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  1. The ones I've seen that were prewired had the the cables terminated under the port side bed (driver's side). The plates in the roof are 1/4" aluminum. You are correct about drilling and tapping. I would use 1/4-20 button head hex-drive screws. The proper bit to use is a #7 (0.201 inch) the closest decimal size bit is a 13/64 (0.203 inch), either will work just fine. You would use two screws per bracket. I don't exactly know when they started prewiring the units. My guess is: if yours has the plates it probably has the wiring. I will be at the factory Monday thru Wednesday. I'll inquire about the wiring and get back to you.
  2. Not knowing the age of your pending trailer, some or all of this may not apply. During delivery, make sure the previous owners show you where all the solar wiring has been preinstalled. Also, where it begins and terminates. There should be wiring leading to the roof to connect the panels to through a combiner box mounted there. If not get them to show you how to retrieve the wires at the roof. In addition, the PO's may not know any of this. There are metal plates embedded in the fiberglass on the roof. These are attachment points for the brackets that hold the panels on. Make sure you understand where they are. During panel installation, you will drill through the outer shell fiberglass and the plate below it. Here's where you stop. Do not continue to drill after the metal plate is penetrated or you risk drilling through the inner fiberglass shell and ultimately into and through the ceiling. This will create a tiny unwanted round skylight. Not good. Let us know the model year and the hull number.
  3. Does your trailer have solar? If not, you're correct, you would not like the desert at Quartzsite. If it does, you would have all the electricity you need as the sun shines pretty much all day every day (but it's not too hot). Water is simple to get and cheap (25 cents for 5 gallons) in Quartzsite, about 4 miles from where we will all be camped. And, your Oliver is uniquely equipped to pump that water into your onboard tanks. Dump before you set up and you should be good for a week or so. When needed, the dump station is available at the same place we get water. Think about it, you might want to give it a try. If you absolutely hate it, remember there are wheels on the trailer for a reason.
  4. Coy will have his tracker up and running on his Elite. If all goes right, we will have one on an Elite II as well.
  5. Can the justification be changed from center back to left?
  6. We carried an earlier version of that Dewalt for a couple of years. It rode on the top shelf of the closet. We bought a smaller corded one at Quartzsite and leave the other at home. The Dewalt just took up too much room for the number of times we used it.
  7. ScubaRx


    I’ll be happy to take your old suburban furnace off your hands, if you don’t want it.
  8. A tip on writing complicated/long posts. I always write in a word processor or note pad and get it like I want it. Then copy and paste. Haven’t lost any yet.
  9. The Outlaw Oliver because Outlaw is a family name.
  10. I know a guy in Virginia that makes these vents up in any size if anybody needs one.
  11. As Ken pointed out, if the furnace is producing heat, the fan has to be running. By your description of what’s happening, I suspect the main duct hose has come loose from the furnace and all the heat is spilling into the basement (tween decks) area. To check, remove the access cover at the curb side rear under the mattress. You should be able to immediately see if that is the issue.
  12. Yes, the avatars are HUGHHHHH
  13. Nan, We are in Bangkok at the moment. You should use which ever is attached to the trailer currently; cables or chains. You do not need both. I removed the cables from our trailer and replaced them with heavy duty chains. To me, they are easier to hook up than the stiff cables.
  14. Although I’ve owned two PD TX Switches on two different Oliver’s with no problems, your idea of additional hold down capability using adhesive sounds like a good plan. Also, be careful to only tighten the screws until they are just snug.
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