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    Back in the Great Southwest USofA.... thank God!

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    I own an Oliver Travel Trailer
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    Legacy Elite II
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    Twin Bed Floor Plan
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    Airstream (1974 31' Sovereign, 1985 25' Excella), 2019 Casita 19' (just sold)

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  1. Boondocking at a HH near Pagosa last night - nice sunset at "84 Ranch"... En route to Crested Butte today for the fall colors show!
  2. That's a well thought-out loading, down-loading, storage and equipment handling process. Impressive, brother!
  3. With me on my Creepy Crawler - even on concrete - I can't manage to get my girth under the axles to reach the two center top zerks! Besides - I've got plenty of T's! HA!
  4. NOPE, I crawl under the trailer (and destroy a T-shirt) and hit the zerks from underneath.
  5. We've been using the straight one that we bought from LockNLube, it hits all 16 zerks with ease and doesn't pop-off. Works as a great combo with the Lincoln grease gun:
  6. We had almost the exact same encounter with a blowout about 12 years ago in FL traveling on a secondary road at about 45mph. At the time we didn't own a standalone TPMS. We didn't realize the right side rear tire blew until we pulled over at a convenience store for a pee - walking back to the rig we saw what looked like a "ghost tire" (formerly a Goodyear Marathon) with only the radial material left on the rim. With a TPMS (which we've had ever since), at least would have known when it blew and proceeded accordingly rather than driving for an unknown distance on 3 good wheels/tires. Glad no injuries ensued....
  7. "BRAVO ZULU" goes out to @Mike and Carol and I stand corrected! We used the same ones, Bill. Thanks for the clarification... Cheers to inexpensive and effective mods - great post idea, @Wandering Sagebrush!
  8. We used @topgun2's magnet mod, too! We placed a strong magnet on the inside of the dinette seat compartment with silicone tape and screwed another magnet on the corner of the door. This way, there's nothing "showing" on the outer gelcoat of the dinette seat... Holds the door open nicely.
  9. Very clean mod! Looks effective for its desired function! Great pix - thanks for posting.
  10. We've used a "target" for years with our SOB and now our OTT. We only had approximately 9" of clearance on either side with the SOB, now much more with the Ollie. Whew! Parallel lines work for us - but the absolute game changer with when we added a front hitch to the TV... The camper had to been consistently placed correctly in its "spot" or like, @Townesw mentioned, we can't move stuff around it with the bay door closed. With the front hitch, you just steer the camper into place - no more "raised-voice" commands from Magnus and the lovely spouse. HA!
  11. TWO straps fore/aft works well in our config. The 4/0 cabling holds the BBs as a "unit" the 2x 1.5" straps with cam-locks secures the entire bank to the battery tray. I'll get a couple pix to illustrate...
  12. Understood. Frank's practice surely accounts for a lot of the guest activity. Personal preference, no biggie. What's interesting to me is this: So, there's (maybe) 1,450 Oliver hulls manufactured to date, assuming that most of those (but not 100%) of those owners are members - who are the other 6,667 forum members? And what are they looking for online? Potential buyers? General RV/Camper enthusiasts? Spouses of owners? One-time sign ups/Zero returns? All the above? At first glance, I guess it shows the folks at Hohenwald that there's a market base out there for the product. Thoughts?
  13. As noted earlier, we are pleased with the mileage and longevity we've been getting with the Michelin Defender LTX M/S2's since 2017. Ran 3 sets on our RAM 3500 and averaged over 55k miles/set - most of which was towing a 25-foot AS. Still running them on our TUNDRA - no regrets. The Defenders match our "style" of driving for a TV - they may not meet others' style; but we'll stick with the Defenders 100%. Just my $0.02...again. HA!
  14. Borrow a drain snake and try clearing the plug mechanically instead of chemically.
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