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Oliver Elite II: Boondockers response to TENT Campers without any Window Views

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We have Tent Camped, Airstream OTG Camped and Oliver Elite II OTG Camped.  As we aged... so has the camping comforts.

Tent camping required that the Tow Vehicle is loaded with 'Travel Trailer' optional appliances.  Ice chest, propane cook top, top tent cover for insulation and temperature control.  Open and close flap door, vents with screens, pad for 'comfort' on lumpy ground.  Ahhhhfully... awful when raining.

Travel Trailers.  No furniture needed to become a Home on Wheels with a new view anytime, anywhere and sometimes any season. Better than a Mobile Home as it has a home decor screwed to the floor, walls and ceiling. If used for Camping you would need... to secure the home decor to the floor, walls and ceiling.  Move... repeat.  Move again, sell and step up to a Travel Trailer.

For any travel, anywhere, all weather conditions and even Seasons... an Oliver is #1. Airstream is up there, but size of being smaller has big benefits. Both have suspensions. Oliver's are superior with Leaf Springs.  Airstreams are a bit more complicated to describe. Do not ride in an Airstream while moving.  My wife did... she compared it to pulling a Tent across a field.  I did not ask to find out myself.  I am a Neanderthal.

Neither of us have opted to ride a mile or so in a moving Oliver.  Some say there are Laws against such foolish attempts of thrill seekers. I have been tempted, but use to get motion sickness as a youth.  To the displeasure of parents and siblings...  Pass the bag, please.

I never evolved from a Neanderthal to a modern Human Bean, yet.  A University education did not help, either.  But... my wife is 100% Human Bean and a positive influence over my flint knapped tools.  Oliver Elite II is better than Tent Camping, a bit better than an Airstream, when not moving, and insulated to adapt to Sea Level Florida to 12,000 feet in Cedar Breaks, Utah.

 Both the Airstream and Olivers beat tent camping. Although it takes just as much time to pack up the tent and 'stuff needed' into the back of a pickup with cab.

Those who are having a hard time deciding to move from Tent Camping to a Travel Trailer... should stay home.  Even better if it is a Cave with live bats. I evolved.  Bats hang from the cave ceiling and drop guano upon you. The tent is a bit better, but insects move in, when you are outside on your folding chairs before the wind blows them into the woods.

An Oliver Elite... with a view without Human Beans... is wonderful.  Folding chairs for outside... not a bad idea either.  OK.  I had my two cups of coffee, at home, and day dreaming about getting back into the Oliver to live in comfort with no distractions.  I add some photographs of what HAPPY OTG CAMPERS look like.  Ahhhhh.  See you soon?  I hope.

Tossed in a photograph of a motorcycle camper that spend a day with us.  Now... this guy can camp. Two Human Beans that find the outdoors... refreshing. Try it some day. Get that Oliver while you are still moving, few aches and pains... and optimistic.  After a week... you may never go back home.  Nobody will miss you. They are too busy mowing the lawn and pulling weeds.







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