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  1. We’ll still be here (33.64244° N, 114.30655° W) if the crick don’t rise. 😃
  2. All this is like the “rule” that you can’t utilize the rear jacks to lift the side of your trailer completely off the ground when that capability used to be a major selling point. If you knew the real reason behind their change of heart, you’d be flabbergasted. Come by at the rally in May and I’ll fill you in on the details. We’ve been sitting at Dome Rock for a week now with both port side tires a couple of inches off the ground, held up by only the jack and, as far as I know, the earth is still spinning around the sun at about 18 miles a second with no ill effects so far. I’ll update you here if anything untoward happens.
  3. Looks like the Mississippi cotton fields in October.
  4. While traveling in West Virginia our GPS showed us a neat shortcut between two parallel roads. Cool. I should have known to turn around when we came to a power line hanging so low across the road that I had to lift it up with a telescoping fiberglass pole to get past it… Carry a paper map and use your common sense.
  5. But, do you still have an 8-Track recorder? If not, and you have a nostalgic itch for one, I can make you a hell of a deal. I’m also willing to let my Sony Betamax go and I’ll even throw in the stack loader that went with it. Oh, and brand new IBM Selectric.
  6. I still have a couple of slide rules from college. I’m gonna bring them with me when we stop by your house to drop off the alligators you need. And, I need a refresher course on how to use the slide rule.
  7. We never “plan” a trip. We know the endpoint and not much else. Never made reservations more than a few hours in advance and have never had a problem getting a spot. We don’t use any apps to find spots to camp. Just look on a paper map for a place to stop. We mostly boondock. We never have any problems finding water to fill the tank or a free dump site. I don’t like being tied to any schedules. Nearly two decades of school and four plus decades in the medical field gave me a lifetime’s worth of conformity. If I make plans, it feels like I’m being told what to do. I don’t like being told what to do, even if it’s myself doing the telling.
  8. I would never leave on a trip without a paper atlas. And recently we’ve taken to stopping at the welcome centers when entering a new state and picking up their latest official state map. A large map gives you the option of seeing a Birdseye view and being able to “look down the road” further than you ever could with the tiny screen on your phone. Then we look at the GPS.
  9. OK, Kevin. Apparently you were not aware of Texas Law BR-0459. No one over the age of 55 is allowed to use a ladder without two adults supervising. Further, nobody is allowed to say, "Hey Buddy, hold my beer." I fell about 16 months ago and had massive subdural hematoma. It required an emergency craniotomy. We'uns need to learn to be more careful.
  10. Madera, California is over a hundred miles from the closest salt water. A trip along I-40 this time of year might be a little sketchy due to weather in the higher elevations near Flagstaff. Be careful and stay safe out there. I always wished there were opportunities for traveling Pharmacists, but state laws prevent us from working in any state that we are not licensed in. It requires a lot of money and time to reciprocate our dispensing and narcotic licenses and take the law exam in another state. Nursing requirements are different and most states will recognize a nursing license from another state.
  11. The Shanghai Port, owned by the Shanghai International Port Company Ltd, topped the list as the busiest port in the world in 2022. Oh wait, you probably meant wine...Sorry. 😁
  12. Well, it's not like you messed up or anything. Oliver only opened the registration process recently (I registered 12/21/2022). Usually, the hard part is getting a site. We reserve for next year's rally while at this year's rally. At any rate, it sounds like you're good to go. We'll be holding court in E-05. Come by and sit with us.
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