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Tongue Extension

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I want to extend the tongue of my new 18.5 Oliver Elite. The purpose is to hopefully make backing up easier. admittedly, I am not good at this.

The first hole on the tongue bar for extension seems to be an additional 6". I have purchased 6" longer safety chains that are the 70 grade chains.

1. Will the electrical control plug- in be long enough or if not can it be extended or are there "extension cords" available?

2. Will there be an increased ease of control when backing up if I extend the tongue? I am basing this on my Harley. One of my bikes has a rake (front-end) that extends out further than my other bike. The closer in the rake, the more "squirrelly" it is to control

Your experienced input is greatly appreciated


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If it's like my 2008 Elite, there will be extra electrical cord tucked up under the trailer in the vicinity of the propane tanks. If there isn't enough I'd recommend just replacing the entire cord - it simply plugs into the trailer just aft of one of the propane tanks. Extensions are available, but using one will just add another connection where dirt and moisture can conspire to give you a bad day, and the difference in cost is insignificant.


The longer the tongue, the easier it is to back up, although you do pay a very small price in how tight you can maneuver.


Hope this helps.

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