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  1. Yes the Sol trailers are also sold by PrincessCraft RV. We looked at several models and did like them. Wouldn’t trade our Schooner though.
  2. First Ollies displayed at the Austin, TX RV Expo, courtesy of new dealer PrincessCraft RV. Nice to be able to come and look at the new 2024 model.
  3. Hi @dewdev Here is link to the RVLock resolution.
  4. We took delivery on 11/17, but have been unable to reset the RVLock entry code. The steps to change the code in the 2023 RVLock manual did not work for us. RVLock support said that they did recently upgrade the circuitry in some of their locks. Kaylee provided updated instructions to change the code, and this did work for us: You have 30 seconds to change it. Hold reset button for 5 seconds until beep. Put in new code. Press lock button. Put in new code again. Press lock button again.
  5. We took delivery of the Prairie Schooner on Thursday 11/17/2022. Prairie Schooner is another name for a covered wagon – nothing better epitomizes the adventurous spirit! We found a few service items that needed fixing during our delivery walkthrough and we parked in the Oliver campground just after sunset. We recommend you ask the delivery team to fully de-winterize for you or show you the steps: We had to complete some de-winterization tasks, in the dark and without help (everyone had gone home). Shout-out to our new friend Rob who took delivery on the same day – we helped each other out! Another recommendation for those of you who opted for the compost toilet: Bring some prepared moss/coconut coir – Oliver provided two coconut coir blocks, but they were not moistened. Luckily, we did bring some prepared coconut. We were also surprised about the size of the freezer in the Isotherm Refrigerator; it is half the size of the freezer we saw in the model EII. We stayed in the Oliver campground until Saturday, then started our four-day journey west to Texas. We stayed at St. Luke’s Lutheran church, a Harvest Host site east of Memphis, then Caddo Valley RV Park in Arkadelphia, AR. Lastly, we visited another Harvest Host site: Bee Happy Farms in Brashear, TX – very peaceful surrounded by the animal paddocks and enjoyed farm fresh eggs! A beautiful starry night. Now, we need to watch all of Katjo’s organizing videos, do some local camping, and put the Schooner through her paces. We have a few items to follow-up on: We can’t reset our RVLock, we need to try to replicate an inverter error, and we need to submit a ticket for the grill (they ran out of supplies).
  6. Very nice looking! We pick up #1297 in 8 days. Curious: I don’t see the new outside tray. Did you get a three-way fridge?
  7. Hello! I hope everyone has a great time at the rally. We are in the Austin area and expecting delivery six months from today (November 18)! We would love to participate in a South Texas Oliver Rally!
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