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Hello from Florida


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Hi, I'm ChrisAnn from St Cloud Fl.  I retired in 07 at 50, been doing some contract gigs since then the current one should be finished before the end of the year and I've decided not to take any more.  Been researching solo RVing the last couple months.  My plan is to live in my house in Fl from around Nov-Mar then spend the the other 7 mos traveling, I will most likely spend up to three months of the summer out in WA and Or visiting with friends most years. I haven't totally ruled out a small motor home but am leaning heavily to a cargo type van with tow package and a molded fiberglass camper.  I would love to see in person, the escape and the Oliver as well as the casita, unfortunately a new Oliver is not in the budget I've set to do this :(   When I do pull the trigger on buying something I would like to buy a good used one, I have time to be patient so am hoping it's doable.  I will be traveling with a Great Dane so I need something that is not too narrow in the isle and I can have a dedicated bed as I don't want to make it up every day, that would be a PITA.  Any advice is welcome, I am a complete newbie  to all of this.



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