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That's great Reed. I'm really glad this whole idea of the pick-up tube has worked. Really nice work, and I truly hope Oliver carries this forward, because it really is an important design issue. I have access "obstacles" in  my Elite that you don't have in your Elite 2. My hot water tank pretty much covers the back end of my fresh water tank. So in order to spin weld a fitting on the top of the FWT, I need to first remove the HWT! ughh. I am still hoping that somehow I can insert a bent tube inside the original outflow fitting, and letting it rest on the tank bottom. I'm waiting to hear what Oliver comes up with. What was the pipe dope you used? Not seen that before but I'll get some when I dive into this. Thanks again for bringing this all to light again.



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The pipe dope is Rectorseal #5.  Good for plastic or metal and never hardens to a brittle state.  Also, one wrap of Blue teflon tape on the threaded fittings.  So, Rectorseal, one wrap of teflon, and than more rectorseal.  The brass compression fitting gets some dope on it to, just to lubricate the threads and help seal the ferrule.  Then less torque is needed on the nut.


John (Raspy)

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