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  1. The hose fittings are all just standard fittings. Any old hose will work. Not sure what you mean by “pump hose”. The procedure I use is I take my hose, screw it into the water source and then screw the other end into the connection on the trailer. Mike
  2. Lexi, glad to have you on board working this event! My thought is that a Utah/Colorado event would be more accessible to those coming from the eastern states. A west coast event would be nice but you might limit those not west of the Rockies. We’ve got a year for planning.... Mike
  3. This is common. It’s happened more than once to us too! Mike
  4. I’ve also got a Bakflip MX4. I like it a lot, I had one on my 2016 Ram as well. Quality product. Mike
  5. I like my tonneau cover on this Ram and my last 3 trucks. I guess we all don’t have the same preferences! Mike
  6. We were planning on attending, plus doing 3 or 4 weeks after in TN and KY. My 87 year old mother had her first ride in an ambulance this weekend and I’ve been camped out at the hospital the past couple of days. Looks like we’re going to be care-givers the next 2-3 weeks after she gets home this coming weekend. Unless something changes we won’t be able to attend. Will know for sure by the weekend. ☹️
  7. I like mine. Tools (plus other stuff, bungies, lubes, gloves, etc.) go there and not in a tool box in the bed under a bunch of stuff. I won’t get a Ram without them.
  8. Welcome! Think of the Oliver as a fiberglass boat on wheels. Ask questions as you have them and you’ll get some good answers. Mike
  9. Airstream has given up on its fiberglass trailer and quit production. They’ve had a lot of issues with the Nest, sorry to see it go. https://www.airstream.com/travel-trailers/nest/ Mike
  10. We get the HH news letter and I read the recall list. Quite long. We’re going on five years and we haven’t had any expenses other than normal maintenance (bearings, brake wear, etc). We had some warranty items but Oliver covered the expense for them or they corrected the issue. At this point, looking back, I’m not sure an extended warranty would have been worth the cost.
  11. Yes. The back cushions are 6” thick and fit nicely between the mattresses on plywood pieces I made which results in a larger bed. I did a thread on it, I think a search for “platform” or twin bed conversion will work. We haven’t had any grandkids with us yet, but it is a nice change when we’re tired of twin beds. Mike
  12. Yes, they are made out of quarter inch plywood. With the fabric and padding they are a snug fit. I slide them down from the top. On one of them I added a couple of command strips but the others stay put by themselves. I didn’t make them, we had them done by a local lady who works out of her garage. She did a fine job. Mike
  13. Oh, I forgot the ladder. We also carry a ladder and probably something else I forgot.
  14. I like it too. I read through what they did and don’t understand a lot of it, there were a lot of fixes though! 😳
  15. Welcome to the forum. Don’t hesitate to ask when you have a question! Mike
  16. We changed our cushions and covers. I still have the original tan cushions but went with a dark blue sunbrella material a couple of years ago.
  17. Welcome and ask any questions you might have. Lots of Oliver knowledge and experience here! Mike
  18. We’ve camped several times in weather that got down to the mid-teens. Single digit weather is not something we would do on purpose, especially for an extended period. We’ve never winterized. We were able to use all bathroom facilities during our cold weather camping. I’m sure there are owners with more cold weather experience than we have, but our trailer did fine and we were comfortable. Mike
  19. There’s no real rule on the map. Most of us only count states we’ve camped in at least over night in our Oliver. Just passing through a state doesn’t count. Mike
  20. This has been an enlightening thread. The lithium option looks promising. I’m left scratching my head a little though on the cost vs benefit. We boondock about 50% of the time. The other 50% we have 30a. My AGMs have performed well and I barely look at them once a year. We have covered storage with a 20a that I plug in to. Temps here range from about 25 to 105 degrees and I’ve never thought about cooling or warming them. Like I said, I’m scratching my head a little.... Mike
  21. While you’re in Hohenwald, stop by the Tractor Supply and see if they have any Champion inverter generators. At our Tractor Supply here in Boerne I got a 2K Watt, 37 lbs, very quiet for $349 on sale. It has performed flawlessly the last couple of years and is as quiet as the Honda or any of the inverter generators.
  22. I carry a 2K Watt Champion. Nice size, 38 pounds, very quiet.
  23. We do what Bill does. Rug on the bathroom floor until we shower then it goes just outside the door.
  24. Just don’t put a “Lithium Powered” sticker on the side of your trailer and you’ll be fine.
  25. If you are worried about someone stealing your batteries you could padlock the sliding rack that they are mounted on. Unless you plan on storing it in a publicly accessible storage with no security I wouldn’t be too concerned. Most folks don’t even know where the batteries are stored on the Oliver or that they have more than the normal 1 or 2. Mike
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