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  1. I have been reading on this topic for a little while and it seems to be a bit of religious argument. However, there are a lot of long-time knowledgeable campers across different rigs here, so I wanted to ask for thoughts on this topic. Again, I know it is a bit of a religious argument so not looking for any clear winner here just thoughts on what you all have seen. So, background and starting points. Double Pane RV Windows: Worth It or a Waste Of Money? Essentially the argument is about pros and cons around the cost and weight they add to the rig versus the noise and insolation factor (plus reduced condensation) they bring. For TT they are more susceptible to vibration and because of that the seal breaking and then they become foggy. Have any long time Olver Owners seen this and had to replace foggy windows? Of course, the better suspension (and other travel type factors) on the TT the lower the risk but it seems more a question of when not if. For any type of cold shoulder or winter (4 season) camping a single-pane window seems silly to have the draft from the windows plus all the condensation build up. But having to replace windows every chuck (who knows the duration of the chunk) of years also seems like a major pain for those of us that don't upgrade RVs every 3-5 years. Thanks for your insights!
  2. I switched to T-mobile a few months back as I was getting frustrated with spectrum reliability. It worked well for the first few months but the last month has been a lot of bad video call experiences saying internet is unstable. Luckily I only paused my service from spectrum. So turned that back on and going to shut down T-mobile. Spectrum is only running me $80 a month versus T-mobile’s $50 so not a big difference. Both give me about the same up with spectrum a bit better. Down spectrum is way better at 300 mbps down versus T-mobile 60 mbpds.
  3. Yes. I chatted with her for a little bit. They were headed down a hill in CO going about 55 and they were passed ( in same direction) by a semi and that triggered the sway. I was surprised the brake controller did not correct it. Not sure what the gain was set at or last time it was checked.
  4. I know this is an old thread but found this interesting insight on their build quality. That fact the trailer held together so well says a lot. That fact it was caused by sway is interesting given I have never heard an Oliver owner say they have ever had a sway issue (but who know how they were loaded out and it was a smaller 1/2 ton truck). Everyone was ok after this which is great. They did have a WDH and engaged their brake controller. Just wanted to share to show the build quality of how it held together. Since it was quationed how stable the frame would really be.
  5. It will be interesting to see this space (no pun intended) grow. T-Mobile and SpaceX announced plans to get into this space as well. It is still early and it seems 2023 may only bring the ability to send text messages. A start is allowing every mobile phone to have no dead spots. Good and bad IMHO as some times it is really nice to be totally disconnected. Even if speeds are slow the ability to have an SOS connection to get word out is nice.
  6. This is rather disappointing to me. Oliver for many years marketed their 16" LT tires as one of the reasons their trailer frame/chassis was better. It is dis-hearting to see them downgrade to the standard ST tire for their trailers now.
  7. I know people have talked about this a lot on this forum, but this reporting is really eye opening. Untold stories behind Indiana's RV boom: A punishing pace, safety issues and broken bodies: A look at the grueling conditions RV workers endured as companies saw record sales and profits during the RV boom of the pandemic. It is really stunning some of the stories from this investigation. Since this 3 own a huge chunk of all the brands out there this is concerning. It is a long read but covers issues from labor environment to quality of end products. I know it is often said "everything has issues" but this stuff is crazy! Thor with almost 400k recalls in 2021! Really sad to see these companies report record profits the last few years while doing this!
  8. @John E Davies Thise are cool pics. I love the outline look on the black and agree I wish they had the mirrors still. You were not paying $92 a night right. That was for all 3 days? We like Heyburn state park. It is close to us. The inner loop sites can be a bit tight but pretty areas with great hiking and bike trails.
  9. I was wondering how my HAM operators would chime in here. I am also one (again not really active but would like to get active again. W3EZY). That was my first thought tough. Fire up the HAM radio and tune into NOAA. I had never heard of POTA so thanks for that call out. Going to read up on it.
  10. I just happened to find this video today and thought it could be helpful in regards to this thread. It does a great job of breakdown tires and tire pressure. Not saying it is perfect but helps level set on what all this is about.
  11. Just something to keep in mind with towing at altitude with a smaller truck. Engines lose power at altitude. Something that is often forgotten. Just keep that in mind. Here is some info on it. I just bring it up since you said you where headed to the Smokey Mountains (granted not the elevation of the Rockies). F-150 and Chevy 1500 overheat from PickupTrucks.com. Other brands say they essentially take elevation into account and have enough Just something to keep in mind depending on where you are headed and how heavy you are loaded.
  12. This article pretty much sums up what everyone here has to say about Oliver. Very hard to find a company that stays on the good side of bad press releases. Nice work OTT! This says volumes about who you all are. RV makers differ in informing owners of dangerous RVs defects
  13. @AZ Wonderer I am curious about the switch from Lance 2075. That has been a trailer I have had my eye on. Nice layout, quality trailer but still a wood built trailer. Just wondering what your experience has been and what drove you to switch. Congrats on the new trailer!
  14. Since you are considering the Rivian I thought this video would be of interest to you. They do a great job of providing their stats for each leg of the drive. The range is a just a big challenge. I don't think they ever drove more then 130 miles at a time. You can do it though, just more stops and longer stops. Capabilities are good, range not so much. When some cities are struggling to support people turning on their AC in the summertime I don't trust them to support everyone plugging in EVs that are trying to pull 100kw or more. Towing an Airstream 500 miles with a Rivian
  15. TFL just released an IKE towing test for the F-150 Hybrid powerboost and the F-150 Lighting. That Lighting is very impressive towing. Range is still a major concern but that downhill and acceleration is really impressive. Downhill on the hybrid is not great but this is also at max tow capacity which the Ollie would not be.
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