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BAGS by Larry Mountainborn Harmon

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We take bagging to the next level, I guess.  We met a lady at one of the Fiberglass RV Rally's who takes a rectangular plastic Apple juice bottle and cuts a small section out of the top side by the screw off plastic cap style. She then folds the bags in half-length wise and then folds them up into rectangles in 3rds. We basically did the same in the Casita, but here in our Lil' Nugget we bought the one pictured because the lid lifts up. You can actually stuff more then 100 bags into one of these containers and then they fit right into any of the cupboards.


They've actually made these bags illegal to use in grocery stores in California because they call them single use bags.... Moonbeam at his best... Wow! Only in California could they only find one use for these. They make great box stuffers, glass wrappers, clothes bags, etc. We use them as garbage bags mostly but we simply hang them in the Oliver. One by the front door and then one over the side of the bed.










Happy Camping,


Reed & Karen Lukens with Riffles our Miniature Poodle

2017 Oliver Legacy Elite II  Standard, Hull #200 / 2017 Silverado High Country 1500 Short Bed 4x4

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Much like you guys we tried several ways of storing the bags, but like the one in the doorway, it was just always in the way.  Every gentle breeze would make a plastic bag "harsh rustling sound". Our trash can was space that is designated, out of the way, and the extra bags are lurking in the bottom out of sight, yet at the ready.

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I would rather wake up in the middle of nowhere than in any city on earth 08' Oliver Legacy Elite HULL NUMBER 0003(sold)

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