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  1. Hi Liana, we're in Castle Rock. We love Salida! My grandfather was born there, and we have family still on the same land from the late 1800s. Looking forward to camping near Salida sometime this summer, possibly a harvest host for a night.
  2. Thanks dewdev! We're currently outside of Atlanta, visiting friends, MLK center, and going to a Braves game tonight. We're off for Memphis tomorrow for a few days, then Wichita, KS for Memorial day weekend, then back home in CO. This is our longest planned trip this season but we're going Beach camping in CA in October. We'll see about catching some weekend camping in CO this summer if schedule and opportunities allow. We have a lot of concerts planned, as well as out of town visitors this Summer.
  3. We did it! We thought we'd keep the factory company while the rest of you were at the rally and we picked up our Oliver on Friday, May 20th. Her name is Luna, and she's gorgeous.
  4. Hello LRN, We have a 2022 Ford F150 Powerboost Hybrid Lariat package, and we picked up our Elite II just two days ago from Hohenwald. Yay! (I'll post in the Delivery day sub-forum soon) MPG without the trailer, from Denver to Hohenwald, was 20 MPG overall, doing posted speed limits or +5 over. Usually 80mph in Kansas. Missouri and Tennessee speed limits are lower and we maxed at 70mph, but we also took an alternate path where the speed limits were 50/55/60/65, and we kept at the max speed limits along the route. MPG with the trailer, from Hohenwald to Atlanta, GA was 12.5 MPG while traveling at posted speed limits, and even as much as 70 mph. We used the Tow/Haul mode, which is a different engine/transmission profile; holding gears a little longer on acceleration, brake usage prompts the transmission to gear down on declines, no electric motor usage. The Truck handled very well with the trailer attached and it almost seemed like it wasn't there. No porpoising at all with the Andersen WDH. The other reasons why we got the F150 Powerboost hybrid are because I use it to commute to work a few days a week, can fit it in the home garage and the parking garage at work. Plus.. we live at 6200ft elevation, camp even higher, and the turbos make that a breeze. Hope this helps!
  5. Thanks for the info, routlaw, my guess is just about on point with the MPGs while towing. I also wish the Hybrid portion would apply to towing, but I think the battery capacity is a bit small to provide any meaningful towing power as it is. While not towing, the EV works very well around town, in parking lots, and in traffic especially. At the same time, able to tap into the rocket of the ecoboost engine. Whoooboy.. that is fun.
  6. Hello all, First time poster, long time browser. We pick up our Ollie Elite II in about a month. This topic piqued my interest as a hybrid truck owner. The Ike test from TFL is just a good benchmark on the capability, especially at elevation. Perhaps in 10 years we'll be able to compare range and towing for full EVs, but we're not there yet. We have a Ford F150 Powerboost Lariat and I think it's a great all around truck for our purposes. 1) Towing an Ollie. 2) Commuting to work a few days a week (30 mi each way). 3) We live at elevation in CO (6,200ft) where a turbo is ideal for hauling up mountain passes (such as the Ike, which I've done countless times). We looked at RAM and others, including Diesels of all variations, and it came down to cost benefit and fit. While it would be nice to have a HD truck for the added payload, I just couldn't justify it for various reasons; can't fit in our garage, too tall for parking at work (can't commute with it), diesel maintenance, and the premium over a gasser. I wanted something that would be a good TV and a decent commuter. The Powerboost fits the bill perfectly. Our truck has a 30 gallon gas tank (standard on all F150 Powerboosts). Max Trailer tow package. 430hp/570 torque. 1425 Payload. It gets about 24 mpg normal commute driving, and sometimes I get 30 mpg if I baby it along. Usually 30mpg to work and 22mpg on the way back. Stop-and-Go traffic is a breeze, as it's mostly in EV mode and will drive itself in traffic if I choose to allow it. When I need to tow, the truck performs well, plenty of power. While it's not much weight, I towed our Casita and got 15-17 mpg on the flats. I'm expecting 10-14 with the Ollie Elite II.
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