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  1. Hi, Please add Jim and Evon Oliver to the list of attendee's for the Miller Creek RV Resort get together! We hope to bring a 22' Oliver and look forward to meeting everyone. Northwoods
  2. Jim, Pam and Dave will be leaving the Factory Wednesday afternoon, God willing, with the 22 foot Oliver and the Sports model. I am currently in Lake Havasu, but, they have told me that both trailers turned out to be spectacular!! Everyone at the Factory is VERY excited about the two new additions and should be exceptionally proud of the work they have done to complete both trailers so quickly and in time for the Quartzsite showing!! If anyone is interested in seeing the trailers, they will be traveling on the 40 West. They already have a stop in Oklahoma City, and are willing to show t
  3. You heard right!! We are in the process of the new "Sport" 17" Oliver, and we should have the first one at Quartzsite, Az in January. We are very excited about this. It will be perfect for people that want an Oliver for hunting, fishing, or............ and want the quality of the Oliver, with less options on it. Of course any of the options offered on the other models will be offered on the "Sport" model. Evon
  4. Technomadia, Pam, Dave and I are still in the Reno area. I think today we will be at Cabela's by Boomtown outside of Reno. We will be in the Reno area for two more weeks. The International Camel Race this coming weekend in Virginia City, and the Air Show in Reno the following weekend. We would love to meet up with you if you have time. Northwoods
  5. We should be in Portland after Labor Day and would love to meet up with you and any one else in that area. Evon
  6. Jerry, Jim and I are going to be in Washington for nearly a month. We leave Reno August 11th, and we will be in Seattle and Spokane. We would love to meet with you and everyone else up that way that is interested in seeing an "Oliver". We will have both floor models with us. It will be posted on the forum and webpage exactly where we will be, or you are able to contact Denise at extension 125 at the Office, as she know daily where we are. Northwoods,
  7. Jim and I have been on the road again showing the "Oliver" to other interested campers!! We will be in Chico, California around the 30th and in Reno, for Hot August Nights, 8/4 through 8/10 our booth space is in the Peppermill Parking Lot. You can reach us on Jim's cell 931-209-5818 if any of these locations are good for you!! Evon
  8. Thanks for your prayers! We are on tract with the trailers, and all should be ready as scheduled. Evon
  9. Tigrrr, I am so sorry that it has taken us so long to answer your questions!! I do not like to make excuses, but we have had a few things happen that have made me neglect posting. One of our son in laws was killed on his Harley, leaving our daughter and a 2 yr old and a 4 yr old. As most of you know, we are a very close family, and this has been devastating for us. He worked at one of the Companies, and it has been difficult getting someone to be able to take over the wonderful and difficult position he had at work. So we as a family have spent most of our time trying to help Wendy and k
  10. We are hoping to begin working on a larger "Oliver" by the end of the year. This is not written in stone yet, but that is our tentative plan. I will give all of you the scoop as soon as I know something definate!!! Northwoods
  11. Hi Stuart and welcome to our forum. You do not have to have the "stripper pole". An "Oliver" went out last week without one and with it's Route 66 cushions, it looked fabulous!! The pole is actually used as a back rest for the dinette as one member mentioned, but we are flexible here and aim to please!! We want everyone to be happy with their new addition to the family!! Happy camping! Northwoods
  12. Hi, Sorry for the confusion. the RV rally is in Bandon, Oregon. Jim had an Uncle in Bend, and I typed that in error!! We are in Tn. right now, and will be hitting the road again soon showing the "Oliver", we don'thave a date set yet for an official "Oliver" rally. But, it sure would be a fun time. I just left the factory and Daniel has some great graphics on a trailer, it is an United States flag that looks like it is blowing in the wind. I'm thinking the pictures will be on the upcoming brochures that are in the works!! Northwoods
  13. Hi Sacsun, We are registered to have two "Oliver"s at the Bend, Oregon fiberglass Rally. I believe the dates are July 16th or 17th through the 20th. It sounds like it is going to be alot of fun. I think there are about 125 trailers registered so far. Hope to see many of you there. Northwoods
  14. Jim and I passed Tumbleweed in Oklahoma yesterday, as we were traveling back to Tn from Lake Havasu. It was very exciting to see an "Oliver" going along. We have had friends tell us that they too have seen "Olivers" as they have made their journey's and feel the same thrill! Northwoods
  15. scubarx What a beautiful photograph!! It would make a lovely mural!! Several of the "Olivers" have murals made from actual photo's that have been taken. Whether you choose a mural, or take a picture, it is everyone's own option. Northwoods
  16. The trailers begin at $17,500 and go up from there. Please call the factory on Monday and someone there will help you! Thanks for your interest Northwoods
  17. I will check with the factory to see if they have a floorplan drawn up for the twin bed model. The one bed is on the wall where the small dinette is and the other one is where the large dinette goes at the back of the trailer. If they have any floorplans, I will see if they can post them here. Northwoods
  18. We want to thank everyone that came to see us at the Sacramento and Pomona RV Shows. We had a fantastic turn out and met many wonderful people!! Jim and I are heading back to TN to pick up more trailers, and we wanted to let you know that there are currently 3 trailers in Lake Havasu, AZ that are for sale and ready for pickup (or possibly delivery). The trailers that are availalble are: the red "Oliver" with the double and single bed configuration, a white "Oliver" with the same configuration, and another white "Oliver" with the two single beds (this one is loaded with ans inverter, d
  19. Mark, What state are you located in? Jim and I are going back to Tn for a week. Then we will be on the road again showing the "Oliver". We have several states in mind, and maybe yours is one of them!! Northwoods
  20. Hello, Manu of us put a mattress down and leave it all of the time. This will give you extra storage under the bed for totes and etc. We currently have a Company that we purchase memory foam mattresses from that put a radius on the back corners, so it fits perfectly. The twin mattresses are 27" inches wide and they also make them for us, for people that want to leave them down all of the time. Also for taller person, the twin mattress can be made longer by them, and will fit in the space where the small dinette is and is accomplished by taking down the chrome pole. I hope t
  21. Hello Steve, Jim and I have the twin bed model and love it. We switched from the rull bed model to the new one for one main reason. I did not like crawling over our two small dogs and husband in the middle of the night., as it wasn't convenient for any of us! I am also able to read, crochet, etc under the reading light over my bed and not disturb Jim, while he can watch TV as late as he wants and not disturb me! It looks more spacious to us and we also have added cabinet space and storage space. Thanks, Northwoods
  22. Hello, We also have a model with 2 single beds. The size of them are 27" x 74". We have a mattress manufacturer that will custom build memory foam mattresses to that size. This model also has an extra counter top, storage under the table, and a large drawer under the back bed. If you have any other questions, please call. Thanks, Northwoods
  23. We are currently at the Pomona Fairplex RV show. We have the red and black trailers here, as well as 2 white trailers. We are parked to the left of the entrance behind the electric bikes, right in the front. In fact you can see us when you walkd up to the gate. We are having a great response, the weather is supposed to be good, and we will look forward to seeing you there!! Remember that the red and black trailers are probably the only colored "Olivers" that will be made.
  24. Hi Sandie, We remember you and your husband very well from the Phoenix show, and loved your response to the "Oliver"! Please feel free to be on this forum any time! We welcome everyone here at all times no matter what type of RV they own. Of course people that do not own an RV are welcome also!! We appreciate your kind words about the "Oliver" which may help someone else trying to decide what type of fiberglass trailer to purchase. Thanks again, Northwoods
  25. Hi everyone, We will be at the Sacramento RV Show March 27 - 30th, at the Cal Expo Center, we are supposed to be near the concessions and the Rest Rooms. April 3 - 6, we will be in the Pomona RV Show, near the main entrance (the last we heard). April 11 - 13th we plan on being at the Albuquerque Gem Faire, at the New Mexico Fair Grounds. I don't know anyone going through Ohio at this point. We may be heading to Mich. in May and could meet you somewhere. We will let you know on this forum, or you can reach Billy on his cell. From there, we plan on going to Colo
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