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  1. I can't picture this mod but I want to do it. If you have time to give some instructions and pix, I might just try it.
  2. I have the 3000w inverter but also have the same problem. The on/off switches on both the remote and the inverter don't seem to do anything. The only way I've turned off the inverter is by tripping the breakers, or turning off/on the Lithiums. It's been like that since I got the trailer. It's not really a problem though, so far. Where I store my trailer, the only shore power is from a 120v outlet, and the trailer doesn't seem to want to run off that. The lights flicker. So I turn on the batteries and all is good with both shore power and batteries on.
  3. I've rented my 1964 Corvair, and I have rental property. I even rented a spare bedroom in my house for a quick second on AirBnb, but I can't imagine ever renting my Ollie. It's way too personal. No way. But, before I bought my Ollie I did rent a Jayco, an Airstream, and a Keystone Bullet, all on Outdoorsy. So it was good for me, but no way would I ever put my Ollie out there.
  4. Yes. On a couple of my zerks I had to raise and lower, raise and lower, putting pressure on and off the suspension a couple times before they'd take the grease.
  5. It seems that in the modern world, with our modern lingo, "opening a ticket" is the equivalent of saying, "Hey, just want to give you guys a heads up on something." I've opened tickets on minor little things that were really questions more than complaints about the trailer. I think it's how they keep track of customer feedback. Of course, they could just read all the forums (which I know they do sometimes) but that would take a while!
  6. Whoa! What's the story on that black Oliver? I'm fascinated!
  7. Ok, Airstream may be the coolest exterior, but Oliver has the coolest interior, by far, as proven by your pix!
  8. I use the Google Chromecast at home for streaming, so I got one for the Ollie, plugged it into the Visio HDMI slot, and it works like a charm. I turn on the hotspot on my android phone, which allows the television to connect, then stream whatever I want. I have the lithiums and am able to power the television, microwave and air conditioner off the batteries (not at the same time!).
  9. Your surge protector is under the rear dinette seat. That's just the box with the electronics. You also have an electronic readout screen inside the rear cabinet, streetside. It displays codes that mean different things. Check out the manual for the code definitions and other operating info. It seems to be a competent surge protector, and you won't need any others.
  10. Welcome! I also struggled to understand all the different systems and how they work with each other. My confusion led me to think that things were broken when they actually just needed a button pushed or setting changed. Definitely call OTT service (they call that "opening a ticket") for any question, or put it up here on the forum. Like they say, there's no such thing as a dumb question.
  11. Just bought this one from Costco, it's on sale now for a couple weeks. It has good reviews and I found a good video on Youtube that shows break-in procedures. https://www.costco.com/a-ipower-1800w-running2300peak--powered-by-yamaha-inverter-generator.product.100653776.html Once I get it hooked up I'll post results.
  12. This brings up a good topic. I'm in California so I don't have to worry about any weather events. But, soon I'm hoping to start touring other parts of the country that might have hail, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc. If I was out with the Ollie and one of those events was brewing, I'm not sure what I'd do. Seek cover? Try to tie the frame down to a tree? Drive like hell in the opposite direction?
  13. For what it's worth, here's my story. In mid-2000 I started shopping for my tow vehicle. I narrowed it down to what I have now, and started shopping nationwide using Cars.com. Using email cut down on the silly salesmen antics but sometimes I did have to talk on the phone. I had to ask each dealer to send me a build sheet of the truck I was looking at because sometimes their listings weren't accurate. I finally got my deal in Benton, Arkansas at Everett GMC. Couldn't have been easier. I got a one-way flight from San Francisco to Little Rock and stayed one night in a downtown hotel. (Had a good steak dinner that night too!) My salesman picked me up the next morning at the hotel and drove me 30 minutes to the dealership. I completed a little bit of paperwork, got the keys, and began a fun road trip back to California. Of course, California being California, the DMV required all sorts of stupid stuff (including a smog on a brand new truck!) but I got it registered without a hitch. I think I saved about $4k getting it out of state. Yes, the flight and hotel and fuel on the way home took some of that away, but it was a great trip. I even stopped for a factory tour at Oliver and met Anita. So, the point is, don't be afraid of looking out of state. You might just get a great deal.
  14. Welcome! I think you'll have lots of questions now, and even more after you pick up your trailer. Believe it or not, the answers to most of your questions are right here in the forum postings. You'll have to search around and dig a bit, but you'll find another owner who's dealt with the same issue. If not, create a new topic post and you'll be sure to get lots of help. There's lots to learn about your new trailer, but with patience and a good attitude you'll be a pro in no time.
  15. don't know if this is relevant or not, but i've noticed that if i hit the door lock button on the door handle of my pickup, the rear lights on the Ollie flicker. but if I lock the truck with the key fob, it doesn't do that. my trick is a GMC, yours is a Chevy, so, maybe?
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