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Classic vs Elite


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I have perused the features charts and the differences I spot are options versus features and a set of 5 Elite Options that you can't get on the Classic. Am I close? (Oh, the Classic doesn't get a microwave.) For example, if I really want double pane windows, I must get the Elite with all of its other features. Same is true for the bigger wheels/tires. If those 5 Elite Options are not essential, I get the Classic and pick and choose what I want added (everything!!!).


Am I on the right track Oliver owners? I've seen postings for, "I just ordered a new Elite!!" Don't recall any such announcements for "my new Classic."



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CarolAnn, I would think you could order a Classic and get what additional features you want, including the double pane windows, or anything else for that matter.


However, my guess is that once you add a few options that you want on the Classic, you will reach a price that is very close to what the Elite costs, yet you will be short of several things that the Elite has that the Classic doesn't have.


I think that is why so many folks opt for the Elite. It gives you more stuff for the buck than ordering a classic and adding on what else you may want.


However, just add what options you want to the Classic, price out the options, and add them to the base price of the Classic and see how you come out. My guess is that you may come out spending less money, but getting less for the money you spend.


I think they will build you a Classic with whatever options you desire, including the double pane windows.


Here are the options and their prices:


Options for “Oliver Travel Trailers”

Aluminum Spare Wheel $120

Generator Quick Connect $719

Gas Line Quick Connect $252

Additional Female 12 Volt Outlet $48

Swivel Reading Lamps (ea) Position (choices) 1,2,3 $150

2000 Watt Inverters $659

Soap Dispenser (Kitchen) $66

Soap Dispenser (3 Way Shower) $71

Twin Bed Set Up $720

30 Pound LP Tanks and Regulators (price for 2 tanks and regulators) $119

Back Up Camera $840

Front Mural $234

Double Pane Thermal Windows (excludes Bathroom) $570

Thermastat for A/C $215

Solar Ready (no panel-outside connection) Call for pricing.

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Thanks, Doug1!!! The prices are interesting and helpful. Are those items that you added as options for the Elite? I'm going to make a superset of features--including the long list I got from Pete--and start checking off the have-to-haves, so-so, etc.

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CarolAnn, that option list was sent to me by Michelle at Oliver about a week or so ago.


I have not yet settled on my options, as my trailer will not go into production for a few weeks, so as not to get the trailer until I wanted it (between September 15th and 30th).


I will go to the factory in Tennessee and pick it up and head out on a trip of some sort, depending on the cost of gas at that time. My wife and I have to watch what we spend, so as not to out live our retirement savings. We also need to sell our existing tow vehicle and perhaps our 5th wheel as well. I shudder at the low price we will likely have to settle for when we sell. I get about 10mpg on diesel with my existing rig.

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