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  1. Understood, likewise I'm also old enough to have lived without the features and technology but being the odd ball that I am I love these sort of things for now. You have it correct regarding the back seats to the best of my knowledge all Ford trucks seat bottoms flip up and out of the way, the backs do not move at all. I'm fine with this arrangement however.
  2. I wouldn't be too concerned regarding a first year release. Not that Ford is infallible by any means but most of what comes with this truck are tried and true technologies they have been implemented in these trucks for years. As for the hybrid aspect, Ford also has lots of experience with some of their cars so porting over to a truck shouldn't be all that problematic I would think. Inverters have been around for a long time so again most of these devices are fairly reliable by now. I do understand why some might think this is just too much tech however, though it doesn't bother me. As Overland illustrates the rear F150 seats fold up nicely and out of the way… mostly. I use them in this manner more often than not on my 2013 F150. All that said if I ever bellied up to the bar for a new 2021 I would not include the inverter. With solar and lots of batteries on the Oliver I just don't see the need for it. These inverters are better suited IMHO for guys who are in the building trades or similar rather than RV'ing.
  3. FYI, the Blackfeet Reservation just closed off all roads into Glacier NP from the east side due to the Corona Virus. What this means is you can NOT camp from any of the east side campgrounds unless of course you're tent camping or in a van and only then you would be able to get into either St Marys or Rising Sun. The other accesses are via the reservation. I assume Glacier is still allowing people to cross over the Logan Pass to access St Mary's but you can not tow across the Going to the Sun Road and in fact there is a 21 foot limit on vehicles of any kind. The park service is not going to contest this closure by the Blackfeet Reservation. Suffice it to say this will put a huge burden on Apgar, Avalanche and Fishing Creek campgrounds. I'll wait till the fall before heading up there this year, assuming the park itself doesn't completely close down before then.
  4. My take. 1. Can't stand the existing windows. Had tip out awning style when we owned our T@b which were way better IMO. Better ventilation, could be open in torrential downpours and they shed water considerably better with no maintenance compared to the sliding windows now being used. In fact I wouldn't mind having those poly-carbonate type of windows. FWIW in 8 years of ownership they still were not scratched up. 2. Fridge, speaking of the T@b once again it came with a compressor fridge. Hated it. It was loud, very loud. If you can't sleep with a forced air furnace running the 12 volt compressor fridge takes it up a few more notches. Plus it uses lots of 12 volt power to run. I have no complaints what so ever with the Dometic installed in the Oliver. I've never understood why people do not like absorption fridges. 3. I agree with others draining the fresh water tank is a slow chore, this could be improved. 4. AC, we've never turned ours on, don't plan to either and its the original Coleman which is really loud. 5. Black and gray tank drain, hadn't thought much about it until now but as others have mentioned placement could have been better thought out. 6. Heat. we have the Suburban that came on earlier models, hull #70. Being an early adopter one can only describe it as being a major PITA to work on. As I understand it all of these types of heaters are only about 40% efficient. This is 2020 and no excuse for such outdated technology but the RV industry in general being what it is, is also way behind the times in this regard. I would replace it for a truly quiet and energy efficient heating system in a heartbeat. We have a combi system in our house, hot water heat and hot water all on the same unit and while it has had repairs over the years the issue of having all of your eggs in one hot basket of water has never been an issue yet. They system was installed over 20 years ago and by modern standards its also way out of date but still works fine. I would love the idea of a condenser hot water heating system. 7. Maintenance free axels. You got to be kidding, once again its 2020 and your axels and associated suspension have to be serviced every 3,000 miles. Thanks
  5. Awesome, thanks guys. Totally makes sense. And yes it probably is an extortion racket.
  6. Do regular household faucets and other plumbing fixtures work with the RV industry. I was under the impression, perhaps incorrectly, RV plumbing has different size fittings. The faucets and fixtures in our Oliver leave a bit to be desired and it would be a nice upgrade to replace them all. Thanks
  7. Ok that's funny, albeit very unfortunate. Due to the praise of the Garmin Smart Drive 61 LMT I ordered one this afternoon from GPS city for $177 new, not refurb. Looking forward to receiving it. They also had refurbs for around $120ish but don't recall the exact amount.
  8. Thanks for the explanation Trainman, appreciated! This unit does receive much high praise indeed after spending sometime looking into reviews on youtube. I fail to understand though why people like using an iPhone in exchange for a real navigation system. My own experience has been frustrating at best. They get hot if left running all the time or else will turn the monitor off just when its inconvenient, they use up copious amounts of expensive data if constantly running a navigation app. Don't get me wrong I use my iPhone for a lot of things including some limited navigation but to use one in exchange of a true GPS device just doesn't make sense to me. However I am also surprised to hear so many complaints about built in Nav systems on autos and trucks. This surprised me too. I'll probably pick up one of those 61 LMT-S soon. Thanks for the recommendation.
  9. @Trainman, why did you settle on the Garmin 61 LMT? There is such a bewildering array of these devices and much to research. Thanks
  10. Couple of unscientific thoughts. Have you consider hydrogen peroxide? It is also a very effective disinfectant and bleach. It is available in food grade normally 35% solution and can be ordered online if not available locally and doesn't smell nearly as bad as Chlorox. To that I will also add that most, perhaps all municipal water supplies do have some amount of chlorine added to the supply. To my way of thinking this alone should disinfect most holding tanks. IOW's fill tank and lines let set overnight or for some period, then drain and refill. Under no circumstance we do not drink water from our holding tanks anyway. Too risky no matter what but the main reason is those holding tanks create a terrible taste. The water from them is unpalatable IMHO. We carry additional BPA free 5 gal jugs full of fresh water with us. Two of them last for quite awhile if only using for drinking and cooking. We only use the fresh water holding tank for dishes and showers never food and drink. Hope this helps.
  11. We stopped once in Junction and bought a big bag of Plumley's Pecans at their store. Incredible paper shell pecans some of the best available.
  12. Ed & Nancy. No doubt Eddie B will have his perspective but in the meantime a couple of thoughts of my own. Most, perhaps all USFS and even BLM campgrounds limit a maximum stay in anyone camp spot or campground of 14 days consecutively. You could certainly go form one place to the next quite easily. The same holds true for camping in Glacier, but again its quite easy to move around from within the park based upon my experience. The campgrounds in Glacier all have dump stations as well as fresh water fill ups too. Understand the Flathead Valley is a very busy place especially in the summer (with subsequent heavy traffic), meaning you are never very far from adequate facilities such as dump stations and the ability to replenish water. USFS campgrounds by comparison tend to be considerably more primitive with far less facilities. However the vast majority of them do have fresh potable water that you can replenish easily enough in the Oliver. Columbia Falls and Coram are the closest to Glacier while Kalispell and Whitefish are just a few more miles further into the valley. So the quick answer to your question is, yes you should be able to do this but with a bit of moving around from campground to campground. Also I wouldn't rule out the many Montana State parks in the area. All are located in some very nice areas on Flathead or Whitefish Lake and have very good facilities including hot showers. Hope this is helpful.
  13. @John E Davies Not a big deal in the big scheme of things, but thought I should mention it before others spent a day looking for something that didn't exist.
  14. This is a far superior battery powered truck, not even close IMHO, and they are not so ugly as the Tesla https://rivian.com
  15. Best of luck, hope it all goes well for you.
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