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  1. Sorry to hear that Jeff. I do hope Battleborn will live up to their reputation (and all our expectations) and get you back up and running quickly.
  2. I'm curious as to why Oliver wired your battery bank like that. During our 2013 build, I had them wire our 4 x 6 volt AGM's as two pair of series paralleled together with the leads coming off the opposite corners of the bank. Do you think they thought it didn't matter how the lithium's were wired? Anyway, I agree that it would make a big difference (obviously over time) in the voltage/percentage readings. I hope your batteries are OK and this "reset" will fix you right up. I just finished a Battleborn install in the Outlaw Oliver. I got 7 years out of the Trojan's, but one of them finally
  3. There is a rather large efficiency difference in propane vs gasoline. That generator has a max output of 2200 watts with a continuous output of 1800 watts. This is based on using gasoline. A gallon of gasoline has 125,000 BTU’s. A gallon of propane has 91,700 BTU’s. As you can see, the output is significantly lower with propane therefore it can’t produce as many watts.
  4. You'll be more likely to get it if everything is wired correctly.
  5. I got strange readings from ourBlue Sky IPN-Pro for a while. Until I figured out that not everything was running through the shunt. After a little negative re-routing all is good. The main problem was that the onboard charger's negative wire was bypassing the shunt therefore the IPN-Pro did not see any of the power going into the batteries from it. Check the grounds from your charge controller and converter/charger and make sure they go to the shunt before grounding out to the trailer.
  6. We have had white countertops on both of our Oliver's. Reason being, the fiber granite mold for the countertop had not been made when Hull # 050 was launched and was not even a twinkle in someone's eye when we got Hull # 026. Our other surfaces are fiber granite, however. To answer your question, the area between the sink and the cooktop is very scratched. But, no more so than the tabletop. Either will show the scratches as a dullness. Wax will not make it shiny again but it does not detract. We bought these trailers to use and, after 140K miles, they do show signs.
  7. I made my reservations for your first set of dates. I'm gonna need you to help me fix that. I could not do it on line.
  8. Your Oliver will come equipped with everything you need to properly attach it to your tow vehicle. This will NOT include a ball mount and ball to insert into the rear receiver on the truck. It WILL include safety chains. It will have a lanyard to attach the breakaway stitch (for emergency braking) to your truck. I doubt it will have a lock for the Bulldog Hitch but most likely, you will be provided with a pin to Keep it secured. You will need to arrive with a tow vehicle that is equipped with a brake controller and wired for a seven pin connector. You will also need a ball mount with a 2
  9. Brian, you don't have to consider the weight of all the necessary fluids, such as gas, oil, and radiator fluid that keep the truck humming along, it is included in your GVWR.
  10. Don’t forget about David Crockett Birthplace State Park near Limestone, TN. Just in case it wasn’t confusing enough already
  11. The furnace in the Elite is located right next to the bathroom under the forward dinette seat. It is ducted into the bath and out into the cabin. It probably is not as effected as the Elite II setup as far as between the hulls heating goes.
  12. We pulled our former Oliver Elite Hull # 026 with a 2007 Tahoe LTZ V8. No Andersen Hitch (don't think it was even on the market back then) and never needed it. We had that combo for 5 years from 2008-2013, never a problem. Then we got an Elite II, much heavier and we pull it with a 2017 2500HD Diesel. A new Elite will weigh around 4000 pounds loaded and ready to travel. Bottom line, your Escalade should do a fine job with an Elite. I would feel comfortable towing with it.
  13. I'm impressed that Townesw has chosen to outfit their 2019 Chevrolet 2500HD Duramax with a custom Turboencabulator modification. I've been contemplating doing the same to our 2017 model.
  14. Malcolm called the other day and told me that he and Ursula had moved on from their Super C to an LV. His will have over 3000 watts of solar on the roof and enough battery power to run one of the two A/C units constantly including a full size residential fridge. The thing is over 30 feet long and weighs 18000 pounds. The company requires you to have proof of ownership of a 1 ton truck as a tow. It sounds nice but for $460K it should be.
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