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  1. I live in Bozeman, just north of YNP by about 90 miles and yes we have had an abnormally cooler than normal spring and heading into summer season. Rain, wind, and even some snow of late. However this is supposed to change in a day or two with temps heading into the 90 range. Mid to low 70's today with light wind. Mostly 70's to low 80's next week or so. No fires… yet. Glacier NP received 10 inches of snow a day or so ago at upper elevations and around Logan Pass.
  2. Love the "Winds" Never get tired of that place but it's a b*tch getting in there if you ever decide to. Sounds like you're right down the road from us here in the Bozone. Happy Trails and camping.
  3. On looks alone I wouldn't even read the ad copy.
  4. I installed Vredestein Pinza AT LT's on my Oliver last year, love 'em. Also put a set on my truck as well. Amazingly quiet ride for an aggressive all terrain tread. Can't recommend them enough so far. Hope this helps
  5. FWIW, Will Prowse also did a great write up on the SOK brand of LifePO batteries which are far less expensive but doubt the customer service is equal to Battle Born. SOK is a Canadian company and I believe the actual battery packs are made in China but from all I have read they get great reviews. BTW you will also most likely need to change your shore power charging unless it has the capability to also change the charging parameters. Lots to consider, good luck. Considering the same myself on 9 year old lead acid.
  6. I just received this in the mail a couple of days ago. Went out to check our Oliver bought in 2015 and as it turns out has aa 7000 lb rating not the 5000 lb. After 9 years of use looks like we were ok anyway.
  7. @Steve Morris Well that is strange indeed, wonder what the deal is. Good for you though, congrats.
  8. Just a quick update on this situation for those of you who have unused rewards. Sure enough this outfit charges $3.50 per month for funds setting in the account. Been bush lately and have not had the time to think about using but at this rate there will not be much left, LOL. What a racket.
  9. Lot of good points made here, have not thought of putting TV in neutral to let it settle but on more than one occasion have discovered there is a tension between TV and Oliver based upon how the last movements went, usually from backing up with a significant turn. What I always do now is take the tension away from the two by pulling forward usually a few inches or a foot max will do while straightening the TV front wheels. Some ground can be difficult to read the slope certainly and in this case front and back chocks work well. Like a few of you I have always taken a big rubber mallet and pound the crap out of those things so they are in tight both for rubber chocks as well as the Anderson leveling blocks. As for the X Chocks the company warns they are not meant to hold the camper in place, only to stabilize it once setup claiming the device is not strong enough to hold most campers steady. That said I have no doubt a lot of people use them in this manner. Good luck in the future
  10. FYI, logged into my account yesterday and it did state there would be a $3.50 monthly charge. Tried to spend mine yesterday but it was declined due to an incorrect PIN #. What a racket by the banks.
  11. I hear you, time to spend it for sure. Had no idea this was developing
  12. Just checked this morning to view the amount on my Oliver debit card, and found the new institution has a month service charge just for the money setting in this account which is apparently $3.50 per month. What racket. Oh well. Thought everyone else might want to know if they are invested in this situation.
  13. Well now I am setting on the edge of my seat waiting to find out the true engineering intent for these cross braces. Maybe Oliver will share with us some day.
  14. That downward sag is about the same as on my Oliver too and as others have pointed out these are C channel not L channel as I previously referred to. Regardless the H2O heater surely can't weigh so much with only 6 gallons of water and maybe another 20 lbs for the actual heater itself. Mystery to me why so much more structure in this one area and yet so many still break. Still nothing from Tech support.
  15. One could come to that conclusion but there are still cross braces under the fresh water tank which could also fail under the right conditions.
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