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  1. At my cousin's in Idaho next to some flooded alfalfa fields, so, lots of mosquitos. I think there's a small gap around the screen door where they were getting in. Got some Off repellent spray and used it on the bathroom window screen and the screen door. Almost no mosquito inside Ollie tonight. I'm not a fan of the Off and it is oily and smelly, but it really worked for us tonight.
  2. Mike, you may have gathered some key information here. In the morning I will try to do what you report. What you describe may have caused my problem and may be the solution. I'm thinking that you and I may be the canaries in the coal mine on this issue. Sounds like others may have this same problem if these inverters are being installed with that setting #5.
  3. UPDATE Drove from dry camping at Craters of the Moon Idaho to my cousin's in Emmett ID. She gave me a hose and a standard 110v extension cord. With an adapter, I connected my 30a shore power cord to the extension cord. Suddenly, the inverter was alive. I then disconnected the 110 extension cord and tested each item (AC, micro, TV) separately to make sure they worked. And the outlets too. Everything seems to be functioning normally. I'm running the AC now off the lithium. No prob. I remember seeing somewhere in a forum post about someone who had a Xantrex die, then when they plugged it in to shore power it came back to life. If I can find that post, I'll ask them more about it. Very strange.
  4. Well, things took another dump with the whole inverter situation. Today the inverter conked out. No screen readout. No lights. Nothing to indicate that it was active and alive. The remote also was lifeless. Talked to OTT service and tried everything they suggested, such as tripping the breaker, tripping the 200a and 300a switches in the wheel well, pressing and holding the little silver button for five seconds, etc. They were apologetic and said they check everything during production to make sure it works but there's not much they can do in with their shop in Tennessee and me in Idaho. I was not able to reach Xantrex. Their phone system didn't seem to be working today. I looked up "authorized service centers" and spoke to Mark Snyder Electric (Sacramento) to initiate the process the get the Freedom XC 300 replaced. Everyone agrees that it's very strange that a brand new unit would conk out. We're dry camping but haven't been using the AC. The temp was hot (89 degrees inside the trailer) but not excessive. The only draw was us charging phones and using the Maxfan. The Norcold fridge, when set to Auto, likes to go to AC so I keep having to switch it to LP when dry camping. Also, the the solar panels are charging the batteries no problem, and the batteries are powering everything that is 12v, so it's just the AC, TV, 120 plugs and microwave that won't work. Hopefully tomorrow I'll speak to someone from the authorized dealer who might be able to help me troubleshoot some more. Otherwise, it's no inverter for the rest of our vacation (9 days). It will be like when we rented SOB trailers in the past and didn't have the "extras" when boondocking. Not the end of the world. But irritating.
  5. There's a great spot right above Green River, Wyoming. You can search for Pilot Butte Wild Horse Scenic Loop for more info. Basically, find Wild Horse Canyon Road and take it north under I-80 and up a gravel road. It's a good incline for about three miles, 4x4 not required, and then it levels out onto a plateau. There are a number of pullouts where you can boondock. There are herds of wild horses that roam around. We were on the side of the gravel road and a few cars went past every now and then but it was no problem. Great views.
  6. I realize I might be an odd duck, but I can't say enough about this national monument. It's strange but I love it. There are about 50 campsites, first come first serve. No reservations. I pulled in today at 11:30 and had my pick of almost any site. Some too small for the Ollie but most are plenty big. There are nice flush toilets nearby and water faucets spaced throughout. Most sites aren't too close together.
  7. Hello! When connected to shore power the fridge is on auto and switches over to AC. When not connected it runs on propane. I've been visiting friends during this trip so have had plenty of hook ups for electricity. When the opportunity arrives, I'll experiment on running it off the solar package.
  8. Update: As far as I know, IL_Travelers and I are the only ones with this relatively new GM rear trailer camera. Service did a great job installing it but not through the hull as I had anticipated. They ran it from the rear curbside channel between the hull and frame, alongside the propane line. If anyone is considering getting a GM product as a two vehicle, I highly recommend getting the trailering package which includes the software for the rear camera. It functions very well because it not only shows what's behind but also what's along the sides (from cameras in the vehicle side mirrors), the blind spots, which takes a lot of the stress out of trailering.
  9. I guess the code was as shown on this pic I sent to service, which works.
  10. Well, my fix for this problem was pretty darn simple, so I count myself very lucky. Or, it's possible that Oliver has done the work to resolve this problem for new trailers being picked up now. The service department told me to turn off the 300a breaker under the driver side bed access panel, wait 30 seconds then turn it back on. I did that and the problem was solved. I made sure that the remote was showing U3 01 06. When I continued pressing the battery button on the remote I saw other codes (U2 01 18 and U3 01 04) but stayed with that first code recommended by service.
  11. Hello conner77, Were you the other Oliver in the park that night? I was going to come over in the morning and say hello but you were up and out of there early. Beautiful park, no?
  12. Well, like I feel that I am now truly part of the Oliver family. We picked up the trailer on Monday afternoon and this morning after waking up in Green River WY, I discovered the dreaded error code 20. At first I panicked because I could not use my electric tea kettle to make water for coffee, and I'm no good without my coffee. But, I did get my AC power to work, had my coffee, red all of these threads, and now I will also be opening a ticket.
  13. For what it's worth, I am beginning to use my new trailer with the solar pro package, 390 amp hour lithionic batteries. Pulled into the campsite last night at 9:00 p.m., no hookups, batteries were 100%, according to the phone app. Used some lights, the water pump before calling it a night, and left the max fan on at about 40% all night long just to keep a little bit of fresh air flowing in the trailer. When I woke up, the phone app showed 91% on all three batteries
  14. I'm towing with a 2020 GMC Sierra 1500 AT4 diesel. The squat is 2 1/2 inches which puts my rear about a 1/2 inch lower than my front. I'm using a 2 inch drawbar turned up. The trailer is almost exactly level. Mileage so far is 16-17, but that's according to the computer. I'm going to do my own measurements with fill-ups an mileage because I think it will be one or two mpg better. I have been going the limit, whether it's 65 or 70, so far. When I get to Montana I don't think I'll go 80, but rather stay at 70. Otherwise mileage suffers.
  15. Hi No WDH needed. The truck is plenty big and heavy. Just a regular bulldog hitch. I've been at the limit (65 or 70) on the highways with no prob.
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