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  1. Let's hope that smoke forecast holds! The NWS Seattle office "forecast discussion" has a hedging bets sort of feel to it. I read a good discussion about the smoke forecast models written by one of the meteorology folks at UW - tl/dr is "the models are not super reliable at this point." It's at least a little bit encouraging to see some low sensor readings moving up along the coast and a teeny bit inland from there. It does seem like we have a few lows that will come through with more strength than anything we've seen since the smoke moved in, but of course the low that came through thi
  2. Yeah, we ran into a small group of recumbent bicycle riders who normally have a HUGE post Labor Day rally there but this year due to COVID just had an unofficial gathering of a fairly small group of the more dedicated regulars. They said they love the logistics of the campground for their rally which sounds like tends to use something in the neighborhood of 100 of the over 470 sites (about 170 full hookup sites and about 300 sites with electrical and water, plus a handful of tent only sites, yurts, cabins, and hiker/biker only sites, as well as a large group site that they said they alway
  3. Sounds like you are thinking more mountain west than west coast, but in case the latter is in scope, I'll mention that Fort Stevens State Park is claimed to be the largest campground west of the Mississipi. We were just there and the campground is pleasant, and has access to both a nice beach and also nice park grounds including birding opportunities, some great coastal forest, and a historic fort with old gun battery mounts and so forth. It's right next to a few small towns with multiple nice restaurants and stores for supplies, and also quite close to the small and quaint city of Astoria wh
  4. There's a good discussion here of using DIY permethrin spray treatment on clothing (useful for ticks but also mozzies and biting flies! it's a game changer IMO versus DEET on the skin). It includes discussion of buying 10% dilution agricultural permethrin and further diluting it to the appropriate strength for spraying your clothing and daypacks and other gear on which the damn ticks might hitchhike. Daily tick checks are important when in tick country and season. We now keep some of those spoon-shaped tick removers handy just in case as they are just right for removing ticks w/o sp
  5. The OP started out asking about an Elite I - doesn't it have a GVWR of more like 5,000 lbs?
  6. Yeah I honestly don't quite get the rooftop tents when people are primarily using them in established campgrounds. They seem maybe ideal for overland travel where you're not sure what sort of spot you'll end up sleeping in each night but you are fairly confident that you can at least get your vehicle reasonably level. To be fair, our van is a lot quicker to get ready to roll away with than was our tent/pads/bags etc., and when I'm solo I can move from sleeping to driving in just a few minutes when desired (somehow when it's the two of us that rarely happens 🙂 ). But at least when w
  7. Sweet - thanks for those campsite tips! Agguire Spring looks like a beautiful spot. I have yet to consult climate charts to sanity check likely weather but in my currently optimistic and ignorant state that looks like a contender!! 🙂
  8. Thanks for sharing your blog. Looks like you had a great trip. I will be hoping to find a route each way that conforms to the weather systems likely moving through around then. I will probably stay pretty far south until in CA on the way home but am hoping to be able to take a more direct route on the way out. I would love to spend 2-3 nights near White Sands NM on the way home so if weather cooperates I will use that to organize homeward journey around.
  9. I've picked homes here like I pick tent sites when backpacking, with an eye to where the water will flow
  10. I couldn't imagine living in Orting where the town alarm would be telling you that you have a very small number of minutes to get out of town alive
  11. You didn't mention lahar! 😉 I like where we are up in the Hollywood Hill neighborhood - now the "close in country" that is so much more rare than it was when we moved to WA in '94, at which point many natives were already saying the region was ruined. I still like the area for many reasons but yeah the growing population is not my favorite either. I like the moss and grey though (repeat skin cancer, thankfully only basal cell) and the mild climate. We had fun a few weeks back camped in our van in a backyard right on Lake CdA about an hour from Spokane, and though it was a lovely scene i
  12. Sherry - yes indeed! We have plenty to do between now and then, including plenty of camping. I'm looking forward to the new toy though, of course!! BTW, thanks so much for sharing tips on fiberglass maintenance - your link to a Practical Sailor overview article with many links was super helpful. I have to do remove some oxidation from an undermaintained top of our camper van, and that info was by far the most comprehensive and credible of all the sources I've found for dealing with that job and getting myself back on the straight and narrow with respect to taking care
  13. So much depends on your travel style and what sort of comforts you will be happy with. I have a 72 year old friend who spends a few months' worth of nights each year sleeping in the back of his Toyota Tercel Wagon from the '80s, most often in wintertime near ski areas or backcountry ski tours (in case you've ever seen the documentary "Dirtbag" about climbing legend Fred Beckey, it's worth mentioning that this friend of mine has climbed with Fred more than once and is in Fred's direction in terms of expenses and creature comforts or lack thereof 🙂 ). We have done a lot of camping
  14. Nice job! I will have the factory install their standard backup camera option on the unit that they'll be finishing for us in December, as it seems like a decent option and we don't have an existing screen we'd want to feed the video into. Too bad the Garmin doesn't have IR illuminators for night video - I've found this to be really nice with the camera we had installed on our camper van's raised top, which feeds into the display of our relatively recent aftermarket stereo display. I pull into camp sites late, after taking photos through the "golden hour" and "blue hour" so the nigh
  15. I have a scheduled delivery of an LE II in late December. I'm still sorting out some of the options for our unit, and I want to thank many of the current owners who have contributed generously here on this forum, which is a great info resource. We currently have a 2004 Ford E250 with a (no-bath, fairly simple) camper van which has been great for use in nice weather in all seasons and for boondocking in nicer weather, but the Ollie will open up a variety of new options such as off-season coastal camping here in the PNW (when the standard sized van with a raised top can start to
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