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  1. I'd open a ticket with OTT Service. I bet they could get you all the info you need and maybe even walk you through it. Don't underestimate their ability and willingness to help out on even the smallest stuff!
  2. Well, now I have to give an amendment. Just took off my tires yesterday to grease the zerks. The street side torque was good. The curb side wheels were way over-torqued and the threads were stretched on some studs. Boo. I gotta replace them now. It was the last rig they worked on that day at this shop and wasn't finished till 5:30. My guess is that the technician was in a rush, was using an airgun, and just jammed those lug nuts on while thinking of going home. Another reason to try to do more and more maintenance myself, with the help of these forums of course!
  3. Just and FYI if anyone needs to replace their locking door handle. https://www.costco.com/compact-rvlock-keyless-entry-handle.product.4000235045.html
  4. I love this announcement. It bolsters my faith in the company. First, let me say that because I live in California it's unlikely that I would be able to use the service center unless I happened to be nearby and happened to need some service. My distance from OTT has caused me to learn how to do things myself (thanks forum!) or get help from someone out this way. Nevertheless, I've been concerned by some of the recent developments with the company. My first contact with the company was way back in 2016 when I called to get information and spoke to Heather Oliver. Very cool. Then I met Anita in the old office and got a factory tour. Wow. It was clear that this family owned and operated company made the best quality trailer in America, and I wanted one. Yes, change can be hard, and yes, a business that doesn't grow is bound to die. But this announcement softens some of my concerns and shows that the company is listening and places customer satisfaction as a top value. Rodney's message is a good vibe. (you'll have to excuse me, I'm from California! lol.)
  5. I'm amazed that the steps didn't rip off. Is an Ollie stronger than garage framing?
  6. I spent a week in the desert earlier this month where wind is common. I couldn't keep my awning out for even an hour before a gust would sent it into retraction mode. And that was with the awning out only a foot or two. With me for a couple days was a friend with a Lance trailer, also with an electric awning. He had this product and it seemed to work well even in the desert wind. Of course he disconnected and retracted his awning at night. I'm thinking about getting it and trying it out. https://www.amazon.com/Carefree-R019399-001-Awning-StabilizR-Kit/dp/B00NS7YIMS/ref=sr_1_35?crid=E0FJU2M7UHWC&dib=eyJ2IjoiMSJ9.SFBo6fI7vJjKWZfis5zs18LMsXXYkNMjNGnbwtWcuGFYVO9SYr8vnnra1zsydo0Y1fKeBkwt1LnanhIr9dGrLTka1-mIq1se7Y0j8y1E_i0w_iXKMhuGYWSF6dGyzqlaHB-ue6B5we2_aOGY5d8QVWk2rft5QzC2fSJY7b9NtSMjxJ8Pfe7SuTGEmzP0i70g5P2My_tadhuSwli0Oau9HdjftMhctJj9dOIEzYT76nRS0Rcv1XuwfxddYohhwH6y_DQmI8ibAJJHm5lGCm4zS0uAeOl_MOlGpP5MBylfXKs.AD1UZ4H2jKStSX3aFTaVnOBi_75hkMDHrpNP_DH4tOM&dib_tag=se&keywords=rv%2Bawning%2Btie%2Bdown%2Bkit&qid=1713721713&sprefix=rv%2Bawning%2B%2Caps%2C545&sr=8-35&th=1
  7. I share everyone's thoughts on this. I also have learned the hard way (just minor scares, no damage) about chocking front and back of both sides, as well as putting the TV into neutral and letting it settle into those chocks. It's really more of an issue boondocking than when on a nice flat campground gravel/concrete/asphalt spot. Also, I almost always pull out my hitch ball and place it somewhere safe after setting up camp. I've got one of those funky GMC tailgates that can dent if dropped down on the ball.
  8. Is it my imagination or is there a new main page for the OTT website? I have mixed feelings about hauling around a "luxury travel trailer". Of course it costs enough to be in the luxury category, but the trailer itself is so understated. Not flashy. Not glamorous. Unless you know what you're looking for, you might not see what makes it a luxury trailer. I'm going to be self-conscious now. Lol.
  9. I've got a cheapie hitch lock, and a heavy chain I'll loop through one of the rims, connected to something else. This thread will motivate me to up my game. My bias is toward a tracker. I'll check out the options to see what works best. I'm of the mind that if a criminal wants my trailer bad enough, they'll take it. The tracker would allow me and law enforcement to take action.
  10. There are pros and cons with the Oliver. It's a company that only makes one type of product (Elite 2 is just a stretched Elite 1). Yes there are cool options, but it's basically one product. If it fits your style, you're in luck. If not, there are many other RVs, and many companies that offer multiple products. Many of us have made minor or major modifications, but ultimately your camping style has to match the trailer. For most of us, it's a match made in heaven.
  11. https://www.theautopian.com/the-oliver-travel-trailer-is-a-luxury-fiberglass-camper-that-isnt-built-like-crap/
  12. The Oliver checked all the boxes. Before buying, while shopping, I asked my self the following about various trailers: 1. How's this thing gonna do off road? How's the clearance, suspension, tires, etc? 2. How's this thing gonna tow? Aerodynamic? Good tracking? Too big or too small? 3. How's this thing gonna do with upkeep? Will screws pop out? Will things fall off? Will parts of the trailer de-laminate? 4. What's the deal with the manufacturer? Will they stand by their product? Will they answer my phone calls? How's their quality control? 5. How well can I boondock? How are the water tanks, propane system, solar generation, etc? 6. Is it pretty? After renting a Jayco and an Airstream, and kicking the tires on a lot of other trailers, the only thing I could find that had the right answers to the questions above was Oliver.
  13. I don't have a Truma, but this issue is VERY concerning b/c it could result not only in property damage but death!
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