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  1. Dan, that’s great to hear. Enjoy KC, we just left there and are now in Branson. I think you’ll find you can dry camp longer than you think! Mike
  2. If you have shore power I would put the generator away and connect to shore power. If the microwave doesn’t come on I would check to ensure that it is plugged in (check in the left overhead above the microwave. If it is plugged in, I would check whatever GF outlets you have to ensure they aren’t tripped. I believe there is a fuse in the breaker panel for the microwave, I would check it too. Mike
  3. We’ve got a bunch of sheared window screws. I haven’t done anything to repair, it doesn’t seem to affect the windows much. We haven’t had a condensation problem because we usually have both vents open, it’s one of our set up tasks so even if fireside wine is consumed we’re good. Mike
  4. Are you on shore power or on generator? We don’t use our inverter when on either one, the AC outlets are powered directly. As SeaDawg mentioned, be careful not to run more than one high wattage things at the same time. Mike
  5. Welcome! Glad you’re considering and Oliver along the Escape and Bigfoot. Each are a bit different. Tennessee isn’t too far from Maryland, a trip to the factory is educational as far as build quality, features and factory support. Let us know what questions you have. Mike
  6. I’ve got the older 320W solar panels. We don’t use the AC much at all. Too loud. No, we’ve never run the AC off of the batteries. The two BB’s do fine running everything else. We’ve never been below 80% in the morning after running the furnace, lights, occasional microwave, etc. Mike
  7. Looks like a spot to put lots and lots of solar! I’ll be watching this…. Mike
  8. My install is similar to John’s. 2 BB 100aH with room for a third. After a lot of camping I’m not sure I need the third.
  9. Here are some quick thoughts… As far as your RV goals go, the Oliver is a good match to all of them. As far the 10 year service life, an Oliver would be much more. Ours is going on 6 years, 60K+ miles and still looks and feels new. Challenges… you learn to minimize camping stuff. We can carry enough clothes for a couple months inside the Oliver. Chairs, grills, Clam, fire pit, etc. go in the truck bed. The wet bath seems like a pain to the un-initiated but it’s not. The dinette seats will not be anywhere near as comfortable as recliners. We sit outside as much as possible, camp chairs are more comfortable. We do use the dinette when the weather is cold or rainy and don’t have the Clam set up. Our twin beds serve as good reclining spots for reading as well. I’ve only been on a ladder to get to the roof once in all of our travels. I’ve never actually been “on” the roof. A collapsible ladder works fine, which I use after each trip to clean the roof. It stows easily in the truck bed. Specifics…. We have twin beds with mattresses and they are very comfortable. We had 4 AGM batteries for 5 years and I have no complaints. When they needed replacing I used two Battle Born 100aH batteries and they are working fine, too. How much money do you want to spend? We only have one awning and leaning a ladder against it has not been a problem. I did cut two pool noodles that wrap around the ladder to protect the trailer finish. I’ve never winterized or used that outlet to fill the fresh tank (different valve configurations for each operation). Hope this helps a little. You’ll get more input in the coming days! Mike
  10. If we have electricity we use an electric space heater. We’ve got a small Vornado that is quiet and does the job with three settings. On the lowest setting we can also run the coffee pot, so life is good! We were just in CO and northern NM with night temps around freezing and the little Vornado kept us toasty! Mike
  11. With my trailer, the AC comes on with the furnace if I have the fan set to low or hi. If I set the fan on auto, the AC does not come on with the furnace. I usually have the fan on Low when I run the AC and then when I turn on the furnace the AC comes on and I always roll my eyes that I forgot again to set the fan on auto first. Mike
  12. We had a discussion about military RV parks, usually called Famcamps a few years ago, HERE. It’s important to remember that access to military installations, to include the commissary, exchange and outdoor recreation facilities (Famcamps) are a DoD benefit for active duty and retired military folks. Non-retired veterans get benefits from the VA, not DoD. Some Famcamps are better deals than others, we’re paying $25/night here with FHU. We paid $50/night at Fort Belvoir a few years ago. Mike
  13. We’ll be doing that today, it’s just across the road. Not sure how many apparatuses will get used! Mike
  14. I believe this is so you can drain the fresh tank without lifting the mattress. I can do it, but the contortions leave me with muscle cramps. It’s easier to lift the mattress. I think a bigger access port would work better. Mike
  15. I took this picture today after we arrived at McConnell AFB in Wichita, KS. We were struck by the size difference of our Oliver surrounded by some huge trailers…. Mike
  16. Congratulations on your upcoming Oliver! Many of us followed the same path that you did and many of us were first time trailer owners. We’ll be here during the upcoming months while you wait to answer questions. Mike
  17. I had to restring two of my blinds. One works well, the other is very difficult to open and close. The strings attach to springs at the bottom of the frame, I think I got the strings too tight on the one that is difficult. I’ve tried to use some lubricant but it didn’t help the situation. If I have time and some decent weather on this trip I’m going to take it apart to see if I can re-tie the strings a little looser. Otherwise, I’ll wait until we’re home at the end of the month. Mike
  18. The closey thing is under the dinette seat nearest the bathroom. The black tank closey thing is there too, closer to the outside of the trailer. You can try some Vaseline on it. The cable is short so I’m not sure it would be the issue. Mike
  19. It is under the curb side bed under the furnace ducting. Probably 1/3 the distance from the kitchen to the back of the trailer. Mike
  20. Coy, thanks for the update. Mike
  21. Steve had surgery for a “brain bleed”. Carol just texted Tali and he is now out of surgery. Keep him in your prayers. Mike
  22. Based on my “experiment” yesterday it’s clear to me that my TST sensors were sending the current pressure and temperatures not having moved for several days. Mike
  23. A dedicated QC person(s) that double checks during construction would catch many of the one-off issues. This has been discussed over the years, I hope they continue to improve their QC practices. Mike
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