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Olivers and off-road use


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Hi all,

I am thinking of buying an Oliver 18.5 ft this winter for full time use starting next July. Most of my travels are to back country areas on rough back roads. What I am concerned about is the warranty is for "normal use". So I don't know if Oliver will back the warranty if something should happen to the frame/shell when the camper is used on back roads. Has anyone taken their camper to Toroweap on the Grand Canyon or on the Hole in the Wall road in Utah? Roads like that are what I'm talking about. Curious as to how the trailers can take this kind of treatment. Thanks

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I haven't been on the particular roads you mentioned, but I've been to some pretty rough places. I just returned from the bighorn mtns in WY and had to travel on 14 miles of "washboard" roads. No problems. Last winter I was on a 60-day, 4100-mile caravan through Mexico to Belize. If ever there was an endurance test for an RV, this would be it. Besides the horrible roads, in one 120-mile stretch there were 344 (yep, someone counted) huge Mexican topes (Google it). At the end of the trip the total damage to the Ollie was 1 trim panel fell off the refrigerator, 1 shock absorber leaking, 1 shock absorber slightly bent, and lots of contents relocated :D . Not bad, considering the more extensive and sometimes serious damage incurred by some of the class A and C travelers. The most damage I ever incurred was on a 21-mile trek off road in the Tetons - the TV broke free from the mount. The plastic cabinet on the back of the TV itself failed and was eventually put back together with several tubes of epoxy.


But the integrity of the frame and shell appear to be unfazed - I'm yet to discover even one little hairline crack in the gelcoat.. This is a rugged little camper!

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Hi Juniorbirdman,

Thanks for the feedback...this exactly what I was looking to hear. I can understand a few things being relocated and/or coming apart. But some of the stories I heard about taking an Airstream on gravel or rougher roads downright worried me. Bathroom vanities falling off, water heaters breaking, etc. I figured the Oliver's were built better yet I hadn't heard how they held up frame and/or shell wise to off-road use. You have put my mind at ease. Many thanks!!

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