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Atmos 4.4 Install

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Just so happens, SDG is only 45 min from my dad's house in MI. So I have made an appt for the Atmos 4.4 to be installed July 17th. I am hoping to get some good pictures of installation since it will be the first install for them in an Oliver. 

Things I already know:

No condensation pump or lines

No need to use wall mounted thermostat due to Plenum, remote and app controls. 

If you keep the suburban propane heater, they will mount a simple thermostat for it under the street side twin or elsewhere that is convenient. May or may not use the propane heater any more since the Atmos has a 12k heat pump.

They can re-use my SoftStartRV from the PII.

The Atmos is almost the same footprint. 2.5 in longer and an 1 in taller. 

Much quieter and more efficient.  

I will update as things progress. 



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- Mike

Nashville, TN

2018 Elite II - Spirit of Adventure Hull #308  - Toyota Tundra 


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