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  1. We like the green lushness of this area but would like to be driving through and camping in Montana…
  2. Tonight we’re at another COE campground in Mississippi near Starkville, just outside of Columbus AFB. We picked it at random due to location but are pleasantly surprised. It’s a very nice campground and we have FHU (not that we need that for one night). We’re only about 170 miles from Lake Guntersville and the rally, so we will have a short drive tomorrow. Nostalgia - 60 years ago we lived here in Starkville where I went to 2nd and 3rd grade while my dad went to Mississippi State University.
  3. I’m glad you found a solution. It sounds like Truma was pretty responsive. I know the on-demand units have advantages. The Truma option was not available when we ordered our Oliver in 2015 so we have the suburban 6 gallon hot water tank. It is simple and reliable. If I were ordering today, I would go with the traditional tank. Mike
  4. We continued our meander across Texas today for another one night stand just outside of Texarkana. We’re at Piney Point COE campground on Wright Patman lake. We’ve camped at this lake several times before at Clear Springs COE campground not too far from here (see page 9 of this thread). I’d say Clear Springs COE is a bit nicer and is much larger. It has a lot FHU sites if that’s what you need. This campground is smaller. Lots of tall pine trees, not like Texas Hill Country at all.
  5. Speaking of eclipses, we had a great view of the total lunar eclipse last night from outside of our Oliver at Liberty Hill COE campground between Waco and Corsicana. The solar eclipse should be even better.
  6. We are meandering our way across Texas on the way to Alabama and the rally. We stopped this afternoon at Liberty Hill COE campground on Navarro Lake in between Waco and Corsicana. It looks like an older park, with some nice sites by the lake and some average looking sites in a couple of loops away from the lake. There are three other COE campgrounds on the lake, we can see all three across the lake from our site. I might try another one of the campgrounds if we come back through this way.
  7. I’ll never think of a bottle jack the same way after this thread!
  8. Do you use an external water filter (like the blue Camco)?
  9. You could do a close sniff test at the quick connect and a sniff test at the furnace an hot water vents. I’d also check my propane tank area. Mike
  10. Agree with BIll, doesn’t look safe. If I’m going to raise one side of the trailer I keep it hitched to the truck with the front jack down. Prevents movement and stabilizes the trailer. Then I use a stabilizer jack to lift the trailer. If it’s for a quick task, that’s all I do. If it’s something more involved or I’m going to be under the trailer I also use a bottle jack, usually on some 2X6 pieces. I’ve been to discount tire and raised each side, once for new tires and once for metal stems. Each time I stayed connected to the truck, put the front jack down and used the stabilizer jack. They were fine with that method. I’ve done the same at campgrounds for various reasons. Mike
  11. I feel pretty confident that the folks at Oliver would notify owners immediately if there was this type of recall. Mike
  12. I replaced my 4 AGMs with 3 Battle Borns and did not disable the 12V from my truck. We’ve been from south Texas to Maine and back and also to Arizona and Utah and back. No issues. I would also be interested in the pros/cons of disabling the charge from the TV. Mike
  13. Congratulations and welcome to the Oliver family. Hope you can narrow down where the hum is coming from. Let us know if there are things the forum can help with. Mike
  14. I have a Champion 2,000W. It weighs 38 pounds. It runs my AC. Mike
  15. The one at the link would run your AC. When to get it is hard to say, depends on your travel plans. Mike
  16. Read through this thread, lots of discussion and pictures. Mike https://olivertraveltrailers.com/forums/topic/3986-maxxfan-service-lubrication-repair-help/?tab=comments#comment-55518
  17. Mine did the same a few years ago. I ordered the part from the company. It’s fairly easy to replace, no need to take the fan out. I posted some pictures that I will try to find. Mike
  18. I think about it every time I fuel up! The price of diesel doesn’t make sense.
  19. Looks like a great campground!
  20. They are available on several web sites. bhncb has a good suggestion. I think I got mine from Propane Guys. There are also YouTube videos on how to convert. Mike
  21. I can only give some partial answers based on our 6 years of Olivering. 1. We don’t have the extra 30a connection. The times we’ve needed to use our generator we just plug it into the 30a on the side of the trailer. If you carry a generator on the tongue then it might be useful. We’ve never missed not having it. 2. I haven’t seen the new fabrics, so I’ll punt on this one. Ultra fabric wasn’t available in 2015. 3. We have used our quick connect A LOT. I hook my Weber or my Blackstone to the quick connect almost every where we camp. We carry a 20lb tank in the truck bed for our fire pit or if we want to cook far from the trailer. We have the 30lb tanks. I’m sure there is a way to secure a tank to the basket, but I haven’t seen it done. I have an aluminum box on the tongue for chocks, blocks, legos, gloves, flashlight, etc. 4. No shower curtain here. Don’t want one. 5. No bike rack experience, so this is my second punt. Mike
  22. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! Happy camping!! Mike
  23. Wow, sounds like a piece of junk and potentially a dangerous piece of junk. Thanks for posting your experience, we can all learn from it. Mike
  24. I’ll add Obey River COE to my TN list. Looks like a nice campground. Mike
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