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  1. You probably couldn't afford or move a generator large enough to power "everything." Our 3000 watt Yamaha will easily run our 13500btu air conditioner with no easy start. Turn on the electric water heater element also and it will shut down. Realistically, you only need one large enough to run the A/C and the charger/converter at the same time. Everything else will be running on propane or 12 volts.
  2. You stated in your original post: “When cleaning our never used Dometic flush toilet....” ????
  3. Yes, we had hull # 026, one of the (very) few twin bed models in the early Elites. It was just as you described it, the second bed was where the dinette is. We ate off the folding table midships. We needed something bigger so we sold it in 2013 and bought the first Elite II, hull # 050.
  4. You guys are overthinking this. Pop N Lock. I’ve installed four of these on different vehicles.
  5. I'm unclear on what you mean, could you be more specific about the problem?
  6. Sounds like fun, we're in. I might suggest we have a "for sale" table also. For a higher class of "junk."
  7. Daniel, the first 49 trailers that Oliver built were all Elites. This was between late 2007 and early 2009. As you recall there was a downturn in the economy about that time and Oliver made the difficult decision to halt their trailer production. There was no layoff of personnel. In 2013, they decided to reopen the trailer line but their plan was to only make the Elite II's. After many requests from potential customers, in 2015 they reintroduced the Elite. The general layout and floor plan is essentially the same. In the early Elites, if there was ever a problem with the refrigerator
  8. What are Oliver Owners called? This was discussed at the rally several years ago. If I remember correctly, "Otters" was the front runner. I believe we said that the Owners rally could be called an OTTOR - Oliver Travel Trailer Owner's Rally. What does everyone think?
  9. The factory quit offering this as an option several years ago. They have also stopped doing custom work during the initial build. These would be incredibly easy to add after the fact...if they would be willing to mold them for you. Who is your salesperson?
  10. Right before my junior year at Ole Miss a group of friends and myself borrowed a neighbors pop-up camper and I pulled it to the Great Smoky Mountains to camp for a week. I wonder if my old Vette would pull the Outlaw Oliver? Doubt it. But, I did see this at the Winnipeg Boler Rally in 2018.
  11. First gear, it's alright Second gear, I lean right Third gear, hang on tight Faster, it's alright ...with apologies to Brian Wilson and Mike Love
  12. Torque, more is better. All the 3/4 ton diesels will have more than twice as much as their gasoline powered counterparts. The Big Three’s diesel’s torque will range up to over 1000 lb/ft at a cruising rpm of less than 2000. These trucks won’t struggle going up or down a mountain.
  13. All we have to do to keep the bathroom warm is leave the door open. No tricks with the vents or fan. If we're taking a shower, we keep it warm in there with a small electric space heater. Just messin' with you about that space heater...
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