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  1. Yes there will be anti freeze deposited in your fresh water tank, assuming you go through the proper de-winterization procedure. You should flush this out before using your fresh water tank. It is my understanding this is the same product used by the medical industry when performing some medical test procedures. I'm not an expert on this however. Its doubtful very small amounts of water left in a line could cause the failure you speak of. Not buying into that one. Not sure about the hose part, we purchased ours separately but perhaps Oliver is handling things different these days new del
  2. Perhaps, but this would be far from a dependable scientific process. FWIW I feel far more comfortable knowing the lines are treated to -50 as oppose to somewhere between 32 degrees and hypothetically 10 degrees.
  3. I totally agree with you, but the hot water tank had long been emptied so it could not have come from there. That much water seemed incredulous to me as well especially given the amount of time allowed for the gray water tank to drain on the first effort. Agreed also one could not imagine that much water setting in half inch lines. Its all water under the bridge at this point anyway, though still a mystery. Thanks
  4. Yes trailer was level while blowing the lines, but tilted to allow better drainage from the gray water tank which tends to drain much slower than the black tank and needs all the assist it can get. Still scratching my head on that amount of water, unless I missed something during the process but felt my procedure was very thorough.
  5. This afternoon I raised the hitch once again to acquire a decent angle for the remaining water left in the gray tank after flushing the kitchen and bath faucets from the previous effort with pressurized air. Much to my surprise there was a full 3-4 gallons of water that drained from the dump valve. Keep in mind I had already emptied the gray tank previously and did a thorough purge a few days ago. Effectively this is a lot of water to potentially dilute the anti-freeze in the lines.
  6. This makes a good point. I might add while blowing out my lines over the weekend, with the help of my wife, I was astounded at the amount of water that still flushed through the faucets both kitchen and bath. Effectively as Steve states there is a significant amount of dilution within the water lines if not blown out. Whether its enough to compromise the integrity of winterization is anybodies guess. However my suspicion is a full tank of water in the northern climates I live (Montana) will freeze fairly soon. Its not uncommon here to have sub zero temps with howling winds where anything
  7. Thanks for all the responses. In the past I have always used the RV anti-freeze method but was curious about trying the blow out method. Its not clear to me why 40 PSI air pressure would damage a water pump though. I will do the anti-freeze method in addition to what I've already done tomorrow. FWIW at one time Oliver did produce and link this method on their website a few years ago.
  8. What toilet valve is this? Are you referring to the valve mounted on the flush out line that cleans the black tank? If so my Oliver does not have that valve, perhaps this was a later day installation.
  9. I see from the videos for winterizing Oliver no longer recommends using the blowout method with pressurized air. Something about damaging the plumbing system, whats up with that? In the past they recommended either or method with pressurized air or anti-freeze. I like the idea of air if for no other reason far less to do come spring when its time to de-winterize. Went through the process of pressurized air yesterday @ 40 PSI approximately, but wanted to double check I got it completed correctly. All of the faucets inside and out were completely blown out but the two areas I was not sure a
  10. Nope once again, never saw a pin, nor was it on my key ring. It just wasn't there. No big deal I have a much better far more secure way of latching the bull dog coupler and would encourage all others to do the same. FWIW my hull # is 70, March 2015.
  11. Nope, sorry for the misunderstanding. Our Oliver did not come with any pin at all, probably got left out by mistake, but we have been using a long neck master lock similar to what you would use for a Yeti Cooler which works great plus its an additional security lock also.
  12. Understood, likewise I'm also old enough to have lived without the features and technology but being the odd ball that I am I love these sort of things for now. You have it correct regarding the back seats to the best of my knowledge all Ford trucks seat bottoms flip up and out of the way, the backs do not move at all. I'm fine with this arrangement however.
  13. I wouldn't be too concerned regarding a first year release. Not that Ford is infallible by any means but most of what comes with this truck are tried and true technologies they have been implemented in these trucks for years. As for the hybrid aspect, Ford also has lots of experience with some of their cars so porting over to a truck shouldn't be all that problematic I would think. Inverters have been around for a long time so again most of these devices are fairly reliable by now. I do understand why some might think this is just too much tech however, though it doesn't bother me. As Ov
  14. FYI, the Blackfeet Reservation just closed off all roads into Glacier NP from the east side due to the Corona Virus. What this means is you can NOT camp from any of the east side campgrounds unless of course you're tent camping or in a van and only then you would be able to get into either St Marys or Rising Sun. The other accesses are via the reservation. I assume Glacier is still allowing people to cross over the Logan Pass to access St Mary's but you can not tow across the Going to the Sun Road and in fact there is a 21 foot limit on vehicles of any kind. The park service is not going to co
  15. My take. 1. Can't stand the existing windows. Had tip out awning style when we owned our T@b which were way better IMO. Better ventilation, could be open in torrential downpours and they shed water considerably better with no maintenance compared to the sliding windows now being used. In fact I wouldn't mind having those poly-carbonate type of windows. FWIW in 8 years of ownership they still were not scratched up. 2. Fridge, speaking of the T@b once again it came with a compressor fridge. Hated it. It was loud, very loud. If you can't sleep with a forced air furnace running the 12
  16. Awesome, thanks guys. Totally makes sense. And yes it probably is an extortion racket.
  17. Do regular household faucets and other plumbing fixtures work with the RV industry. I was under the impression, perhaps incorrectly, RV plumbing has different size fittings. The faucets and fixtures in our Oliver leave a bit to be desired and it would be a nice upgrade to replace them all. Thanks
  18. Ok that's funny, albeit very unfortunate. Due to the praise of the Garmin Smart Drive 61 LMT I ordered one this afternoon from GPS city for $177 new, not refurb. Looking forward to receiving it. They also had refurbs for around $120ish but don't recall the exact amount.
  19. Thanks for the explanation Trainman, appreciated! This unit does receive much high praise indeed after spending sometime looking into reviews on youtube. I fail to understand though why people like using an iPhone in exchange for a real navigation system. My own experience has been frustrating at best. They get hot if left running all the time or else will turn the monitor off just when its inconvenient, they use up copious amounts of expensive data if constantly running a navigation app. Don't get me wrong I use my iPhone for a lot of things including some limited navigation but to use
  20. @Trainman, why did you settle on the Garmin 61 LMT? There is such a bewildering array of these devices and much to research. Thanks
  21. Couple of unscientific thoughts. Have you consider hydrogen peroxide? It is also a very effective disinfectant and bleach. It is available in food grade normally 35% solution and can be ordered online if not available locally and doesn't smell nearly as bad as Chlorox. To that I will also add that most, perhaps all municipal water supplies do have some amount of chlorine added to the supply. To my way of thinking this alone should disinfect most holding tanks. IOW's fill tank and lines let set overnight or for some period, then drain and refill. Under no circumstance we do not drink
  22. We stopped once in Junction and bought a big bag of Plumley's Pecans at their store. Incredible paper shell pecans some of the best available.
  23. Ed & Nancy. No doubt Eddie B will have his perspective but in the meantime a couple of thoughts of my own. Most, perhaps all USFS and even BLM campgrounds limit a maximum stay in anyone camp spot or campground of 14 days consecutively. You could certainly go form one place to the next quite easily. The same holds true for camping in Glacier, but again its quite easy to move around from within the park based upon my experience. The campgrounds in Glacier all have dump stations as well as fresh water fill ups too. Understand the Flathead Valley is a very busy place especially in th
  24. @John E Davies Not a big deal in the big scheme of things, but thought I should mention it before others spent a day looking for something that didn't exist.
  25. This is a far superior battery powered truck, not even close IMHO, and they are not so ugly as the Tesla https://rivian.com
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