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  1. I look at the Lithium option as a way to gradually wear away at the charge level while boondocking, topped off by solar or if necessary (I do live in the PNW...) generator now and then between opportunities to plug in. Based on our van battery usage w/o solar, I'm hoping we can still be sipping off the battery many days between plugging in to shore power or generator especially if we can get some sun on the solar panels. I am not thinking about it in the "must be back at 100% nightly" frame. It seems that between usable charge and lifespan even if this is somewhat harder on the batteries they
  2. Yeah, I saw that linked from the 890 page. Clear as mud.
  3. I haven't looked any further into it than noticing this in their  marketing copy "Pair RV 890 with our BC™ 35 wireless backup cameras (sold separately) or compatible third-party wired cameras to help you can see what’s behind you." So what I wonder is, and haven't found in a fairly quick hunt, is what constitutes a "compatible third party wired camera" and for instance could you use a Rear View Systems camera (excellent IME and used by a lot of fleet vehicles fwiw)?
  4. If you'll be crossing high passes (including on the major interstates that cross the western mountain ranges) in winter then you'd certainly want them for both TV and trailer. Kind of depends on where you'll be going I think (and willingness to hunker down for a few days if needed to let roads get better).
  5. I could read this a few ways. One way would be that any piece of solar equipment can only have a credit taken once - i.e if you sell it used the next owner can't claim a credit. Adding new panels or replacing old panels with new might be allowable depending on how this is actually interpreted by the IRS.
  6. Very nice. We saw the herd along the Umpqua on our way to the coast back in mid October. That's a pretty drive.
  7. Yes, on a recent camp trip to the WA coast, we met a great couple from SC who had their non-functional awning wrapped in duct tape due to a wind gust that flipped their sensor-equipped awning back over the roof while they were briefly away from their site somewhere in AZ or NM (the CG host had warned them about the gusts too...).
  8. My second trip was mid-October a few years later. No problems with the bugs. Mozzies, biting gnats, midges, and brine flies come out from  spring through  early fall depending on the species. The midges were what I'm still washing off my van years later from the causeway drive, but the mozzies and gnats were annoying at the campsite (not as bad up on the hill where I went to shoot most of my photos though, thanks to a bit of a breeze up there).
  9. Well done! I have given a few rides out from remote forest roads - most recently when coming across a poor guy who was starting to walk out after blowing out two tires (he wasn't sure how but after getting him to the main road and cell reception I went back to where I was originally headed and discovered a VERY sharp edged piece of split firewood in the road near his truck which I think was the culprit). In both cases I briefly pondered the risk but in both cases my vehicle guests were nothing but grateful.
  10. Nice shots! Years ago when I was doing some work with the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans, the head of exhibits there took one of my co-workers and me out to the boardwalk into the Bayou Jean Lafitte. Being a zoo guy he had lots to say, but the most memorable thing was when he pointed to three relatively small gators. He said those are the ones you want to be careful of because they are too young to be smart enough to not mess with us. What a beautiful place - I'd love to kayak some of the bayous.
  11. My friends with the big combo horse trailer camper mentioned that what they hear of in their circles (and they boondock a lot with their horse crew) is theft mostly of brake controllers at truck stops and horse shows. They use a removable controller and always take it with them when leaving the truck at such places. They also liked the design of my controller, with the main box hidden behind the dash and a control integrated into the dash face.
  12. While I love remote backpack trips and boondocking in a spot we have all to ourselves I also love the social aspect of car/camper camping in campgrounds or shared dispersed sites. We definitely have a growing network of camping friends with whom we are staying somewhat in touch. Not everyone wants this but it's pretty easy to find the people who do if you're at all outgoing - e.g. exchanging pleasantries while walking near the campground etc.
  13. Yeah out at the coast we have learned to be super careful about leaving things unattended that the racoons, and crows might have interest in. The racoons in particular often come in organized groups. Crows and squirrels are the day shift and the racoons come on toward the end of twilight. During one racoon event, where we'd had several around and above us (they travel quite fluidly in the evergreen tree canopy from tree to tree), after I thought that with the help of our big dog we'd motivated them all to move to the next site, I walked over from the picnic table to our van where m
  14. I've never had any such issues either while boondocking in dispersed camping spots or in established campgrounds. Including never having had anything I'd left in the camp site for the day stolen (folding chairs, stove connected to 1 gallon refillable propane tank, etc.). I do know a few people who have had some minor but scary harrassment at night while in dispersed camp sites. These very few cases across a great many camping experiences amongst all the people I know sounded like other very drunk campers out for some nasty "fun" more than trying to steal or physica
  15. Thanks. That Level Master bubble looks nice and visible from your photo, which is more helpful than product shots on Amazon for judging that I think.
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