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Old Man Winter is slow to give up his grip on the land. It is the middle of February and though the days are getting longer, tiny bit by tiny bit, It just can't be soon enough. We talk about trips, we plan trips, we long for a get away to break up the doldrums of cabin fever.

Looking through the threads of these forums, we envy Jim and Evon out there in the desert South West. That semi circle of Olivers with the carpet and lawn chairs there at Quartzite beckons to us.

Work demands preclude a trip the magnitude of Quartzite, so what are we going to do ?

We scour the internet and find a couple of links that may help.


Many festivals are a weekend thing and have RV parking associated with them.

Maybe, like us, you don't even have a full weekend at your disposal ?

Try this link then.


Most flea markets have parking and the TT is a good place to rest those tired feet for a bit before the next shopping foray into the bazzar !

Want a more solitary thing ? Into geocaching ! We love to take our TT and go into a area we have never been before to find a few geocaches.



Good luck in escaping the Winter doldrums !

I would rather wake up in the middle of nowhere than in any city on earth 08' Oliver Legacy Elite HULL NUMBER 0003(sold)

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