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  1. [attachment file=38008] [attachment file=38008] This is a really smart system and a really easy install, and a lifetime Waranty. If this trailer gets any smarter I'm going to have to find a teenager that likes to travel just to keep everything working. All kidding aside this thing is really smart, I'm not sure what to do if we find a site that it doesn't like I guess they would just have to move us to one the system likes. Technology you got a love it. Marc [attachment file=37721] [attachment file=37721] [attachment file=37721]
  2. Thanks for the reply are there any photos of the install out there? I'm not sure witch system you have mine is the perminat install. I have looked at numerous videos on YouTube about the mess when the system plugs up so I am going to install a dump valve close to the macerator that I can close if unit needs to be unhooked due to a clog. How reliable is you system? Marc
  3. We do not have the fiber granite but I am taking it to the factory for them to install, Tommy is really taking care of me great folks at Oliver. Marc
  4. Ok I went in and rotated the photos upside down so here goes nothing. Marc [attachment file=37691]
  5. I'm having trouble posting photos, they post upside down. I'm hoping somebody will have a solution.
  6. Buzzy everytime I post a photo today it posts upside down, any clues? [attachment file=37674]
  7. I posted photos with my description but they showed up upside down so I revoked them will try again. Marc
  8. Well I couldn't stand it any longer and painted my window shades bright white. My understanding is that the window shades are not available from the manufacture in white so Although not a quick fix mine are now bright white. The plastic and my Krylon Supermax paint for plastic didn't get along real well with some of the shades even after cleaning them with a degreaser. I then tried some of an old stand by Krylon Fusion, I had a limited supply of it in a flat white so used it as a primer then second coated it with the Supermax I'm not sure why this worked but it did and the results are fantastic. There is a lot longer story on this modification for anyone wanting to do it so I won't bore the masses but would have the full story for those interested. Marc
  9. I used to quarter inch bolts with oversized washers. The area that the bracket is bolted to is cored and seems very strong. The weakest area seems to be where the tv bolts to the bracket when stowed and I think I will use some padding between the overhead and the tv while traveling. All in all It works great, nice having it out of the corner. Marc
  10. Here's my idea as to where the tv should be located. This was competed utilizing the factory brackit that came with the Trailer. Arm tension is adjustable and will have to be tightened, I did have to buy a 1 1/2 counter grommet and paint it white to bring cabling down to tv. Marc
  11. I like the idea of replacing the thermostat but I don't see the emergency heat switch or did I miss something.
  12. Thanks Buzzy I'll pull it up when I'm in front of my computer. Marc
  13. This is the thermostat that we have on our 2015' I woul like to get the display to light up
  14. We bought ours thru the classifieds on the forums, Oliver sometimes sells ther year old demo and sometimes there is one coming down the line where a buyer can not complete the purchase for one reason or the other. I would watch the forums and let Anita in the sales office know you looking. Marc
  15. I am getting ready to install a Sani-con macerator permanent system in my 2015 Elite II, does anyone have this factory installed system? I would like to have some photos of a working install, if not ill just figure it out under the shade tree. Thanks Marc
  16. Thanks for thanks for the reply Buzzy, that's not the one I have a Colman with a black RV comfort I think it's made by Colman. The display does not light up and is hard to see at night guess I'll have to ack Tommy about it. Marc
  17. Anybody know what has to be done to get the backlight to work in the thermostat on 2015 Elite II, and is there an adjustment for the temperature anticipator. Thanks Marc
  18. Hi all my name is Marc my wife and I purchased the 2015 Elite II hull #83 that was listed in Dallas a couple of weeks ago. We live outside of Huntsville Alabama about two hours from the Oliver factory and are looking forward to being a part of the Oliver family
  19. Ok I give up where is the bathroom light switch on my just acquired 2015 Elite II, if it's supposed to be on with the coach overheads it must be defective
  20. With some good options but not all the cost is running about $58000.00
  21. About every three days, you don't think about the output until you have to monitor it daily. It would just be a pain to empty every 3-4 days when you have an 18 gal. tank not doing anything.
  22. We have an Airhead brand composting toilet on our boat and love it, the only drawback is having to empty the liquid tank all the time. I would figure out a way to use the black tank just seems like a great idea to me. I was at the factory last week and got to see one installed it is a lot taller than the China toilet and may be a problem for some.
  23. The auto switch is so that you don't have to manually close the manual valves in the bathroom while traveling, the switch is located on the outside closet wall.
  24. Just toured the factory a week ago and the list that has been mentioned is correct , in addition the 2017 will have what the factory is calling plug and play where as the trailers will have a wiring harness and backing plates installed so that any of the optional equipment can be installed at a latter date. they also give you the option to turn the cooktop so as to allow more usable counter space with the new larger sink. The polished bumper is now brushed and think I will polish mine. The composting toilet now available is a good idea but the brand being used is really tall and made worse by the depth of the shower pan, the black tank will still be installed and would be useful if the liquid tank in the composting toilet could drain into it if desired. We plan to order our Elite II in the next couple of weeks.
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