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Any suggestions for a printer that will fit nicely and operate inside an Oliver overhead cabinet, scan/copy/print (color would be good, but not absolutely necessary). For April 2019 Oliver Elite II pickup, we have ordered the Wifi Ranger and cell phone booster to help with internet connectivity - so the printer will need to be part of my wifi wireless network. Do not need to print too often, but, sometimes. Seems I read somewhere LaserJet printers use a lot of power - not ideal for boondocking. Just curious if an owner has found the "ideal Oliver printer" (saves me some research effort). My experience with inkjets has not been too good (clogging jets and expensive), but, that was my home office where much more printing occurs (I now have an HP LaserJet printer in my office and super pleased with it). Not opposed to inkjet for a part-time travel trailer office setup.


2019 Oliver Legacy Elite II, Hull#444

2019 GMC Sierra 2500HD Crew Cab, 4WD, Denali, Duramax 6.6L Turbo Diesel V8 Engine with Allison 6-speed transmission

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Color printers really like to be run often, not necessarily every day, or they will clog up. Ink in general is a PITA and costly.  In your situation I would be looking at compact or portable laser printers, for B&W only. I am a big Canon fan but it appears that they are getting away from laser units.


One big benefit is that generic replacement toner cartdiges are dirt cheap and they will not clog. If the pages start to streak, you can remove it and shake it sideways a few times to resistribute the toner powder. Easy.




How about this little Brother? It is only 14” square by 7” high.




Two pack of toner $20:




Brothers are OK, at that price you just throw it away if there is an issue out of warranty. The LINKYO cartidges are excellent. I use them exclusively in my Canon. If you needed to print in color ocassionally while yravelling, stop at a Staples and get it done cheaply.


As far as power consumption, I have no clue. But for a few short periods of printing it can’t be much, certainly WAY less that running the microwave for a minute.


John Davies


Spokane WA

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