message.
  22. I agree with topgun2, I've used the EezTire E518 TPMS now for about 2 years. Sits in the cup holder just fine and the Ascent has soo many cup holders, but I can understand why one might want to make it more OEM.
  23. This is perfect. The info on the hitch setup and the Weigh Safe Ball with integratred scale is particularly helpful. My Ascent is the Premium Trim level but all the other Ascent details are the same as you describe. I am now much more confident in it's use. Thanks! Ron
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