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  1. Nice job! I was curious where people that use CPAPs put them.
  2. Dave, Thank you! You have definitely made me even more exited about my upcoming trip to Tennessee. I really going to enjoy the tour and looking them over. I keep telling myself, even when I tent camp, I don't "hang out" in my tent unless the weather turns bad (then it is pretty miserable lol). I do realize I will be spending a lot more time on the road and camping with a trailer when I retire but, I still will want to sit out and enjoy when possible. I am 6'2" and not a "small individual" it has served me well in my career but, not always fun in tight spaces. At first I was concerned about the "wet bath" idea but, I keep hearing how much room there actually is so, I am looking forward to seeing that in person as well. I do appreciate all the feedback from everyone and I do realize everyone has there own reasons for choosing and ultimately it has to be "right" for each person. I am learning all I can in the meantime! 🙂
  3. Hi Bill, I know it may sound like my mind is "made up" but, truly it is not. I have gone to several RV parks with an open mind and even looked at a few options I wasn't considering like Grand Design and etc. but, still haven't come to a solid conclusion. I do love the "allure" of the AS and the quality it used to stand for but, I have seen the problems of late and not sure you are truly getting what you pay for anymore. As for use, that is a hard one to answer. Currently, I only tent camp (when I can) and I enjoy both... very dispersed away from everyone and also in campgrounds with amenities. I do enjoy bicycling riding, a little hiking and fishing (not a fishing or hiking nut) but, also enjoy social gatherings as well. So, I see myself doing both types. I also realize I will be getting older and ease of use and comfort will definitely play a factor. I am trying to do a lot of research and buy my "second trailer (and hopefully last) first".
  4. Hi, and thanks for the welcome! I am aware it may not work for me. Although, the 27th is probably bigger than I truly need. I did look at a couple Lance Trailers and they just weren’t for me. So far, it is just been the Airstream out of all the ones I have looked at that I really felt “good” inside of. I know, I do not want slide outs or anything too large. I will be buying a truck next year and will be getting a 3/4 ton diesel regardless of the size a get (that will eliminate large 5th wheels. But again, not a fan of even the big ones. I am excited to go check the Elite II out when I’m in Tennessee. Even if it were no wider but, just a couple of more feet for a Elite III, I think that could make a big difference for me personally. However, never seeing one yet, hard to say for sure. Thanks again!
  5. Hi all, I am 4 years from retirement and plan to travel a lot with my two large German Shepherds and a friend now and then. I have only recently discovered Oliver Trailers and I am impressed but, have not seen one in person. I am considering an Airstream as well. I went and looked at them and feel the 27 foot front bed twin design is the perfect layout size for me. I like the lounge area, kitchen space, fridge size, storage space, 2 AC option and room to move around. Plus, it is not “too big” to fit in most parks. I do plan to buy something in about 2-3 years so, I can do some local camping before I retire and really hit the road. I plan to visit the Oliver Factory in March and look at them in person. I truly hope an Elite III is in the works. I just feel (without being in one yet, a Elite II, will be too cramped) for what I am hoping for in lifestyle. It would be great to have more counter space, much bigger fridge/freezer and more storage for food and clothes. I also hope they do NOT go the 5th wheel route. I saw Escape’s and I am not a fan at all. I would hate to have to go up and down those stairs during the night to use the restroom. Plus, I want to be able to stand next to my bed. I do love the quality and design of the Olivers and really hope something works out!
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