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  1. Lots of great info here as I will be install a victron controller also. The zamp controller just doesn't cut it for me. Thanks to everyone for sharing ideas. PerryG
  2. I have the same question for the 2 5/16. Waiting for our trailer build and will definately request that size ball for our 1 Ton. PerryG
  3. Hey Bill it was the best compromise for our Airstream. I also have a home base with 600 watts of solar when needed. My idea is to have a charge controller on the Oliver and a heavy duty input near the battery compartment for portable solar panels. Seems like every year panels get better and it just easier to have panels at the correct angle of portable. The flat bed makes it easy for storage of extra panels. PerryG
  4. Max air fan in the washroom is what I was wandering. I’ll leave another message for my sales rep and wait for a call. It’s been 3 days since my last call with questions unanswered. Thanks, PerryG
  5. Good morning, can anyone who has taken delivery late 2021 confirm that Oliver has not yet upgraded the fan to max air? Thanks, PerryG
  6. Oops, sure would love 1000 watts lol. Yep the bikes are tucked in out of site and the road grime being slapped around at thee back of trailers. Will fix the error
  7. Hey John, I did see your set up and that is exactly how they should offer an after build set up for people that travel North America. I've worked hard to make my TV into an Aussie clone as I really don't get North American style trucks with beds that dent so easily. I will be copied some of your ideas for sure. Great looking setup PerryG
  8. Now if we can only get Oliver to get us Australian style mud flaps for our trailers. good to here the outcome of your trip and no rock rash. PerryG
  9. My TV is an old school GMC 5speed 4x4 with a 6.5 Detroit. We carry enough food for a month of travel. 140 days this year with the airstream. Needed a better trailer so here we are💯
  10. Good call on the heavier gauge. The idea is to have Oliver add everything for a door package less the panels. I want those add a port on the side of the camper that I can plug external panels into. Base camp at home has 600 watts of solar I can use. My truck has 200 and my buddies camp has many extra panels lasting around. Just not a fan of solar on trailers. Thanks for thee input on install. PerryG
  11. Just placed an order for thee Elite 2 and I'm not willing to drill any holes in the outer skin of the unit. My TV is totally different than most as I have a flat bed with a custom work box with two 100 solar panels and MPPT controller. I asked the sales guy of they could run a 4 gauge cable for me on the inside of the unit followed by a fast no!. I'm looking to go 30dc to DC charge from my trucks 2nd battery as we seldom Boondock in open areas here in Canada. My question is how easy would it be to pull the cable from front to the back of the battery box. Anderson plugs for truck and trailer. My trucks solar could help if we are parked a bit longer in sunny areas if we stay for a more than 4 days.
  12. Hey John, as others have stated the answer is no for simple mods. Canadians get the same trailer as the USA. Just a bit more paper work needed for entry into Canada. It would be nice if a member with cad programing would provide a file we could then send out to a shop willing to fab it up. I love the above solution with the indent for the frame. I'll be bugging the sales guy but I can't even pick different tires
  13. Just ordered an Elite 2 and wondering why this is not offered as an option from the shop after the build? Most people that purchase these units will be pounding many road miles. Our is heading to Canada where the road are terrible. I'll be installing flaps for sure and would like to see Oliver add it as a custom install after the factory line. PerryG
  14. We are coming from the Airstream world and where looking for a better company to deal with. Oliver seems small enough to as for changes like this that only male sense unless some engineer can explain how this set up is better outboard where the shock placement is now? Our trailer will be Heading north of the boarder and Canadian roads suck! I'll be looking at different shocks for the look run. Old Man Emu take a pounding on my 4 runner and lasted 250,000km before a change over as I though it was time. No leaking or crappy bushings.
  15. Just ordered a New Elite 2. Will be following this post very close. This is an easy fix for the company that is making these units. If we all open a ticket and call they might make the change to the jig. Using washers is a band aid fix.
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