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Hi, everyone.   We are Dave and Patty G., and we live in Mason City Iowa.  It's halfway between Minneapolis and Des Moines.   Anyway, as we get nearer to retirement and some travel, I've been looking for the ideal towed camping trailer.....and I'm pretty well convinced that the Oliver is one of the best around.    I'd be interested down the road to hear about anyone thinking about selling their unit, for whatever reason.   I'd also like to actually see one, so if any of you are within shouting distance of Iowa, it might be fun to get together and hear all about it.


I can be reached anytime at:   dguetzko@yahoo.com   and I check this site a few times a week as well.


Have a great day, all!      dave

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Dave and Patty, welcome!  We were able to see an Oliver here at a fiberglass rally a couple of years ago, then we scheduled a trip to Tennessee.  The factory tour is very worthwhile, if you were undecided before you wouldn't be after the tour.  We picked ours up in May and are very happy with the trailer and the company.  Lot's of expertise on the forums here as well - take advantage and ask lots of questions.  Mike

Texas Hill Country | 2016 Elite II #135 | 2020 Ram 2500 6.7L


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