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  1. Today, I went out and check continuity of the single coax in the attic that is not connected to anything and found that it is indeed the cable to goes to the external "satellite" connector. I also check the TV and the coax (RG-6) port on the TV is not connected to anything. Some of you have stated that external "cable" port should be connected to the TV. Is this another one of those that Oliver Company quality inspection missed? I hope my trailer external "cable" port is somewhere behind the attic.
  2. Thanks for all that replied. I was able to download the Xantrex app and set the "charger current" to 10 amps and was able to power up the AC using the Honda 2000 watt generator. This is a big deal since I don't have to carry the heavy Honda 3000 on trips anymore.
  3. Thank you Frank and Topgun2, your answers helped.
  4. Mine is an LE2 Hull # 1254. It has two external RG-6 connectors, one says "cable" and the other says "satellite". Inside the trailer in the storage compartment above the rear window, there is a RG-6 cable not connected to anything. I searched on this forum and I read that there is a switch "in the attic" that switches between these two connections. Where is the attic and how do I access it? Thanks for your input.
  5. I just recently picked up our LE2 Hull 1254 with the Lithium Platinum Package. Question 1: We tried to run the AC using a Honda EU2200i and the circuit breaker on the generator would trip when the AC is attempting to turn on. I was at an RV park last week and another Ollie LE2 owner told me he has no issues with using the same generator running his Dometic AC but he has the AGM battery package. Could the reason why mine doesn't work is because my lithium battery automatically kicked into "bulk charge mode" and draining all the power from the generator? Question 2; I was boondocking last week and tried to turn my electric water heater on using my Honda 3000is but it wasn't able to turn on Suburban Electric Water Heater element on. Again, could it be that the Lithium battery was put in "bulk charge mode" and doesn't leave enough power for the generator to source the electric heater element? Is there a way to turn off the "bulk charge mode" besides having 100% battery charge? Thanks for your inputs
  6. I just put a deposit for the Elite II with the Lithium Platinum Package and I have some questions that I am sure folks on this forum can help. The package comes with Lithium batteries, charge controller and inverter. My question is, if I need to charge the batteries from my generator using the external 30 amp connection, how does Oliver connect the wiring such that the batteries will be charged but the input does not feedback to other circuitry that might cause damage? Do I need to add more hardware in order to charge my batteries using a generator? Thanks
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