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TSB: White Window Shades - Night Shade Fabric

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  • Oliver Staff

Issue: Daylight shows through night shade "appears as if material is cut".


Models Impacted: Many of the white window "night" shades may have been affected between 6/13/17 - 12/01/17.


Information: The new white window shades were impacted with a fabric issue regarding the night shade that appears as if the material or fabric is slit/cut but is actually an improper manufacturing of the night shade process to keep daylight from showing through the fabric. Anyone who experiences small specks of daylight showing through the nightshade will need to contact Automotion for information on warranty replacement.


Shade Measurement: 

Elite I: 18.5' Camper

Dinette Shade: 49.75" x 20"

Side Bed Shades: 31.75" x 20"

Rear Shade: 38" x 21.75"

Elite II: 23.5' Camper

Side Window Shades: 49.75" x 20"

Rear Shade: 38" x 21.75"

Resolution Contact Information:


Auto-Motion Shade Inc.


Ewa Zajch


Tel. (905) 470-6198 (Ext. 0022)


Ewa Zajch <ewaz@automotionshade.com>


*Please be sure to include size and quantity of each shade needed.


Jason Essary

Service Manager

Oliver Travel Trailer Sales, Inc.


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