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  1. Pretty simple setup if you have a Victron system. I got the new SeeLevel display that has extra 4 pin connection for sending information to the Ekrano/Cerbo from https://www.vanlifeoutfitters.com/store/seelevel-709-n2k-pm-tank-monitor-kit-for-cerbo-gx/ You do not need new tank sensors.
  2. Yes but because the blackout shade/frame is a little heavier it seems to fall down easier when positioned bottom => up to close or just the frame rides better in bottom of window position. I have used them both ways. I actually prefer the blackout shade on bottom but because it opens easier traveling I tend to use them closed/blackout with frame resting in down position.
  3. For me, the Oliver is the perfect do anything in for any amount of time for 1-2 people. My wife would never spend more than a couple weeks in it but I would in a second. Easy to pull, park, pack, and polish! Excellent durability. I see it as the best means of travel to destination and then unhitch to go explore when you arrive at interesting places. The biggest difference between the Ollie and an Airstream (2nd only to the fiberglass vs aluminum) is the 7ft vs 8ft wide aspect which makes the Oliver easier to pull and maneuver IMO. Fiberglass is more durable and easier and cheaper to repair. Sometimes I think about a Class C motorhome but it has drawbacks for me that make it not appealing. (Having to tow a vehicle is one for destination transportation.) It’s such a personal decision depending on where you want go, etc. The last thing I would ever want to do at this point in my life is to have a very expensive tow vehicle to pull a massive 5th wheel or a fancy Class A that I couldn’t take to a state/federal park (27ft max length in some) or want to drive on the ALCAN highway. There or Pros and Cons to every class of RV. Now, if I had the means and it was going to sit mostly on some acreage in WY or MO it might be the Living Vehicle RV. And if I was dreaming of something it would be an Oliver with a massive solar array on top and battery bank below, bigger windows, 5-10 feet longer than EII with a separate bed and dry bath. Oh, and redesigned bumper for a Class III hitch and more outside accessible storage. Having had the Oliver almost 7 years now, there is nothing at this moment that I would trade it for at any price point for what I like and want to do. Now, I might buy something else to do some other things in other places. Life seems to take on new meaning every 10 years or so. Ha, so who knows! Best, Mike
  4. It does a pretty good job. As well or better than the shades on the windows.
  5. The install is straightforward. Cleaner look with additional option for above head LED light. Blocks most of the light.
  6. For anyone interested in the Atmos 4.4. This is a installation PDF with nice pics of first installation at SDG factory. ATMOS 4.4 Dreiha Atmos 4-4 AC Installation.pdf $1350 shipped, good support through SDG $1150 local pickup Another label, same unit as far as I can tell. TOSOT TST-RV-GC15K-User_manual_230707.pdf 15% off coupon: SMERMM15 $1,212.74 shipped, unsure about support Not sure if the units use same APP for WIFI but is available for both. From what I understand, you will need to wire a thermostat where the old Dometic thermostat is for furnace control. @jd1923 got a quote for this through SDG for about $50. T-stat for controlling furnace. Still waiting to hear about compatibility or need for Micro-Air Easy Touch wifi thermostat (what I am currently using and love). But if the App works great, who cares. If you do use the WIFI thermostat that SDG/Atmos offers it is IR connected and needs direct line of site to unit for it to work. Best, Mike
  7. It's like my sealed transmission in the Tundra just not worth the effort if it goes bad, just replace it with another sealed unit IMO and Toyotas. The refrigerant side of things for a sealed unit is not manufactured to be serviceable. Second, I amended my last statement to state the manufacturing of 410a (not the selling of) units will stop at the end of this year. Phaseout sell-off of inventory is a given. @GJ definitely not trying to school anyone, I just felt like there was a bit of fear mongering with the statements concerning R-32. Although each refrigerant has strong and weak characteristics. I feel like there is a lot more positives to converting than not to which I didn't even get to: 30-40% more efficient, GWP 2/3s less than R410a... bottom line better for the planet without much drawbacks IMO. Cheers mate! On to putting up new MaxxFan shroud/shade with LED light in the cabin.
  8. T-knob replacement link: https://amsolar.com/shop/mounting-hardware/mounts/91m-tknob/
  9. This is what I pieced together after some reading. According to Daikin, R-32 is the most balanced refrigerant in terms of Environmental Impact/Energy Efficiency/Safety/Cost-Effectiveness for Stationary Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps. Estimates 230 million units sold worldwide since 2022. Different from R22 and R410A, the R32 is slightly flammable. But combustion will not occur unless three critical conditions are met, refrigerant concentration, constant oxygen, and an ignition source. In real practice, it's hard to meet all the combustion conditions. R-32 is not self supporting of a flame hence the A2L classification. The A2L subgroup, as categorized by ASHRAE Standard 34, are a class of refrigerants that have lower toxicity and flammability (flame propagation speed is less than 10 cm/s) compared to other classifications — A = non-toxic, 2 = flammable, L = low burning velocity — making it the second-safest refrigerant category. As Oliver owners using units that are self-contained and sealed they should never need a recharge, which also lessens the likelihood of a leak. International Standard ISO 817 defines 2 toxicity classes for refrigerants: Class A – Lower Chronic Toxicity and Class B – Higher Chronic Toxicity. R32 is categorized as Class A. In general speak, Class A refrigerants are called non toxic and Class B are called toxic. All refrigerant are toxic in that they can displace oxygen so ALL refrigerants need extra care. Lastly, they won't be manufacturing any more 410a units after 12/24. Best, Mike Not a tree hugger but we do want to preserve the biosphere we live in. https://www.daikin.com/air/daikin_techknowledge/benefits/r-32 https://www.griffithenergyservices.com/articles/goodbye-r410-hello-a2l-understanding-the-r410-phaseout-new-2023-efficiency-standards
  10. As of now, SDG is who I would buy from $1350 shipped. https://www.sdgelkhart.com/dreiha-4-4
  11. I agree you must be careful buying on Amazon but the current Tosot AC on their website is R-32. Probably the best thing to do is buy direct or from official distributors (Atmos 4.4) like the one in Indiana that I believe @Ronbrink is purchasing from. There are other option though if you do your homework and are willing to take the risk to save a little money. But I do believe they are all the same units manufactured by the same company. I think the 410 use is in older manufactured units. Would be my guess. Anyway, hope to see the R-32 version in a Oliver soon! Best, Mike
  12. Not according to the Eco Cool/Gree user manual. ECO-COOL_Users_Manual.pdf Am I reading this wrong?
  13. @Ronbrink From what I understand, they all use R-32 due to Gree being the manufacturer for them all and then they are distributed under different labels depending on market. Which is great since R-410A is going to be retired and R-32 is much more efficient. Thanks for making us aware of an exciting new option. @Shawna and Scott From what I have seen it will work perfectly due to having almost the exact same footprint. Curious to see pics of first install on an Oliver. TST-RV-GC15K-User_manual_230707.pdf PPI-SG-GREE-002.pdf Best, Mike
  14. Looking forward to someone installing the Atmos 4.4 (Gree, Tosot, Eco cool) unit. Looks great from what I read on the Sprinter van thread. Compared to the Dometic PII it has almost the same footprint and weight. 2 1/2 inches longer in the back. No condensate pump or line connection (drains onto the roof) Remote control and WiFi thermostat available. Should make for easy install. Also, app controlled. Quite a bit more efficient on shore power and batteries. Very quiet! $1350 shipped. Not including soft start if needed. (Single or small battery bank). Or cheaper depending on which brand you get off of Amazon, etc. Definitely interested. @Ronbrink and others let us know how the install goes. Best, M Links for unit introduction and installation:
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