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Found 5 results

  1. Daniel Jakus who runs Painted Cowboy Transport (http://www.paintedcowboytransport.com/) was recommended to me by the folks at Oliver. His price struck me as reasonable (do the math on driving a tow vehicle to and from there - even gas alone let alone using IRS mileage reimbursement for per mile driving cost...). He was great to work with. I've seen multiple other comments here to that effect and another forum member "theOrca" had one delivered by Daniel a year-ish ago also to WA like me and he was happy with the transport service (he had a few issues with his trailer not related to the transit though and encouraged me to go pick it up myself if at all possible; he has been getting those issues sorted though). Daniel and the folks at Oliver are used to dealing with each other. I was planning to pick up hull #709 in late December but that conflicted with being able to finally get in to have oral surgery for an infection that had been brewing for too long (had been going through the dentist-endodontist-oral_surgeon progression for a while - they seem hammered by folks finally getting in to get their teeth dealt with after holing up for much of the year...) and then letting myself recover. I would have loved to get that orientation they do and was looking forward to some parts of the trip back but I'll admit it was handy to have the trailer just show up at my driveway. I have yet to discover any problem that I would have had them fix on-site but I do have to do the Anderson WD hitch install myself - doesn't seem too bad but having them do it would have been more convenient. Maybe not 5,000+ miles worth of driving balancing convenience though... But it's definitely a bit of a gamble to not do a shakedown until the trailer is 2,500 miles from the factory. Oh, if you have it delivered in cold weather months tell them not to "dewinterize" the trailer before Painted Cowboy (or whoever you use for transport) picks it up as it's going to be unheated for the 4 day or so trip to OR.
  2. There are a few posts about delivery, here: https://olivertraveltrailers.com/forums/search/?q="Painted cowboy transport"&updated_after=any&sortby=relevancy&search_and_or=or We're in the south (Florida), so we picked ours up, in February 2008.
  3. I recently purchased a used Oliver my original plan was to pick it up and enjoy the trip home but life interfered. Oliver (co.) Gave me the name of Painted Cowboy transport and Daniel was great! In spite of more unexpected things in my life the Ollie transport was great and not unreasonable. Anya
  4. After what seems like an eternity hull #89 has cleared customs and has joined me as a landed immigrant here in Ontario. A huge thanks for all the help and patience from the Oliver crew who answered a million questions, to Karen Harris 89's previous owner who waited while I jumped through paperwork hoops, and to Danial Jakus of Painted Cowboy transport who helped get "Picasso" to his new home, rolling with the unexpected and keeping it fun! Looking forward to one more batch of paperwork and organizing for a camping trip. The dream is almost real. Anya
  5. Change of plans! We've hired Painted Cowboy Transport to haul our Ollie halfway to Oregon. We'll meet him at Cherry Creek State Park in Aurora CO on July 24 and take a few days to get familiar with #488 before embarking on a month long camping trip through Colorado. Phil at OTT will do a FaceTime orientation and walkthrough with us on July 3. We're very relieved to avoid the long drive to Tennessee and back considering the weather, humidity and holiday.
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