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Whether or not to travel with the fresh water tank full, is a topic of some discussion on other forums.

To those that travel from one campsite to another with full hookups at each stop, it sometimes makes more sense to just have only a few gallons of water in the tank. The obvious bonus of that is the fuel savings from not having to tow the extra weight. The other bonus for some brands of TT's is the water tank is well above the frame and the center of gravity is affected. Which directly affects handling out on the road.

All tanks on the Oliver are down low between the frame rails, not above them, creating the very lowest possible center of gravity. That, and the extensible tongue, pretty much guarante the best possible handling while under tow.

Once the handling issue is out of the way, a full, or nearly empty fresh water tank becomes mostly a matter of choice, not necessity.

Because we mostly boondock, with no hookups, we only stop at a full hookup facility to do laundry, take advantage of a long, slow, hot shower, dump tanks, top off fresh water, re provision the larder, ect..

The cool thing about our TT's is that it allows us to "do it our way". Tell us please, how you do it, and as always, post those photos if you have them ! :D

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I would rather wake up in the middle of nowhere than in any city on earth 08' Oliver Legacy Elite HULL NUMBER 0003(sold)

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:lol: As I am a member of Escapees Club, when I'm traveling, I boondock wherever I can to save $, so I travel with 1/4-1/2full tanks to save gas. If I know I'm gonna' want hookups,

I''ll do the shower then. So I'll usually boondock/drycamp 2 nites and full hookup the 3rd. That's traveling! When camping, I'll fill water tank before arriving if I'm dry camping and not if I've got hookups but I never let water get below 1/4 full.

I carry 2, one gallon jugs in bath for flushing and usually 2 three gallon jugs or a case of drinking water for the dogs and I. Usually do not use fresh water for drinking but add bleach to keep it purified.

Traveling= getting from point A to point B rapidly with no fun stops

Camping= the fun stops

Chuck 8-)

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