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  1. An option would be to open a ticket with Oliver service, they should know exactly what was installed on Hull 832 and then ship you what you need. Mike
  2. I just finished my Colorado reservations for July last week! We’ll be over by Ridgway those dates. 🙁
  3. At the rally ask me about our flood experience and the 2am evacuation!
  4. Here’s an interesting article on what to do in a lightning storm. They say metal RV’s are safer than all fiberglass RV’s. They also give some other advice. I’d be interested in what the consensus is on what everyone does during storms. Mike Lightning Storm Precautions
  5. John, as Bill has shown, it can be done. I had two blinds on the kitchen counter for several days as I did the re-stringing thing a couple years ago. One came out fine, the other one I had too tight which made it difficult to raise the lower shade. Had to loosen up the strings a bit, now it’s fine. Just plan some time and be patient! Mike
  6. It’s a rite of passage for a lot of owners!
  7. Our storage is under cover, so the only time we’re exposed to the sun is while camping. When CGI did our trailer they noted that it was not oxidized very much for a 7 year old (at the time) trailer. Covering definitely helps. Mike
  8. John sold his trailer and is not on the forum very often. Your best bet is to send him a PM with your question. Mike
  9. Trainman sold his trailer and hasn’t been active on the forum in a while.
  10. Mine are 3” wide and 9/16” diameter. Mike
  11. I get the daily RVgeeks newsletter email and this morning had an article on Oliver trailers. It looks pretty well researched. RVgeeks Oliver Article Mike
  12. It was cloudy here, but full eclipse peaked through a few times for 15 or 20 seconds. The darkness was weird. Mike
  13. We’re not camping but are only about 45 minutes from where most Oliver campers are and we live in the path of the eclipse. Unfortunately, it’s pretty cloudy. I can’t even see an outline of the sun through the clouds. Hope it clears up some in the next hour, otherwise there will be disappointment in Texas Hill Country!! Mie
  14. I ordered a set of springs this morning. I was the second order they had this morning. Lou said they’ve had 4 to 5 orders a week for a while. They now have an Oliver Kit that includes springs, U bolts, shackles and wet bolts. Mike
  15. Same here. Not difficult to swap out. The light is nice. I think you’d be fine without the rain guard. Mike
  16. There’s a separate thread on the fall (October) Texas Rally. It’s at Inks Lake State Park just north of Marble Falls and east of Burnet. Mike
  17. There’s a check valve with the water pump that fails occasionally. Every now and then I get water coming out of the fresh tank overflow when connected to city water. What works for me (until I fix it) is to turn on the water pump and let it run a bit and then it usually stops. It’s not been a repair priority because it doesn’t happen very often. Mike
  18. That’s not something we do either, if we’re that far out of level we stack some lego’s to bring it up to a point we can use the jacks to tweak it. Mike
  19. We have a new HEB that just opened in March that’s just a few miles from where we live, no more driving into Boerne for groceries. HEB is based in San Antonio. They pretty much have a monopoly around here, except for Walmarts. No comparison between the two. If you’re here in the Hill Country for the eclipse, get your groceries at the nearest HEB! Mike
  20. Also, there’s a difference between leveling and raising. In the early days a buying point was that you could raise the trailer with the rear jacks. As Steve says that’s before liability issues came in. I still raise my trailer occasionally and have for years. Of course, I’m not recommending it (must be those liability issues speaking). PJ does a good job on her videos, memorizing a lot of features and capacities. Mike
  21. Welcome to Texas, John! I hope the weather cooperates tomorrow for the big event. It doesn’t look like good sky watching conditions. Mike
  22. PJ at Princess Craft has a video on one of their Elite II’s. She does videos on all the trailers they sell. They are going to be represented at the Texas Oliver rally at Inks Lake State Park in October and will sponsor a BBQ.
  23. I think they are making an unfortunate decision, unless they are giving up camping/traveling all together. My experience is that most bugs get worked out during the warranty period and shortly after. We’ve had years of trouble free camping, just normal routine maintenance (bearings, brakes, shocks, etc). Someone will benefit from their sale, an Oliver well broken-in and bugs worked out! Mike
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