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Oliver Rock Guard


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Hello I was asked to post a picture what we had covered the front of our Oliver with on the trip to Alaska last year. We used closed cel foam maybe 1/8 0r so thick we bought at a flea market u can probably buy it on line it is the same thing that you use as a sleeping bag cushion, being closed cell you do not get any water or dirt that can get through and rub under the foam as you travel and the wind, rain and dust will not penetrate. I cut the pattern and applied it from the belly band down and the running light around the front. I taped it on with Non-Residue duct tape and stayed on over a month through the Alaska, Yukon Territory portion of the trip just over a month long and it held up great and came off easy and cheap.ysni265mr7xxqo3u3dngl3pxukirkwf9.jpg.f1827fc0b73bb35b4519e684f3fbdab0.jpgThis is the best picture we have taken from the Yukon River after staying in a Provincial Park across from Dawson City. Thanks Gary

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Gary & Jona

2016 Silverado 2500 Diesel

Legacy Elite II Hull 81 



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