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  1. Did you create another opening for air return from the cabin into the basement?
  2. I'm wondering how reasonably testable this question is. I.e. perhaps by measuring amps going to the furnace while it's operating? If this draw is reasonably constant then one could mock up a mod by temporarily blocking the existing return and opening a temporary one at one of the dinette access hatches for instance and then compare amp draw. If there's no discernable difference I would venture a guess that this is a good signal that the blower is not working harder. I imagine that there are techniques for measuring air flow through the hot air vents or ducting as well but that likely i
  3. Yes and with the evaporator/condenser style fridges (which as I understand it covers any fridge that can run on propane) there's a point where it just won't keep up. I've talked with someone from AZ who camps a lot in the Sonoran Desert and thereabouts and he says he MUST have a compressor style fridge (only runs on electricity though) for his summer camping down there. He has a small compressor based freezer/fridge combo in his Four Wheel Camper brand truck top camper and he says the solar panels on top are almost always enough to keep the batteries topped off and the fridge ha
  4. Good luck down there. The weather is kind of freaky all around the country. It's warming up a bit here in WA starting today and more into tomorrow. May you get the same asap!
  5. Here's a pic of a furnace reset switch from an owner (who posts in the Facebook group) who had to reset theirs to get it going again after having drained their batteries empty and then got them charged again. They said this about its location: "inside. We opened the panel on curbside back of the trailer. 4 screws to remove the panel. Then we looked for the reset switch. Really hard to see. Finally found it. Click it once and the thermostat is turned off. Click it again and everything started back up." The folks in Service had them reset via this switch:
  6. Yes, when I looked up the equivalent chart for the Cooper Discoverers I got on my new Oliver (hull #709, delivered late December) the numbers were identical to these for the Michelin (which is a very similar tire as far as I can tell as anything but a tire expert).
  7. And yeah, I've also put a squeegee in the bathroom. It's what we use at home after showers as well to do the bulk of the cleaning. Using liquid soap versus bars also helps a LOT with preventing soap scum buildup btw. A tip I learned from a tile guy.
  8. I may eventually just remove the curtain if cleaning *it* when it inevitably gets a kinda dirty seems like a bigger deal than dealing with keeping the toilet area dry and clean of soap scum. But in a time/money tradeoff world I decided to let the factory provide me with the chance to try a pretty decent curtain design out. So far that little bit of vertical space it takes up along the wall has not seemed like a noticeable cost to me, just fwiw. There's no right or wrong here - just sharing my own assessment for me/us.
  9. Interesting. I opted for the track and it came with a curtain. Hull #709, late December delivery, considered a 2021 model. It seems like a custom curtain cut to fit the curve etc. I am happy enough with it. It covers both the door and the toilet area and you can bunch it up and strap it to the wall between the door and the towel rod.
  10. When I worked building interactive computer based museum exhibits, I quickly learned that when the phone call came, the first thing to check was "is it still plugged in?" 🙂 I boiled that and a few other helpful reminders of stupid things to check first when customers call into the observation "You can't fix it if it's not broken!"
  11. Re: fridge on propane, at least in my van our Dometic fridge uses VERY little propane even in hot weather. When out camping we only rarely have run it on electric. After a few weeks in hot UT/AZ weather I've refilled out of an abundance of caution (there is no way to tell how full the welded on tank is on our van) only to find that I've used *maybe* a gallon (and some of that for bursts of furnace heat now and then).
  12. Here's another of the very helpful PS articles
  13. Yes, fwiw I recently rehabbed the long neglected white fiberglass top of a sixteen year old camper van with a buffer and two steps of buffing compound and then some paste wax, per pointers SeaDawg had given somewhere on the forum to Practical Sailor magazine, which has a fantastic set of articles on the topic including well done tests/reviews of various products for each step. I used it as an excuse to get another power tool 🙂 - I went with a pretty decent Shurhold dual action buffer rather than the awesomely powerful but perhaps hard for newbies to handle DeWalt - forsaking a little efficien
  14. I hear a faint buzz from mine (hull #709 delivered this past December). Don't know about the other questions, but unless you've disconnected the batteries there are things that will still draw at least a small bit of current, though I think less than an amp, even if you have switched off the 12V circuit breaker (per Jason E from Service: "There is a 12v breaker inside under the street side bed but it does not stop all loads and there would remain a small load roughly less than 1 amp."). I don't know if this would explain why your system seems stalled at 75%. FWIW Up here in the cloudy nor
  15. One potential downside of the Clever Dripper is that their large cone will only make sixteen ounces at a time.
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