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Recently Bugeyedriver gave me a book to read. It was such a good read that I would often read a chapter, think about it for a bit, then read the same chapter all over again.

Tumbleweed met with Butcherknife and I at Lake Greeson Arkansas, on his way to SoCal, and we passed the book along to him. The book is such good, easy reading that I just know that it will be a pleasure for all that recieve it. On the inside of the cover We started a list of the Oliver owners that have recieved and passed along the book. So far the entries are as follows:




The listing also has the recipients real name along with their screen name.

We are hoping that as Oliver's meet, that this great book will get to visit campgrounds all over the USA, and each recipient wil be able to track it's travels and recognise names from this forum as it moves across America !

We talked about getting to look at the book, many miles and readers on down the road, all battered, stained, dog eared and tape repaired, with a "who's who" type listing in it of early Oliver owners. Oliver travel Trailer History in the Making !

Thanks Bugeyedriver for this great book, we really enjoyed it !

Here is Chuck as he recieved it:


As a side note, I placed a fresh new Casita postcard in the book as a bookmarker. Our Casita cousins will also be represented on this journada of molded fiberglass travels. Casita and Oliver share a lot of common traits, or so it seems to me, that somehow this just felt right !

As you pass along and recieve the book, please post it on this forums so we can all share in your adventure !

Here is a look at the inside leaf, on the right is a note from Pete to me as he presented the book:

I would rather wake up in the middle of nowhere than in any city on earth 08' Oliver Legacy Elite HULL NUMBER 0003(sold)

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Jim and I passed Tumbleweed in Oklahoma yesterday, as we were traveling back to Tn from Lake Havasu. It was very exciting to see an "Oliver" going along. We have had friends tell us that they too have seen "Olivers" as they have made their journey's and feel the same thrill!


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Northwoods! I am so sorry I missed ya'll. You had that great tailwind and I was afighting it real bad. Ollie handles a lot better that the Casita..this was a good test and they let the hitch out a notch which I really think improved the tow! Thanks for having the intestinal fortitude to build this great trailer and assemble the great crew in Hohenwald!!!!

Chuck 8-)

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