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  1. Does it have any attach points for guy lines to be staked out (as seen in a few of the photos from other owners who have poles and side wall or sun shade setups)? If not see if you can add them in a secure way - their attach points need to be able handle significant forces. Otherwise that could become quite the wind sail in an unpleasant way!
  2. I have an antenna with a similar design as the one SeaDawg posted (the one with the two circles) on the roof of my house that does well for us in getting our local stations (we also shun cable service at home though they still get our $$ as our only choice for high speed internet...). Different antenna designs optimize for different situations. If you are expecting to be far from the broadcast towers for instance you may want to get something that you can aim toward that city out there somewhere and pull in a far away signal with a tight-beam type antenna whereas if you're near urban
  3. You can ask Oliver for their Delivery Checklist that they use to be sure they cover everything with new owners - that may include some smart additions for this list.
  4. Is that correct? I was told by someone in the Oliver FB group (or maybe it was here on the forum...) that they are using both LifeBlue and whoever the other manufacturer is due to needing more supply. But that they had not stopped using LifeBlue. Do you know otherwise?
  5. Living in the cloudy-wintered northern latitudes on the wet coast I see going with this scenario for part of my camping year. I'm hoping that the 400ah factory lithium option on hull #709 will mostly suffice for me though I did get a generator for topping off if needed on longer winter outings. I don't want to feel compelled to top off daily though but would rather run a reasonable daily deficit in the wet season here in the PNW.
  6. Or you could strap a sturdy truck top camper like the Four Wheel Campers to a capable truck and be done with it. I get the lure but I suspect one has more exploration potential in many really rough areas w/o having the added challenge of a trailer...
  7. I did not know about the rung cover. I've got a different model (CS125+/300) but this same rung cover fits my model also - thanks for the post! I'll be getting one of those covers for sure
  8. Yeah probably though he's a sport and his daughter lives next door to him and they often park their big 4x4 on the patch of lawn across out narrow dirt lane from our driveway area. And the psycho delivery truck drivers (there are mostly fine drivers but some clearly don't know how to drive those Prime vans and such...) often leave muddy tracks through that bit of lawn too. But still, it's nice not to have to join the party.
  9. As a newbie to towing I'm intrigued by this option. Now I'm going to have to ponder the mechanics of this and maybe even go look for a video or two 🙂 I was relieved when I confirmed that I could make the required backing maneuvers with our TV and trailer to get into our parking w/o making a mess of the neighbor's lawn or any such shenanigans.
  10. I've (somewhat academically) wondered whether in a scenario like this (flat ground but gravel etc. and a tight turn or two) a smaller vehicle not rated for the trailer weight, but shorter and with tighter turning radius, would be an option for the final stretch to the parking spot. Assuming one owned such a vehicle in addition to their TV. It would not seem to pose anything close to the stresses to either drive train or suspension that must be accounted for in setting these ratings...
  11. Yeah, here in WA we were seeing a big uptick of other outdoor pursuits such as hiking and skiing even pre-pandemic, to an extent significantly greater than our also large regional population increase. A lot of younger adults fed the boom. Imagine that - a generation that wants to spend more time outdoors doing healthy activities. While it's a pain in the butt for me I have to think this is nonetheless a healthy change, though I think some shifts back to spending more toward investing in our public lands may be in order if demand stays up. I suspect that there will be some dropoff in f
  12. As to an "overpriced" $40 item, I always try to remind myself to ask whether it's really worth the effort I'm considering to work around just buying the thing that costs $30 more than it should 😉 (that said, in this case I think it would not take long to source a very suitable ~$10 option 🙂 )
  13. Yes, if you know the polarity, voltage, size of the little cylindrical plug part, and rough number of amps you can usually find an alternative that will work fine since there isn't a lot of variety with these types of power supply plugs. There are tons of variants on Amazon for instance. I recently went through this to find an alternative to the OEM $45 plug for a kitchen scale whose original plug's flimsy wires had broken. I got a much sturdier one than the OEM version for indeed about $10.
  14. What do you mean by "the master switch?" At least on my trailer there is no such beast per Jason in service. He said I needed to disconnect at the terminals to eliminate phantom loads on the batteries.
  15. What about disconnecting at the positive battery terminals and then using one of these plugged into shore power?
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