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Electrics gone haywire


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Finally got "unplugged". Today was first day to really test out the solar. Was so impressed!! Then this evening see that the IPN ProRemote backlight is on for some reason although I haven't been touching it.  Check it out and it has crazy various numbers and symbols scrolling.


Symptoms. =


*Dark outside - ProRemote  showing various hieroglyphics. Also charge status light vacillating between acceptance and bulk.


ProWatt SW - light has been on for the last couple of days and it won't turn off when I push the button.


Blue Sky Solar box under seat - No lights when red knob in on position. Also the Progressive Industries box shows no light/numbers.


PROwatt SW box under seat - Does show numbers 130 & 000. I can turn this box of and the prowatt indicator on the wall will also turn off. When I turn the box under seat back on the lights for both come back on. ... but I still cannot turn off the button on the wall.


Bonus question - are my outlets supposed to be able to provide power when I'm not plugged into shore power?  If not, cool - but if they are supposed to maybe this is part of the symptoms.


Any ideas anyone?  I'm on - well was on my way to Quartzite.  Looks like I may be driving out to Tennessee. Again.




Carole and a couple of malinois.













Carole ....and a couple of Malinois

2016 Legacy Elite II #175

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Try unplugging the back of the blue sky box. You will need to unscrew the panel and then unplug a telephone wire from the back.  Leave it like that for about a minute and then plug it back in and re-install.  I had my display go blank and that's what blue sky advised.  It did fix the problem.


Good Luck





Gregg & Donna Scott and Missy the Westie  -    The Flying Sea Turtle - Hull # 145     Western NC




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Why did you get rid of your Anderson system?  I am getting ready to finalize my order of an Oliver and was thinking about getting this.  Thanks,



2017 Ford F-150 2.7 Ecoboost

2018 Oliver Elite (production start date, Feb 14)

Traveling with my Sheltie, Tucker


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