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  1. My understanding is in the valve configuration for using the water from the water tank with the pump you can also use the city water am I missing something here. Thanks to all that have commented to this post.
  2. That’s not my problem the overflow and drain line exit just to the rear of the steps the video that you sent would indicate a leak on the left rear probably indicating a broke closed valve on the city water hock up
  3. Seadawg I’m not very good with this I have not found anything related to my problem
  4. I have unit #83 a 2015 Oliver Elite ll when hocked to city water my fresh tank fills up and runs out the overflow, I am using a pressure regulator at the city water inlet hose, when using the onboard water pump the water pump cycles about every 30 seconds and when shut off and allowed to set for a few minutes it runs for awhile to pressure up, there are no leaks that I can see and suspect the pressure is bleeding off at the intake to the fresh water tank, the pump was replaced a couple of years ago so I don’t suspect the problem is there I did take it apart and found nothing abnormal. Anybody have a thought on this, I’m thinking about putting a check valve on the intake side of the pump. Marc
  5. Alaaa Although`pretty and very strong looking we use a piece of 1/2 “ plywood and let it rest on the mattress tray this works well for us, I have wood stops on the bottom side to keep it centered and it folds in the middle with a piano hinge
  6. Here is a photo of my accumulator-filter-bigger water pump, this bigger pump is anything but Quiet but the added water pressure is great. Marc
  7. Just to be clear I found three of four windows leaking on my 2015 elite ll I removed the complete window assemblies reset them in sealant and have had no more problems (I have not resealed the four exterior lights) all I’m trying to say is it is very possible that there are more window frames out there that are leaking one way to ck this is to tape a piece of plastic to the trailer allowing the plastic drape over the window then a hose down the trailer above the taped area an ck for leaks if none are found pull the windows and reseal. Not saying the lights aren’t leaking but mine were not. Thanks to all who participate in finding solutions for problems we find on our units. Marc
  8. I will repeat again you can not look at any window seals because they are installed with sealant you can’t imagine how much water can come in with no signs of voids I’ll bet that the light are fine I also found some minor seepage at the Oliver logo light one way you can test for this is to tape a piece of plastic above the window a one drapevit down over the window do not try to run tape around the window frame these windows come out easily and reseal is straight forward (do not use a permanent sealant) Marc
  9. Hi Reed I pulled the windows and resealed them myself our trailer is Hull 83 2015 twin bed, we also are enjoying the left and right sliding windows being switched to slide to the rear the cross flow ventilation is much better when using the fantastic fan. I would not install rain gutters as they are not needed, let me know if I can provide any more info. Marc
  10. We found that two of our windows were leaking at the top of the frame so all windows were removed and resealed problem solved upon inspection the leaking windows did not show any gaps at the top of the frame but the reseal did correct this issue. During window reseal i was able to switch the left with the raight rear for better airflow when sleeping as we sleep head forward (the windows on my 2015 were manufactured so that the could be used in either left or right location. Resealing the window frames will fix your problem and rain gutters will not be needed. Marc
  11. We also experienced water in our basement after washing the trailer, didnt seem to have any problems with rain water. My correction was to rework the latches so that they would pull the door tighter into the seal, this was necessary due to the fact that the latches were adjusted as tight as they would go (needs to have a different inside lever shape) and could not just be adjusted tighter, I also added some additional weather striping and have not had any problems since. Marc
  12. Hi John enjoyed the information on riging your new vehicle but really like your trailer garage I would really like more info and or photos as I will be building in the Kansas City area in the future and would like to do this on the new house I would think that not having a monthly storage bill would offset the construction modification. Marc and Nancy Hull 83 Legacy Elite ll
  13. I had the same issue with my ipad photos and have since learned that the ipad needs to be held with the home button on the right in landscape mode and at the bottom in portrait mode it seems that the problem is in the settings on the pc equipment on Olivers end. Doesn't seem to be a problem on a Mac computer got to love them they just work. Marc
  14. Hey Buzzy missed you at the rally, the Micro Air easy start product works as advertised it's an amazing product I installed this on my trailer and can now run my Mach8 off of my Honda 2000 and has reduced the compressor start up bang that is normal on most RV air conditioners, I have not tried to use my inverter yet as I need to move the airconditioner over to the Inverter side of the a/c panel. Marc
  15. I talked to Scott Oliver at the rally and he said they were looking into a larger trailer, rumor has it that it may be a 31' and 8' wide but probably won't happen anytime soon, that would be large investment in tooling. Marc
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