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  1. Is the surge protector display showing electricity coming in, and if so is there any error being reported?
  2. I don't know how reliable they are but some folks add an emergency shutoff device to their setup which is supposed to stop the flow of propane if the flow gets too high. Tanks have some sort of emergency shutoff valve internally nowadays too but I don't know the details of how they work other than that I need to turn my gas grill on tank first then burners or else this valve will engage and the flow while not dropping to zero will be VERY low. If this engages, I need to shut of the tank and wait something like thirty seconds and then turn things back on in the correct order (an order that avoids a sudden rush of gas when turning the grill on).
  3. One additional step that may possibly be needed is flipping a breaker that's off (on my 2021 this was off when I took delivery - a breaker under the dinette, on the wall of one of the seats). There is also an inline breaker on the power line going into the inverter. These may be on but if those other steps don't work this may also be at issue
  4. I don't know but that's what I've been trying after reading of these plates getting degraded fairly quickly. I think the challenge is making a membrane style keypad that will truly last outdoors. There are other button designs that would be more robust but that would cost a lot more to make too. When I worked for a company that designed and built interactive museum exhibits we used catalogs with various types of buttons and joysticks and other interface hardware that met either military spec or traffic/street grade spec (think buttons to activate a crosswalk light for instance) and that stuff is NOT cheap but it lasts well even with kids doing the crazy stuff kids do. Whereas when we tried using buttons made for pinball machines (which we *thought* would be super robust based on our experiences playing pinball...) we had clients like the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans (great zoo btw since they totally redid it some decades back) where the kids would snap the buttons off w/in a day or two of reinstalling them. Membrane type keypads only worked well in super low use places with docile visitors. They just shredded pretty quickly, even indoors with just lots and lots of button presses.
  5. I hope you brought beer!! If you have the convection/microwave, running that convection oven for a few hours will draw quite a bit
  6. Yeah, I opted for the 400ah of Lithium because we often camp for 1-2 weeks in partial to full shade here in WA, so we can run some deficit each day and still be ok for quite a few days that way before we need shore power (I'm less interested in running a generator for several hours in a row periodically). I opted in knowing that we'd rarely if ever use anything near the total stored charge in a day but for our scenario this still offers significant convenience. A week under big trees in the Olympics in May confirmed the choice, though it would have taken another week to be getting concerned about getting too low.
  7. I don't have a ton of experience with them yet but thus far I'm glad we have them on both sides as we do a fair amount of camping at the often drizzly coast and indeed extending them a foot or so helps - we are both keen on ventilation. And indeed on the new (we have a 2021 model) awnings the water will pool in the awning though it overflowed and drained a bit before breaking the awning at least so far. Just don't stand under the awnings when you retract them!! And yes, using the awnings in varied conditions will of course hasten the day on which we'll need to replace the fabric portion. C'est la vie.
  8. Some tents are just bigger sails than others and are not possible to hold down without something giving in a sufficiently strong wind. That’s amazing how well it held up. Sounds like it did better than my grandmother’s clothesline (one of those with a post and rails making a square on top) which my father describes chasing partway across Southbridge MA during the Hurricane of 1938. He said the clothes weren’t much good by the time he finally got to them.
  9. I still remember my dad shaking me awake at something like 4am and hustling us all into the car for the oh dark thirty drive from Framingham to the Cape when we would go camp out there some summers. “ The early bird catches the worm “ he’d say. The traffic at the bridges was awful even way back in the sixties I guess
  10. Reminds me that when you’re stuck in traffic in one of the tunnels under the harbor you get plenty of time to ponder the water dripping from some of the ceiling tiles…
  11. But yeah, there are some great little stores scattered around. Port Orford OR has a nice little food co-op that often has great stuff, and there's a too-tempting store just down the sidewalk that always has some fantastic cheeses and baked goods. Just up the road in Langlois is a decent little market that doesn't look like much from the outside - you can't tell a book by its cover.
  12. In some parts of Utah I'm grateful to find a store where I can buy carrots or some other vegetable and maybe sandwich bread and a box of cereal. When I reach a place like Page Arizona with its well stocked Safeway store (better than the Safeways around me near Seattle) I make sure to go in with a well thought out list and stock up (including on >4% beer 🙂 )!! I guess I should think of Wally World more for groceries while on the road - I am not in the habit.
  13. Though I'm also mostly recalling it from the elevated highway days, which are long gone since the notorious but visionary Big Dig...
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