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Found 3 results

  1. Our new Dura Faucet Bathroom Faucet/Shower Head is leaking right at the pivot. A slow but steady drip is keeping the countertop wet and also the floor. I am looking for a quick fix. Anybody have a solution? I have contacted Jason and asked for a DIY solution, or a new faucet, or an Oliver maintenance/warranty repair appointment. Trouble is, last week I ruptured my quadricep tendons on my left leg, had surgery, and now looking at a lengthy recovery period with a non-flexion leg brace. It appears to me the front cabinet insert would have to be removed just to get to the faucet. Then the caulking would have to be re-done after the repair is made. Any help would be appreciated. Has anyone else had this problem?
  2. In another thread, @Nan asked about Maintenance schedules. @John E Davies responded with a link to his post with spreadsheets for Travel Logs, Service Records, and Inventory. John mentioned that you might need Numbers (IOS or Mac) or Excel (Mac and Windows) for these files. If you don't own this software, an alternative is to use free software for spreadsheets, such as Open Office or Google Sheets, which is part of Google Docs. I am posting today because I just updated my lists of Springtime tasks for the Oliver, including Sanitizing the Fresh Water System. I try to keep documents like this and my campground checklists to a single sheet of paper so that they fit into a sheet protector. I also took some info that Oliver posted on regular inspection and maintenance, and put them into three single sheet documents. I am going to upload them as Word documents (docx), so that they can be edited to fit your needs. Please let me know if you would like a pdf document, or an rtf version that can be edited with other software. I probably missed some important maintenance items, and I hope others will chime in. Maintenance - Spring Items.docx Maintenance - Sanitizing the Fresh Water System.docx Maintenance - MaxxAir Fan.docx Maintenance - Water Pump Filter.docx Maintenance - Window Tracks.docx
  3. Just curious, is there anyone who purchased an Oliver, and regrets not purchasing a less expensive TT? I would assume the answer is no, but just curious. I have looked online at Escapes, but when I get ready, I am definitely leaning toward Ollie. Dwain See Oliver Owner's Reviews.
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