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  1. Good question and one we did not really take seriously or even consider when purchasing. When we travel we carry many extra ziplock bags of composting material as well as bricks of new coco coir in case of trouble such as stated above. And it happened to us. And for a long time due to doctors not being able to identify why this diarrhea was happening. What we had to do was constantly change the compost. There really wasn't any other alternative due to our boondocking choices and then eventually being stuck at basecamp with no toilet facilities other than our composting toilet. Not a good situation. But would we change to the conventional toilet? Never. Too much waste of precious clean water, boondocking abilities severely curtailed, and no desire to deal with the stinky black water on a regular basis. Getting sick happens. And no matter what sickness you get a travel trailer is no fun to be sick in. A bed at home or in the hospital would certainly be preferred over being held prisoner in less than a hundred square feet of living space. We never really considered either one of us getting sick and what it would do to ruin our plans and make camping a nightmare. But getting sick is NOT the norm. We are eager to get back on the road as soon as possible and still glad we have a composting toilet, solar power, and plenty of fresh water.
  2. Not to mention Bill Callahan's latest record titled Gold Record. Great stuff.
  3. Two new amazing finds of late for us are the Swede Daniel Norgren and also solo artist Buck Meek of the Indy band Big Thief. Norgren sings and plays guitar, harmonica, accordion, piano, and drums. When he's with his band their sound often reminds me of The Band. Buck Meek is a different story. A bit odd perhaps in his body movements, ala Joe Cocker kind of, but an amazing lyricist and singer, plus he plays an interesting guitar.
  4. Thanks for this post. I changed a faulty charger out today with an amazon product which just now is selling for an extra $2 off the already reasonable price. Link below: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B07PN5YZX3/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=A2SEAHOJ3AP7L1&psc=1
  5. ***I wanted to add that after stopping for the day I run the fridge on gas if there is no shore power. I NEVER run the fridge on DC except when driving down the road.
  6. That hole is made for a better person than myself. I removed it long ago and saw it would be hopeless for me to do anything with it.
  7. My thanks to all who commented. My problem was with the speakers on the dinette side front and aft. They neither never worked or had a muffled sound. I am half deaf so I never really noticed it. But my wife isn't half deaf and was tired of me turning up the television the few times we watch it. Yes, the plastic radio cover does pop off easily (the bottom half) and no, I did not break it. The wires were all plugged in properly and so my problem was not there. After reinstalling the radio and popping the cover back on I went back to the TV (which I had already done previously). This time I pulled out every wire that was plugged in and observed the color-coded receptor for each plug. There was a red-colored plug-receptor on the bottom that had no wire plugged in it. I moved the top red wire down to that red receptor and problem solved. (Somebody was in a hurry to go home that day and merely plugged the red feed into the wrong hole.) The Oliver forum (for those who do not know) is a lifesaver for building confidence for DIY projects, tackling problems that come up when owning a boat or trailer, and restoring self esteem religiously. Cheers to all who helped and those who needed it as well.
  8. I had trouble with my batteries and was told they are pretty hard to destroy. I therefore went another direction and suspected it was my solar charge controller. There are tests that Zamp can lead you through (as well as Jason) plus the directions are on their website. The short story is my controller was bad. Jason sent me a new one, I installed it as directed, and my solar charger is working like a charm. So well, in fact, that I purchased a portable Zamp solar panel to use when my trailer is parked in the shade. Pretty frustrating when you depend on solar power and it isn't there. When we travel I always run my fridge on DC as the automobile keeps my batteries charged until I can get to shore power, or the sun.
  9. How do you pull the radio out from the wall to check the speaker cables? I suspect one speaker cable is loose. I am afraid to pry the radio cover off for fear of breaking the plastic. Any assistance will be appreciated. I see a little indentation on each side of the radio. I am guessing the cover pops off?
  10. Wow. Scary. Even more glad now that I only drive 60MPH tops, only mornings and early afternoon, and no more than five or six hours in a day. It makes me stop and smell the roses. Glad you all made it through that event okay.
  11. That was the only option I wish now I did not get. A waste of $500. Just gets in the way of my bikes on my bike rack and holds hardly nothing.
  12. I have a 2018 Oliver Elite and need to replace the white window gaskets (seals or bands) sealing the dinette sliding window. Whether it has been the extreme temps or excessive humidity the seals seem to have shrunk and loosened enough that I am concerned they will leak more than just a plugged weep hole produces. I have yet to find the correct seals on amazon and I am hoping somebody here knows the correct brand or name for what I need. Having a roll of this material would be helpful as Florida mold makes for a bit of constant maintenance in keeping the white gaskets clean as well. Not interested in cleaning products as I already have what I need. I need the gasket material Oliver uses. Hate to bother Jason with this request and I am hoping somebody here has already figured it out. Thanks.
  13. OK, now we see there is a controller on the Renogy unit. Does that mean I can just simply plug it into my outside Zamp plug-in factory-installed on my 2018 Oliver Elite I? That would be cool and save me around $300. I already have two Zamp panels on my roof. Just wanting to add a bit more insurance for too much shade or a cloudy day.
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