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  1. That other owner may have been me. I also worked with the "very nice rep" and a new unit was sent and no problems since. Before during our end-of-the-season trip we had many false alarms. Our old unit still had years before the replacement date. Impressed with RV Safe customer service.
  2. Just curious; how did/does Oliver Inc attach the hinges to the trailer? No screw heads show.
  3. Sorry, didn't mean to pile on. Thanks for a lead on the concept.
  4. Amazon link is to the wrong "non-friction" hinge.
  5. Kathy & Ronny Perryman of Purmela, Texas (approx 4o miles west of Waco} are opening their farm property, and hosting a total eclipse gathering, for the 2024 April 8th total eclipse event. The gathering eclipse event is limited to 100 fiberglass trailer campers. While the gathering was at first limited to Casitas it is now open to fiberglass trailers of all breeds. A few open reservations spots remain and those interested. If interested contact Kathy as noted below. We will be there and few more Olivers would be a good thing... "Have your friend(s) email me: casitasolareclipse@gmail.com Once they email me, I can add them to our Facebook group. We will send out official registration forms for everyone in January but ask your friend to tell me who invited them (that would be you) type of RV & length and how many adults will be in their RV."
  6. The outlet head on the Waste Master looks quite large. Question for those who own a Waste Master. Is it difficult to fit the Waste Master outlet head into the Oliver back bumper storage compartment due to size? Thanks.
  7. Also received this from Mike at Oliver Service; more quality speedy customer service. ELITE 2 MODELS INLINE FUSES ARE LOCATED UNDER THE DRIVER SIDE BED ACCESS PANEL
  8. Replacing co/propane monitor with new one due to several error messages. In the process I am guessing I blew a fuse. So where is the fuse? In previous discussions regarding these monitor someone spoke of an inline fuse behind the monitor below the seat; not on my 2022. So where and which fuse? Thanks for any help.
  9. Thanks for the video information. Is there some information somewhere on grease application to the rear jacks?
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