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  1. Our miniature poodle, Sterling, destroyed our curb side window shade. Replacements are not available in the original white color. Also, the shades are different colors than the originals. Also, the brackets the originals fit into will not work with the new shades. Be forewarned. If you need to replace one or more of your window shades, it's not possible to get them in the original white color. If you want all your shades to match, you will have to replace them all with the new ones, which are a light tan color, and you will probably have to have the replacements installed at the factory,
  2. I had these batteries installed at the Factory. No problem fitting then into the battery cavity on the battery tray. I have replaced them with a new set earlier this year. No problems.
  3. I share your concern regarding the drain valves and cables. If and when I upgrade, I will look to Drainmaster for the best 12V RV drain valve products. These are used on the million dollar rigs. I hear they are fabulous. Link: http://www.drainmaster.com/site/products/full-view/165
  4. This park is a great place to spend some time camping. The scenery is great and the campground is beautiful, with full concrete pads, water, showers, restrooms with flush toilets, but no hookups. If you are in Southern Arizona, this place is a MUST in my books. Good hiking trails and car tours. Prime Sonoran Desert habitat.
  5. I've towed our Oliver with a Chevy Traverse. It does a great job towing the Oliver. We averaged 14.3 MPG with the Traverse and it is a very comfortable vehicle. However, since the Oliver has no outside storage, it's hard to beet a pickup for long trips with the Oliver.
  6. I think our windows are Hehr brand. Here is their web site: http://www.hehrintl.com/ I've seen them for sale on eBay.
  7. I think many of us got these ovens in our trailers because they were supplied by Oliver in the Elites. Untill recently, I got very little use from our oven, which is a Sylvania SC-11100. I really didn't know how to use my oven, nor did I realize its capabilities. Fortunately, I have my Owners Manual, which is essential to learning how to operate the oven. I was referred to a web site about using these ovens in our RV's and our homes. It is: http://www.microwaveconnect.com. I recommend going to this site and reading it thoroughly. I have purchased the necessary things to use my oven. I hav
  8. I have extended my trailer tongue enough so that the factory aluminum basket clears the ends of the bumper on my tow vehicle. I took the trailer for a short test tow and it towed great. I had to get a new electrical cord to reach the tow vehicle. The chains were long enough to reach, so no problem there.
  9. HI Sherry, Geneva and I are doing just fine. Thanks for asking. Not much camping lately but we have a big trip out West and back planned from February through April, with a trip out of LA to Hawaii during Spring Break, with our Daughter and her family. Here is where we got our mattress. Very quick service: http://www.houstonmattress.com Hope you and Paul are doing great. We would like to camp with you again sometime.
  10. My wife and I ordered our Oliver with the twin bed configuration. We used it for two years that way and decided we didn't like our beds, primarily because they were not wide enough and required extra foam cushions for the comfort we wanted. We had to deal with sleeping bags and foam pads, making for a inconvenient switch out between the Oliver and the tow vehicle every morning and evening. I can't recommend the twin bed option. The pantry is nice, and it adds more counter space, but the extra table is really not all that usable, as it blocks the entry to the pantry, so we had already removed
  11. I HAD the aluminum cargo basket mounted on the tongue of our Oliver. The sharp corners of the basket damaged the bumper of my old tow vehicle during tight turns, so I took off the basket and haven't been using it since getting a new tow vehicle. Have any on you experienced the same problem? How have you dealt with the problem? I was thinking about further extending my trailer tongue, so as to make it long enough the basket would clear each end of the tow vehicle bumper during tight turns. Any advice or ideas from anyone who may have had the same problem?
  12. Pam, I hate to hear that the fridge can't be removed without removing the bathroom wall. I wonder if Oliver is still willing to work on our trailers if we take them in for repairs or modifications? I suppose I should ask them this question. Thanks, Doug
  13. Steve, only the top of the fridge is loose and protruding into the cabin. The bottom seems secure. I can see where the screws are loose at the top of the fridge when I look into the area above the fridge from outside the trailer. Oliver epoxied two pieces of aluminum angle metal to which they screwed self tapping sheet metal screws into the lip of the fridge and into the aluminum. It appears these screws have fatigued and broken the holes in the lip of the fridge and allowed it it lean into the interior of the trailer. These screws are about 1 1/4 inch long and it appears they may have to be c
  14. Our refrigerator is protruding into the cabin at the top by almost an inch. This let's hot or cold air into the cabin. I took the top outside plastic cover off to take a look to see if I could fix it. It doesn't look promising for a quick fix. We have the Norcold fridge, BTW. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, what was your fix?
  15. I think Junior bird Man has the right idea with his gutter over the rear half of the rear curb side window. The rubber awning strip can dump far more water into the window than the four drain holes can possibly discharge from the window sill, regardless of how free of debris and open they happen to be. I am definitely going to copy his fix, and I will be cleaning my window channels regularly so the drain holes won't clog with dirt and debris. Thanks for the ideas and the suggestions.
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