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  1. I would not let them cut the furnace return in Hull #050. Robert Partee (service manager, the only salesman, my friend, the MAN) argued with me about it every time I was at the factory during our build in 2013. I won. The furnace has run fine and heated very well for these past seven plus years. I had it on just the other night during the recent wave of ice and snow when it was in the low teens here in the Deep South. I did have them install three of the lower access doors. At the time, it was just something I dreamed up during one of my build visits. I thought they would look cool and I
  2. There is quite possibly a solution for this situation coming soon...
  3. I believe he's suggesting that since you don't tow with a diesel (as many of us do) you don't technically have a dog in this race.
  4. Empty the black tank first, then the gray. This will allow the gray water to somewhat clean the hose after the black water has gone through it.
  5. This page has links to the firmware update and instructions for installation.
  6. Susan, does your 2013 F350 really have a 3.2L diesel?
  7. I numbered my tanks # 1and # 2. Let's assume both are completely full, mounted in the trailer with the hoses attached. Open the valves on BOTH tanks. Turn the lever on the regulator toward either tank. The indicator will be green. Use your trailer and appliances normally. When the first tank is empty, the regulator will automatically begin using from the second tank. There will be no interruption of the flow of propane, but indicator will now be red. The lever on the the regulator DOES NOT physically move. You will need to be aware of how long a tank will last you and after a period
  8. Just for everyone's information. Oliver does not balance the tires themselves. They buy the tires already mounted and balanced. I spoke with the plant manager today and he stated that's the way they have done it since he came in 2017. Scott Oliver states they have always been balanced. I'm not convinced they've been doing since 2014. Mine were not as it was the first delivered Elite II, but I've had it done during the intervening years. Since this issue has likely not existed in the last 3-4 years, I think we're beating a dead horse. Like BackofBeyond: "I'm gonna find something else to
  9. The way this poll is constructed makes our answers a little ambiguous. Oliver has not always balanced the tires on their trailers. The tires that are currently being installed arrive at the factory already balanced, but the poll provides us with no way for one to tell if the trailer was delivered prior to or after Oliver started providing this needed task. I would suggest adding the hull number or, at least, the year of production. Out of curiosity, what year/hull number do you own?
  10. These are the correct bearing and seal Part Numbers for all the Elites and the VERY FEW Elite II's that are equipped with 5200 pound axles.
  11. The door "might" unlatch if you failed to close it correctly, but it won't come open while driving down the road, air pressure would keep it from doing so. We have towed ours over 130K miles and none of this has ever happened. If you're worried about it, just lock your door while you drive. I can't see how this is "...a workmanship problem that should have been repaired during the quality check prior to delivery..."
  12. The word on the street is that the 2022 models will come with 5200 pound axles (de-rated to 3500 pounds due to the smaller 4 leaf spring pack.) Disc brakes will either be standard or an option (I'm unclear.) They will have 6 bolt patterns and 12 inch brakes. They will also have never-lube hubs.
  13. I think it's great, I tried to get one of our single daughters to go find him.
  14. He stated in one of his videos that he makes $80K per month off his you tube channel.
  15. Phantom loads can be more insidious than you think. Even if your PL is only 0.4 amps, that's 9.6 amps/day. With the AGM's usable capacity of 200 amps, with no AC power connected and no solar, you will use all this in less than 3 weeks.
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