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  1. I would just throw in my few cents and say to all the issues with cold camping have a back up propane heater like a buddy heater should your furnace fail and you are not at an electric site. This happened to me in the Canadian Ice fields with show falling and boon docked across from the glacier in the visitors parking lot ice on the truck be a boy scout and be prepared. Just my two cents. Thanks Gary happy camping
  2. I like the gutter idea good thinking
  3. I like the bull dog collar as well nice little insurance when your towing , the rest is only going to stop the amateur thief and make you fell good, still need to do it just to keep people honest. Things we have to do to help society out. Safe travels enjoy and go camping.
  4. Coming from Florida we usually do I-10 going out and a lot of 40 on returns but I would route both destinations and let the weather decide, you have no control over that part of the equation. Be safe and enjoy. Thanks Gary
  5. On the bay in Seward Waterfront Park , Alaska. life is good but I could go on to on the ocean along the 101 in Washington state again Life is good. Enjoy them all.
  6. I don't usually chime in but I'll give one suggestion we use. Easy to put up and down is a Clam with the side panels and put a propane fire pit in the middle you can be in the windiest, rainiest, coldest temps and sit pretty. we have had 6 or seven people sit around the fire pit for hours so something to think about. the newer one with the flaps on top keep the heat in better as well. Happy travels. Thanks Gary
  7. Keep taking lots of pictures for many great Memories are coming forth. Enjoy and be safe.
  8. Be safe Mike were up in the NC western mountains staying away from storms and virus. Stay safe. Gary & Jona
  9. You will have a great trip and time. We also stayed ay Mu old Kentucky Home nice little park and close to the Distilleries. Visit as many as you can they are all enjoyable but do visit the big ones of course but do Buffalo Trace really enjoyed the tour have fun they are all near each other and can do 2 or 3 a day easily. Have fun all and enjoy. Thanks Gary
  10. Thanks Mattnan that was taken at the city Campground on the water in Seward Alaska had to stay there a couple days and also down on the spit in Homer. Hello Trainman I have driven it a couple times and flew into Fairbanks in the winter don't drive 70 mph in the rock roads and there are not enough trucks on the Alcan to bother the wildlife licking salt from the roadway. You bought the camper to see the outdoors and you can't get much more outdoors than a trip to Alaska, Yukon and British Columbia great people, beautiful views and lots of history all to my liking but that's JUST ME. Enjoy the ride and take the trip explore there is a lot to see and such a short time to see it. Thanks Gary
  11. Nice low cost solution to the problem no over thinking needed. We did the same thing a couple times used closed cell Foam and low residue duck tape and as you said stayed on in the mud and rain of the trip for at least a 6 week period and didn't take off till i was south on the Cassiar Hwy into Washington State and put it on in Dawson as we started the Alcan. Held up to the big rocks because even mud flaps don't stop them all. Safe travels and enjoy the ride. Thanks Gary
  12. Welcome to the Oliver family and a great maiden voyage for the time of year, make your plans and follow with an open sense of adventure. See you on the road. Gary and Jona
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