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  1. I haven't been on the forums in a long time, as my dream to own an Oliver was never realized. But yesterday as I was driving up I-81 on my way home, I think I saw Buzzy with his rig getting on the interstate there at exit 66, which happens to be the exit for the KOA. I know Buzzy stayed there after buying his new Oliver, on his way back north. I was doing the factory tour the same Summer that Buzzy bought his new Ollie. If anyone runs into him say "Hi" to him for me, and I hope he is still enjoying that fantastic TT.
  2. They probably just overlooked the price sheet when they emailed you the list, give them a call or send another email.
  3. The last two years I have had fantastic success, no ticks or fleas seen on my GSDs, with the Seresto collars. I change them, as recommended every 8 months, and I find that applying a fresh one in March or April and leaving it on until November/December works very well indeed.
  4. Fall Hollow Campground also has a B&B and I know Buzzy stayed there when he picked up his Ollie. You might PM him about it. The restaurant is quite good I thought.
  5. Good topic. I have a varied assortment of flashlights to include backpacking headlamps, to key chain mini LED, to several Fenix models, a Klarus light mounted on a Mossberg 500 (home defense), and one Fenix dedicated to illuminating the back yard when the dogs are out at night. I may add this one, realizing it requires buying the battery pack seperately: http://www.homedepot.com/p/Ryobi-18-Volt-ONE-Dual-Power-LED-Spotlight-P717/300234858 I think it would be handy both for truck camping and might replace the backyard illuminator I'm using (the Fenix). It might be too bulky for your Ollie though.
  6. John, the drawtite receiver attaches behind the tow hooks on our Dodge Ram trucks, and since mine is a 4x4 I already have some height advantage when using a bike rack. Overland, yes I was very impressed when I received the 1UP rack, in my opinion nothing else comes close to quality of build.
  7. I plan on purchasing the Drawtite for the front receiver on my Dodge Ram 3500, currently using a 1UP bicycle rack on the back receiver. https://www.1upusa.com/bicycleracks.html
  8. I plan on purchasing the Drawtite receiver also. Will be using on a Dodge Ram 3500. Currently I have the 1UP bicycle rack (https://www.1upusa.com/bicycleracks.html) mounted to the back receiver.
  9. I've owned a Cobb for many years and its a fantastic piece of cook kit. And yes, it lives up to its claims of excellent cooking on a minimal number of charcoal briquets. Extremely well made. The only down side is when it comes to cleaning it, especially with no dishwasher available, it becomes extremely greasy inside, so I recommend using a mild abrasive cleaner, or the blue can of Easy Off oven cleaner (fume free). Lots of discussions regarding the Cobb on various forums.
  10. Those were exactly my observations as well regarding the Camp Chef Mountaineer. I too have looked at the bags from Blue Ridge and would invest in one should I purchase the Partner stove. I also like the lower burner BTU output of the Partner compared to the Camp Chef, i.e., 10,000 vs 20,000 per burner respectively. Less BTU I would assume means less consumption and at 10,000 BTU I wouldn't imagine there would be any real "time to boil" difference compared to 20,000 BTUs, for the typical needs of using a 1 or 2 quart pot. I won't be making dinner for 10 guests. Those adjustable feet certainly would be a good addition, so many surfaces used for a stove are uneven. However, I was hoping to shop around and get a bit of a better deal than offered directly from the manufacturer, a trade off it seems.
  11. I've ridden the entire Natchez Trace twice, although on my Harley, and camped out along the way. Its a southern version of the Blue Ridge Parkway, which I've ridden several times the entire length. The Blue Ridge of course has all the mountain views, but the Natchez Trace makes up for it with the amazing history that a traveler can learn about every few miles. I also learned that riding the Natchez in August one year wasn't such a good idea, temps were in the upper 90's with humidity to match. If I was to do it once again I would elect for the Spring or Fall. I highly recommend it to my motorcycle riding friends.
  12. Excellent find Don. I'm now researching them also.
  13. Hello Oscar, I am an East Tennessean also, the Tri Cities area, and an aspiring Oliver owner. I would highly recommend you take the time for a road trip to the Oliver factory and meet all the nice people in the office and many who work in the factory. The tour through the factory will answer any and all of your questions and give you an up close and personal look and feel for the quality of the construction. I too recommend Fall Hollow campground, although I actually camped there, as I was doing a motorcycle trip to Hohenwald and then down the Natchez Trace. There is a fine restaurant there also, and the facility is run by an awesome couple.
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