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  1. @dewdev and @rangered, I am using the existing cover inside. So nothing was changed out except the rooftop unit. And my understanding was they did use two gaskets when installing. I know I am using the existing condensation lines because I can see it going out them.
  2. @dewdev, I had mine installed by an RV shop. According to them, no modification was needed on the entry hole and the condensation lines are the same. I did not relocate anything as far as the temperature box. I am using the existing dometic thermostat. @rangered did his own installation and can provide more details on that. He also got a lower db reading than me. I was using my phone to measure, and it looks like he has an actual db meter. I hope that’s helpful 🙂
  3. @SeaDawg I am glad the video was helpful. My info is below and I will add that to my signature. I was just running it to share the sound level with someone else who asked. But I did run the AC for a couple hours when I was traveling last month and it dropped the battery about 20%. I have the lithium pro package which is 630 amp hours and 340 watt panels with a 3000 w inverter.
  4. I just did a db reading from my Freshjet and it was 62 average right under the unit running it on solar. I alsi did a video for reference. IMG_2501.mov
  5. Hi Ron, you are correct. I could not get past the noise:) I am glad any info I share is helpful!
  6. hi Ron, I have the lithium pro package which is 630 amp hours and 340 watt panels with a 3000 w inverter.
  7. note: I thought I had submitted this days ago, but evidently it did not go through. Hi Jim, You would use the existing air distribution face plate and thermostat that you already have. And yes, it runs through the same condensation lines. The only thing you are changing is the top unit. I also discovered yesterday that I can run the AC with my lithium batteries. A couple of hours dropped it about 20%. So it’s not long-term but it was very helpful. Sincerely, Mary aka RoadLotus
  8. @rangeredso glad to hear it went well! I am enjoying mine, too. I did trip a breaker when I tried to use regular household current. I have an electrician who lives nearby and he set me up with a 30 amp outlet using an old air conditioner outlet that was already outside. We tested the incoming amperage and the maximum that was coming through was just under 20 A.
  9. Hi everyone, I just got the fresh jet installed at an RV place. Total cost was $1600. It is indeed very quiet and uses the existing ADC and thermostat and they are going to sell the old penguin for me. They take 10% which is totally reasonable and means I don’t have to haul it back home. It was 108 here and I’ve been outside all afternoon so I won’t do a decibel check just yet but I will at some point. But it works fine and it is indeed very quiet.
  10. Glad to hear that @rangered My ollie is still waiting in line for the replacement. I’m hoping it happens this week.
  11. @Patriot I am still in the queue for getting it installed. They are backed up and I am looking forward to telling everybody more once it is in. I have ordered the unit and I am just waiting to get it put in.
  12. Hi @SeaDawg and @Geronimo John The units in the US are either 13500 or 15000 btu If you go to the beginning of this thread, there are spec sheets that I posted which I got from my tech.
  13. Hi @MobileJoy I won’t have the fresh jet installed for several weeks. So I can’t say either way what would be best. I live in California, so traveling to Tennessee, for the truma is not feasible. That’s why I was looking at the Houghton. The fresh jet is a new option that I hadn’t known about. But it looks good on paper. I guess I’m going to be the test case! Once it is installed, I can do a video on it and run a decibel meter if that would be helpful for folks. But right now it’s all speculation on my part. it sounds like both truma and the fresh jet have strong reviews so either one is probably a good choice. But we will see 🙂
  14. OK, so the tech said drainage lines up. I have ordered the unit so it will be ready when they get to me. So excited!!
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