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Glacier National Park on Fire


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I know that a few of you Oliver owners are planing on trips up to Glacier National Park soon. Unfortunately a large fire has broken out on the east side around St. Marys Lake. Both campgrounds are close on this side, that being Rising Sun and St Mary's as well as the lodge at Rising and the Visitors Center at St Mary's. From what I can determine the situation is bad enough that most of the east side of the Sun road is closed and a few evacuations have occurred.


Feel free to PM if interested in alternate travel plans within the state of MT, be glad to help if I can.

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I posted this information and link to the FGRV forums this morning but knowing there are some here who had planned on trips to Glacier this summer thought I would also include it here. Not that you can't find this out on your own but…


The state had torrential rains and extremely cool temps all day yesterday which has helped.


Good luck in your travel plans



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