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  1. While I don't disagree with this I am curious on the cost for this. I was talking to an owner who said the Oliver service center quoted them $25k to upgrade their existing AGM to lithium. That sounded pretty crazy to me. Not sure what size wires come with AGM but do they all have to by upgraded to go lithium? If not where in the world is that cost coming from?
  2. As an Idahoan that @John E Davies often makes fun of, but not one that gives him cause đŸ˜‰, I can speak to the changes in the Idaho parks. In northern Idaho we are very close to the Washington boarder and have some wonderful state parks. However in the last 2 years we have been overrun by Washington license plates. When I say overrun I mean if you go to any of the parks or even to a trailhead over the last 2 years >60% of the cars have been Washington plates. The Idaho plates are in the minority. Now given our proximity there is always a lot of boarder state cross over but it has really gotten bad the last two years. One of the primary drivers of this was that Washington closed a lot of their parks because of COVID so everyone just came to Idaho. I expect this will slow down moving forward. I just checked one of our most popular campgrounds for middle of July and found 104 RV electric sites available. Reaching all the way out to August (the end of the 9 month window) there are still lots. Now, this a planning a long ways out and as summer gets closer these sites will get picked up. However, this last Labor day I grabbed a spot in a state park 2 days before the weekend. The campground was very full though. I grab the last spot but the spot next to me was reserved but a no show, everything else was full.
  3. Thanks @SeaDawg I think your statement helps. Maybe I was just misunderstanding the directional part of his statement. BTW this is not about how much a given device does or does not draw (not trying to prove how much a laptop does or does not draw). It was just about his 10x statement of it draw 10x more regardless of device, hence my random example. But if the statement was more about directionally needing to go from 12 to 120 that makes sense. It was not how I hear it but at least makes sense in that framing. For anyone reading this you will not understand the statement if you respond without listening to the clip đŸ™‚
  4. @VBistro I agree, that is why I am confused. My 80 number comes from Jason in the video when he states the invert amp rate is about 10x. So if your device draws 8amps it is drawing 80amps from the battery through the inverter. Maybe I miss understanding the video (take a listen at the link, the link starts right where he says it).
  5. The cradlepoint is one of my hangups as well. As you noted the required subscription and the 2x2 antenna that is not going to work (at least well) with 5G is a no go. I would probably opt out and have to install a more capable system later.
  6. @SeaDawg fair enough, cheap is probably not a great word here as they do make good stuff. My understanding with the Zamp ZS-30AP PWM charge controller is that you can only do 30 amps over it. So with 340 watt solar array you are right at the upper limit of it. So if you ever wanted to increase your array you would be forced to upgrade the charge controller. This plus as you noted if your draw down the battery all the way it will take you a few days of sun to get them fully charged back up with just the onboard solar array. If you had something to augment it with (generator, additional solar panels you can plug in to the side Zamp port, etc) the extra juice is nice. Just don't expect the solar array to charge it from "empty" to full in 5-6 of sun in a day. A MPPT controller sure would be nice though, especially for someone like me that lives in northern area of the US so the additional efficiency would help a lot. At about a 4k upgrade price that is about what 3 Lithionics batteries will cost you, plus you get the upgraded 3k watt inverter and AC soft start. And now you have batteries that will last longer, you can pull more power from them and they have a BMS which makes management/protection of those batteries easier for the owner (Assuming the firmware update makes the SOC reliable. If not maybe you would want to spend this money on different batteries that are reliable as it seems 50% of the list is all about SOC monitoring. Will be interesting to hear @Fritz follow up on it). Also reading this again if the inverter only causing the decibels to go to 60 that is not to bad (still in green and conversational level). But given how long it could take to charge these it means it could be running all day. There is one thing that is throwing me off. In this video Jason says the inverter efficiency is 10x. However, my understanding is the inverter (assuming I have the correct one Xantrex 817-3000 Inverter) it has a 91% efficiency rating. So unless I am not understanding the math a 10x amp draw does not sound right. An 80amp draw from a laptop for someone like me who works remote on a 390 Ah battery is a concern (gives you 4-5 hours being plugged in). This thread has caused me to do a lot of researching and been very educational on the power front!
  7. Thanks for the info! For all the things I like about Oliver for the price point there are a few things that really bother me. I am very surprised they are still not using an MPPT controller. They do nice things with the solar setup but the lack of an MPPT controller and an inverter that creates a hum inside the trailer is a big miss IMHO. One that makes me question a money out lay like they ask. The loud non-ducted AC and the use of a 2x2 antenna instead of a 4x4 are a couple of the others. My first impression was they used quality components (as much as they could understanding they are limited by outside quality). The more I research though the more I am finding things like this were they seemed to just go on the cheep side. PMW? Really?
  8. @Kathy111 have a look at this video about working with the inverter. The Oliver channel has some great videos going over the whole trailer. Since you could not do your walkthrough I would suggest watching their 2021 walkthrough video.
  9. I would love to hear thoughts from owners out there that are 6'1" or taller. I am 6'1" and recently got to see one in person. The biggest concern I had was the shower. The owner had a wood floor insert in there (look great but), which reduces the height by 1 inch. When standing in the shower though I was short about 2 inches. My head hit the roof and I had to duck pretty good. Most smaller TT (< 28 feet) I have been look at seem to suffer a similar problem (head room in the shower for people over 6 feet) but not as bad. I believe the beds are 72 inches (including the dinette). So right at 6 feet it is a little tight too. However, I don't normally sleep in a totally straight and upright position so it is less of a concern for me then the shower is.
  10. This has been the other one on my radar as the layout suits us a bit better. So it is a tug-a-war between the layout versus the 100% molded fiber glass (screwed in cabinets just beg to come lose đŸ™‚). Plus the Oliver egg shell aerodynamics for towing. And just the general dislike of having particle board in the trailer.
  11. I ran into this video on YouTube and just thought of this thread. His review is honest and good about the quality people are dealing with. Not that Oliver excuses people from regular maintenance and up keep. However, I take a little exception to the phrase "they have to be built cheap and crappy". I think it comes down to his last statement about how we live in a disposable world so buy cheap, expect it to be cheap and buy a new one in a few years. I don't own an Oliver yet though so what do I know. Reading this forum and doing research has certainly changed my mind about having to settle for a poorly built trailer.
  12. I was out on a family road trip this weekend hoping to spot a Oliver out in the wild. A tall ask given we are roading southern Idaho. Sure enough, though, headed north on Monday 9/27 about noon between Twin Falls and Mountain Home and red/maroon truck towing a Oliver II with red/maroon pin strips goes by on the other side of the freeway. Wish they would have been headed the same way as us because I would have followed you đŸ˜€. Thanks for being on the road though, I told myself seeing a Ollie in the wild this trip might be a sign, dough, what to do now!
  13. @fairmontrvparkfor those that are remote and needing satellite I am just wondering if anyone is using HugesNet or Viasat as those seems to be the only big players right now. Viasat says you can get up to 100Mbps and HugesNet is only 25Mbps. Just wondering of those needing this type of service what you are using (Based on this thread it seems obvious none of the current satellite players and fulfilling the need).
  14. I tend to be with you all. Big grills seem to be trendy right now but this one just seems to envelop the entire front. I do like that they have added things like coil or air bag suspension to try and match the Ram's ride quality. Will be interesting to see how well the trailer assist technology really works.
  15. Ha. I had the same thought. Took my eyes a couple of minutes to process that picture.
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