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  1. Just some quick feedback after 5,175 miles on the Alcan leaf springs, and 1,500 miles on the D52's and new Monroe shocks: 1. We replaced the leaf springs just prior to the Eclipse Rally in TX last MAR and logged just north of 1,900 miles on that round trip from our home in NM. To baseline the structural frame support integrity, we photographed each of the aluminum welds visible from under Casablanca. The welds were in good order/no visible cracks before and after the Eclipse Rally. Nothing unusual noted in the interior of the camper during this first trip with the new springs. 2. We logged another 1,190 miles on the Alcans on our first leg of the OTT Owner's Rally from NM to Hohenwald arriving there 8MAR. We coordinated with Jason Essary to replace the Dexter D35 axles with the D52s Nev-R-Lubes with 12" drums. Dusten Bowden (18-year veteran of OTT and now owner of Dr RV Mobile RV Repair) and I swapped out the axles and mounted new Monroe's on 9MAR without issue. 3. Performed the U-bolt nut torque tightening protocol recommended by Alcan for the 9/16" U-bolts at 50, 100, and 500-mile increments. Arrived at the Owner's Rally on Tuesday last week after logging 265 miles on the D52s/Monroes. No issues noted after checking the U-bolts for proper torque. 4. Arrived home yesterday. 5,175 miles logged since MAR. The trailer pulls well in all the weather conditions experienced including strong cross winds through Amarillo on I-40 and some of the lousiest interstate sections we've experiences through northern Louisiana on I-20. Integrity of frame welds show no change since before changing springs, FYI. We're pleased with the running gear mods as they 100% meet our style of travel trailering... Cheers, All!
  2. You'll find much faster download speeds in remote areas. SL throttles back and otherwise regulates speeds in high population areas, FYI. You'll love it on the road!
  3. Here's a clean install for your SO-239 and ground connection for your rig on the interior wall... FYI, we always use a spring punch on the gelcoat prior to any drill bit action:
  4. ....and his brother-in-law smoking a stogie while dumping his Class-A in Griswold's driveway gutter! 😅
  5. The Victron 12/12vDC charger totally meets our camping style and needs... When departing after boon docking for a few days during overcast weather - we know that our SOC will be at 100% within a few hours, so we'll start with a "full deck of BB cards" at the next destination. As y'all know, the "non-isolated" version will require installation of a dedicated negative cable from the TV battery/alternator to the rear bumper connection then continue with a thru-hull penetration to the Smart Shunt bus bar. FYI, (knocking on wood) we're 3,000+ miles into an 18-day trip and the Victron suite has performed flawlessly. Glad to hear at LGSP that OTT is considering Victron as an optional upgrade - good stuff along with Renogy, Blue Sea Systems, and others. Cheers!
  6. Thanks for sharing, Bill - awesome vid! Cheers!
  7. HA! No way, Bill! We'll make good (and it won't be greens)! Best, A & D
  8. FYI: We observed our 2nd and 3rd Cyber Trucks yesterday headed eastbound on I-20 in LA -- again, on the back of a flat bed. Will report our first sighting of a Cyber under its own power whenever it occurs... HA!
  9. @topgun2 - Good one, Bill! Way to pitch-in and help out... D and I wish we could have shared a proper "farewell" before we departed the area - next time, though! Cheers!
  10. We decided to RO2N in Laurel, MS... Very "green" here compared to what we're used to in the SW! Headed to Dallas in the morning... Safe travels, All!
  11. Good call, @jd1923 ! Here's some random OTT Rally snaps from my iPhone: Little white eggs - everywhere! Entrance/exit sign for the LGSP... Welcome to our world, these are two really tired rally go-ers! So "tough" being in the pack... Site A-06, Casablanca LGSP Lodge swimming pool - very convenient We kept Steve Morris' roster (as seen on the folding table) close-hauled to keep up with the face/name recognition drill - it was an awesome tool for us... Typical chow being prepped for an early morning meal... Getting ready to pack up for the run down to Laurel, Miss. on Sunday... What a great rally it was - especially meeting all the cool Oliver owners from places way far away! We look forward to seeing others' photos of the rally, too! Cheers!
  12. @johnwen HA, my bad, brother! Mea Culpa!
  13. @Steve Morris - Good morning, Steve. Hope you and Deb are enjoying your return leg! Quick Request: Todd and Laurie, from Maryland, were next to us in A-08 and inadvertently left their Anderson wheel chocks behind. We've got the chocks but don't have their Forum call-sign to coordinate an equipment return via PM. If you know their email or Forum name, please forward so we can reach out and get them shipped out... Many thanks! Best regards, A & D
  14. 0915 Departure from LGSP, enroute to Laurel, Miss.:
  15. 'Ol Oscar wasn't amused by this sign - check it out... Knuckleheads, they are!
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