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  1. @SeaDawgI have sent an email asking about whether or not the inside unit is included. I'll let you know what I hear back. Poor tech, I have sent him quite a list of questions!
  2. Please note the shop I am working with is backed up for at least a month, so I will share more as I progress! I was fortunate the tech had the training on the new Dometic just last week and suggested it as an option when we were discussing the Houghton.
  3. the tech I am working with just sent me this for pricing: Hello this will be a direct fit no need to retro fit anything. Dometic Freshjet 3 Series, Rooftop RV Air Conditioner 13500 BTU, White. with shipping cost $1027.58 + tax I don't know what labor will be, but because they are Dometic servicers, I am hoping it won't be more than 2 hours time. I can keep you posted, as this seems like the way to go for me. I live in CA and travelling to TN for the Truma is not an option. Plus this is MUCH less expensive and should use my existing thermostat. I don't think the heat pump or remote is available in the states yet. I have asked my tech and also asked if this will match to existing condensation drainage.
  4. Here are all the handouts the tech (appropriately named "Jason") gave me. Some is sales advice, but there are flowcharts for retrofits and good data - you'll see the Penguin II that is in the 2022s listed. 1971602662_ACModelFlowChart2022.pdf 1834042850_acFreshJetSalesTraining2023.pdf acFreshJet_FeaturesANDBenefits_Fall2022_FINAL.pdf
  5. I took my 2022 EII trailer in to have my loud Dometric exchanged for the Houghton/RecPro. And the tech told me he just finished a training on the new Dometc Fresh Jet and it is supposed to be the quietest AC on the market. it would be an easier retrofit, and when I look it up on Amazon, it says the sound level is 58 dB. That is lower than Houghton, I think. They are backed up for a month so I won’t get it done right away and I’m wondering if anyone else has researched this. I welcome everyone’s feedback.
  6. Thank you Sea Dawg, My first inclination is a big no to them. But trailering is a little different than buying a car. So that’s why I’m interested in folks’ opinions.
  7. Thank you Bill 🙂 I’m sure I could park $25 a month towards repairs, but I’m curious if these types of warranties have been valuable for others. I typically disdain any type of extended warranties but I know there can be lots of issues with the trailer despite best efforts. And I live across the country from Oliver. And I am on my own after my husband passed. So I am not afraid to try to fix stuff but I don’t have the skills that he had. The idea for the Facebook makes sense except for having two of them 🙂 thank you again and I’ll be curious to hear from others regarding their experiences with this type of warranty. sincerely, Mary
  8. Hi All, I am financing half the cost of my Ollie and the lender that Oliver recommends has approved me, and they said 99% of buyers they work with also get the AGWS USA Travel Care Warranty - it add $25/mth to my 6-yr loan and covers repairs for 7 years except for the hull and roof. I'm attaching the brochure. Has anyone used them and is this a worthwhile add on? Second, and Totally unrelated, why are there two Oliver Owner facebook forums? Why not just simplify into one? Seems a little redundant to me from the outside looking in, As always, thank you! Road Lotus AKA Mary 841183372_USATowableBrochure072920.pdf
  9. "Jumping in late here. The Andersen hitch weighs 66 pounds and will have to be subtracted from your cargo carrying capacity. " Not a problem - I have nearly 2k payload with the Titan XD, so I'm feeling ok with that, and thank you for thinking about it. I just put a tonneau on my TV and will be adding that as well.
  10. Thank you so much for the very detailed response. I will share it with the tech. Your expertise is much appreciated:)
  11. Hi BHnCB, And can you confirm that you did not need to run new wiring from the roof or anywhere else? You just made the change at the location of the thermostat, correct? And thank you!
  12. Hi all, I am interested in swapping the dometic for the houghton (I pick up my trailer this fall, but planning ahead because the Truma will not be available) I read some of the posts about wiring in the Emerson. I called an RV tech near me and he was concerned that to put in the emerson, he would have to run new wiring, but I didn't think so. I thought it was more about doubling up some of the wiring on the existing thermostat. I just want to be able to update him as I won't be doing this myself. Can you help me explain? Thank you! Mary
  13. “or better yet, a small travel trailer, less than 5000 pounds, and get to know your Titan long, LONG before you pick up your Ollie.” Great idea John! That’s why I got the truck some months before the trailer. I knew I would need to get used to it. Very good advice 🙂
  14. Thank you Mike! I definitely don’t want to be on the wrong side of a liability case 🙂 I will check that out.
  15. Yup. All set on the trailer brake 🙂
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