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Backup light failure: Access through the garage

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The left backup light on our LEII (#701) has failed, or has become intermittent. 

Removing the bezel and four screws holding the LED assembly in place reveals about 1/2" of free wiring, straight into the hull, and no connectors.  So, no easy way to disconnect the assembly outside the hull, in order to bench test the light.

The wiring diagram does not identify a fuse for the backup lights, not to say there isn't one.

Access to the lights and wiring, and in particular the backup lights which are at the bottom of the taillight stack, through the garage door is somewhat difficult, not least because the exterior garage door is in the way.  At least the right hand side light is working!

After removing the garage rear panel I see several layers of insulation and various unrelated (?) wires in the vicinity.  So far I have not reached the inside of the hull itself nor found any connectors which might permit removal of the light assembly.

Any suggestions on how to proceed?  Thanks in advance! 



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I'd open a ticket with OTT Service. I bet they could get you all the info you need and maybe even walk you through it. Don't underestimate their ability and willingness to help out on even the smallest stuff!

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2021 Elite II #841, 2020 GMC Sierra 1500 AT4, 3.0 diesel

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