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  1. Agree @SomeDaySoon I agree with most of what has been said. It is my experience that most people causing, or running the risk of causing, are people that just don’t care even though they know the risk (know but just don’t care or appreciate the risk). They fall more into the camp of “it will not happen to me” or the risk is over stated, or “it is just too much work for me tonight” or “I don’t have the extra water to put it out” (because it does take a lot of water. This is why I like propane fires as they go out quickly and don’t demand the water usage to put out.). I just don’t think these permit/educational videos move the needle with those folks. I have been to a few camping sites where they make water and water buckets easily accessible to the campers to help make sure fires get put out. I think initiatives like these help invoke action from people that actually help. I just don’t think lack of education is the main reason people don’t do it. Humans are more complex then that.
  2. I have friends displaced by the paradise fire so please don’t dismiss the question by just calling ignorance. I am not questioning the need for fire safety, but rather how requiring people to fill out a form addresses it.
  3. I am not trying to be annoying here but how does this help? I just don’t see how making everyone fill out a form helps stop/slow down wildfires. Maybe an awareness campaign feels like it may help but seems more like a money grab via fines. How many people (in state and especially out of state) know you need a permit to have an outdoor flame? if you start a wildfire they will try and hold you accountable rather you have a free permit or not.
  4. Nothing like people that go camping and bring the city with them.
  5. They had a nice little launch video. Interesting concept and loaded with a huge battery. Not sure how needing a level 3 charger to charge that huge battery will pan out. Hopefully the 1 kw rooftop keeps it pretty topped of as no way do I want to pull that into and try and charge at a level 3 power station while on the road. Good luck finding a way to get that into a spot. Also since it has its own electric motor. how much of that solar power you gain while underway is just eaten up by the trailers electric motor? They are still pretty sparse on details. The idea of using privacy glass to help increase the feeling of space is interesting but feels more gimmicky then anything (although I do think privacy glass is really cool).
  6. That is a great trailer! It is very high on my list. However, the price point puts it too high on the list 😉. Great news about treatment!
  7. This is cool. However, I wish they would do this outside a login so you take any VIN (like when shopping for a truck) and easily get the real numbers. Ram has this and it is really nice (even if they do seem to have a bug in it right now)
  8. The Terra Oasis is not much cheaper though. But floor plan is pretty gorgeous IMHO.
  9. The inTech Oasis has had our eye but there are a couple things that keep me a way. First, the towing experience. The story Mike mentioned above was a 1/2 ton truck I am pretty sure. But still an odd experience for sway and it seems many that own the trailer have WDH even with bigger trucks. But I have seen that with airstream as well. Having a safe and stable tow is very important to me. Second, are the below pictures. I was at an RV show and went inside an Oasis. Really loved it until I saw behind the tape on a seem. Someone else had pulled the tape off. The inTech rep had no explanation and no one on their forums has been able to explain what looks like a lot of missing screws. @dennis I am curious what build issues you had?
  10. I have been reading on this topic for a little while and it seems to be a bit of religious argument. However, there are a lot of long-time knowledgeable campers across different rigs here, so I wanted to ask for thoughts on this topic. Again, I know it is a bit of a religious argument so not looking for any clear winner here just thoughts on what you all have seen. So, background and starting points. Double Pane RV Windows: Worth It or a Waste Of Money? Essentially the argument is about pros and cons around the cost and weight they add to the rig versus the noise and insolation factor (plus reduced condensation) they bring. For TT they are more susceptible to vibration and because of that the seal breaking and then they become foggy. Have any long time Olver Owners seen this and had to replace foggy windows? Of course, the better suspension (and other travel type factors) on the TT the lower the risk but it seems more a question of when not if. For any type of cold shoulder or winter (4 season) camping a single-pane window seems silly to have the draft from the windows plus all the condensation build up. But having to replace windows every chuck (who knows the duration of the chunk) of years also seems like a major pain for those of us that don't upgrade RVs every 3-5 years. Thanks for your insights!
  11. I switched to T-mobile a few months back as I was getting frustrated with spectrum reliability. It worked well for the first few months but the last month has been a lot of bad video call experiences saying internet is unstable. Luckily I only paused my service from spectrum. So turned that back on and going to shut down T-mobile. Spectrum is only running me $80 a month versus T-mobile’s $50 so not a big difference. Both give me about the same up with spectrum a bit better. Down spectrum is way better at 300 mbps down versus T-mobile 60 mbpds.
  12. Yes. I chatted with her for a little bit. They were headed down a hill in CO going about 55 and they were passed ( in same direction) by a semi and that triggered the sway. I was surprised the brake controller did not correct it. Not sure what the gain was set at or last time it was checked.
  13. I know this is an old thread but found this interesting insight on their build quality. That fact the trailer held together so well says a lot. That fact it was caused by sway is interesting given I have never heard an Oliver owner say they have ever had a sway issue (but who know how they were loaded out and it was a smaller 1/2 ton truck). Everyone was ok after this which is great. They did have a WDH and engaged their brake controller. Just wanted to share to show the build quality of how it held together. Since it was quationed how stable the frame would really be.
  14. It will be interesting to see this space (no pun intended) grow. T-Mobile and SpaceX announced plans to get into this space as well. It is still early and it seems 2023 may only bring the ability to send text messages. A start is allowing every mobile phone to have no dead spots. Good and bad IMHO as some times it is really nice to be totally disconnected. Even if speeds are slow the ability to have an SOS connection to get word out is nice.
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