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  1. Here are few pix of my stainless counter top. It was upgraded after this pic with a barrier on the right side to prevent spills and a nicer faucet. The microwave cabinet was a very successful upgrade. It gave more counter space, a place for knives and utensils, a wine rack and a secure microwave that could not fall out of the cabinet. The microwave that came in my Ollie, tried to jump out of the cabinet twice.
  2. Some of you have seen this mod I did on the microwave cabinet, but i thought I'd post it again in this thread. It was prompted by the microwave trying to escape from the cabinet several times. And the need for more function. I was able to keep a smaller microwave, and include a wine rack and utensil storage tubes. A pantry latch holds the door closed and the door also serves as a stainless work counter. We had an extra set of wood trim pieces that made a matching door.
  3. John, Thanks for the kind words. As you remember, you were the one who brought Black Series to my attention. I made a mental note to stop in Utah and have a look at them on our way from Wyoming down to North Rim. Then, I decided to cut the North Rim stay short and head back to Lindon Utah and have a second look. We both really liked the Black Series HQ19 right off the bat, but loved the Oliver too. I never intended to sell the Oliver, but suddenly, we were going to get a Black Series. Glad we did. But it hasn't been a perfect transition. I've done lots of little fixes and modi
  4. Overland, Raspy here, (John) I looked at this old thread again about your McHitch coupler, and am wondering if you'd mind if I copied your mount and used your nice drawings? I am now distributing these excellent hitches and would like to produce a kit to install them on Oliver trailers. I looked at yours at the rally, and was impressed with how nicely it fit. Hope to see you at this year's rally, if we can get back to nearly normal and have it in September. I put one on my HQ19 before I even pulled it out of the showroom, and began showing it. Then it was featured in a
  5. They could make a more useful interior if they reversed the layout and put the bath at the rear, where there is more headroom, and the bed at the front, where less headroom is needed. This would keep the great streamlined shape and allow headroom in the bathroom. By widening it 4" they could put a queen bed running fore and aft with just enough room to get in on each side, so no climbing over your partner. include some small cabinets over the bed. Possibly bigger windows. One on each side of the bed. And ones that don't leak with a flip up glass that can be left cracked open in t
  6. Here is a very nice locking grease gun coupler that makes greasing the suspension a lot easier. You no longer have to try to hold the fitting on the zerk and try to pump at the same time. Put this on a flexible gun hose and you can reach anywhere. https://www.amazon.com/LockNLube-fittings-best-selling-Long-lasting-rebuildable/dp/B00H7LPKKU/ref=sr_1_4?crid=3LX4YLDVJ970&keywords=locking+grease+gun+tip&qid=1585588497&sprefix=Locking+grease+gu%2Caps%2C206&sr=8-4 https://www.amazon.com/Dr-Lube-Grease-Spring-Guard-GHP12S01/dp/B07D6PW8XC/ref=sr_1_10?keywords=flexib
  7. I have a 2000 watt Yamaha. Obviously Honda and Yamaha have excellent reputations. My general experience with them has lead me to repeatedly see that Yamaha's engineering is better. Not necessarily more user friendly, but mechanically better. Honda will use sleeve bearings, where Yamaha will use roller bearings. Honda likes to use plastic camshafts, and Yamaha uses steel camshafts, etc. My Yamaha has a separate fuel shutoff and it is the best way to shut the engine off. Then, no matter how long it has been sitting, maybe even a year, it starts right up. Keep in mind that thes
  8. Mike sums it up well. I loved our Oliver, and I did a lot of work on it to make it better. Some things about it were just not the best for us, but Oliver is so far ahead of the industry standard stickie that there is really no comparison. Comparisons to the HQ19 are awkward. They are so different from each other. But, for a couple, the HQ is extremely nice. The interior is a luxury apartment, and the exterior is a durable beast with the best suspension I have ever seen in America. The HQ19 seems to have pushed the level of traveling comfort and practicality from comfort
  9. I, sort of accidentally, left my Oliver out in freezing weather while we were away for a few days. It froze the cold valve on the bathroom sink, and it froze the toilet fresh water valve that the foot pedal operates. The bath sink faucet cracked the ceramic insert, and the toilet valve split open. It seems like the water inlet fitting would be the most vulnerable, or the outdoor shower assembly, but the breaks both happened inside the trailer. Afterward, I wished there were valves on the bathroom lines so that one could isolate that area while out on the road if needed.
  10. I don't know anything about Autoformers. But it sounds like the park wiring is undersized. And I don't know if others were drawing power at the same time as you. One way to work around that problem, with loads other than the AC, is to add a dedicated automotive style battery charger. This would probably need to be an older, ferro-resonant style, for best results. Turn off the incoming power to your on-board converter/charger, or simply unplug the trailer. Plug the battery charger into the shore power, and clip it onto your battery terminals. Then run all loads off of your on-board i
  11. Oliver designed in two perfectly good freeze protection systems, and they are great features. One is to run the propane heater, which ducts the warm air between the hulls, and adds a lot of energy to the area. The other is too winterize. "Lo amperage" means low energy. You either need a lot of energy, or you need to remove the chance of freezing what is there. To remove the chance of freezing what is there, you need to drain it out, or add anti-freeze to it.
  12. I still haven't got it! But we will have it at the end of the week, or next week at the latest. A gave it a very close inspection last week and found it to be very air tight. All openings sealed where pipes pass through, all outside compartment covers gasketed, water fill ports sealed, etc. The windows are the swing out type and close with multiple latches against a soft gasket. The only opening I found was near the bottom of the door, where there is a louver. I was all over it underneath looking at the insulation and running a new PEX pipe for the water system mod I'm doing.
  13. The Black Series HQ19 has a beautiful outside kitchen. It is under the awning, but there is also a complete kitchen inside with three burner stove, oven, and vent hood. Who wants to cook outside in blowing rain or a dust storm? And who wants to cook inside when deep frying, or trying to barbecue, or on a hot day, or for a large crowd?. And who wants to try to cook outside with a stove-top oven, when there is a very nice oven inside? The outside kitchen makes a lot of sense. We used to carry a separate stove, and gas line, and cooking table, just for that purpose. Liye's famous spring
  14. John, I don't know where it is, but someone posted a picture of a system that was simply a 1960's style automotive air cleaner from a big V8, from a Chevy or something, that was mounted to the side of their trailer. I think there was a fan behind it. These are very low profile and have an easily replaceable filter with lots of surface area. They re made of durable steel, light weight, easy to get, and have a nice air horn on the front. Easily adaptable to this purpose. One might be mounted on the roof, with a fan below in a cabinet or some place out of the way. Or maybe the forward
  15. One nice feature in the Romotow, is the narrow hallway on one side, with a large bath separating the front and rear. This makes sense to me instead of the typical center hall and all of the areas along the exterior walls.
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