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EZE Gutters and Ruggids RV Rug Steps


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Hey Gang!


I just completed two small... very small ... mods on the Flying Sea Turtle.   I added a second Ruggid RV Rug to the steps and installed EZE Gutters.


EZE Gutters - These have been very extensively posted about and Thanks to all who shared their wisdom.  I can add that I chose to run the gutters all the way down the sides for each of the three big windows.  I ordered two 10' pieces and cut the needed length from each to do the windows above the bunks with a single piece.  For the window over the dinette, I used two pieces with a splice in the middle top of the window.  Not enough left over to do the bathroom window and that was just fine for me... Bathroom gets wet anyway.  Alcohol to clean before putting the gutters on, and now they are on tight!  We all know what they look like so i wont post pics on this.


Ruggids RV Step Rugs - We bought one of these on the road and liked it so much that I sent away to Camping World for another.  They install easy with the provided LARGE Zip Ties.  We all know how easy the steps on Ollie get dirty and how hard they are to clean.  These look nice, help keep dirt in the trailer down and even reduce the noise of folding the steps a bit.  Pictures attached.  They are about $19 each from CW.


Safe travels everyone!


Scotty ....      and Donna who is napping on the couch... and the FST... and the Blue Whale.





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Gregg & Donna Scott and Piper the Westie  -    The Flying Sea Turtle - Hull # 145     Western NC


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