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  1. Ditto, but you would also need to choose three way valves and also install a drain hose leading out the belly. Otherwise the water in the vertical lines and the faucet would be trapped there. If you decide to go to all that trouble, install them on the curb side near the fresh tank drain, so the outside shower water lines going through the back wall of the trailer can also be emptied, using a blast of compressed air. John Davies Spokane WA
  2. Are these the mounts? Do you intend to remove the bikes every time you stop for the night, or if you want to take a nap? There will be no way to get around them otherwise, the center isle is really narrow even without a dirty, greasy bike or two in the way. The risk of scratching the interior gelcoat and wood drawers, and soiling the cushions, will be very high, especially when you maneuver them past that turn from the entryway to the main hallway.The entry door itself is pretty narrow too. Removing the pedals (or installing folding ones) would help a lot. You need to figure ou
  3. Too right! Certain tread patterns act like slingshots, but a whole lot depends on the size of the gravel. The typical 3/4” Minus’ crushed rock used for driveways and most unpaved county roads is bad for slinging from most snow and A/T tires. OTH mud tires do not do this, since the gaps are so big the stones cannot get grabbed and released. Plus they grip a whole lot better in turns. For intensive gravel driving, use those mud tires. Or better yet, install proper trailer protection and don’t fret about it. John Davies Spokane WA
  4. You can try a vinegar flush, to dissolve any deposits; use the winterization port to suck in a weak vinegar mix (1 gal per 5 gal water) through the plumbing and also into the (regular) water heater. Let it sit for a day, drain and flush well. Be aware that the vinegar water going onto concrete will etch it slightly (leave a very clean area). It won’t hurt, but if you don’t want to look at it for a year or two, do this where it won’t matter, or where it will hurt your lawn. John Davies Spokane WA
  5. Please post an update, many of us are concerned and very interested to learn how this turned out. Thanks. John Davies Spokane WA
  6. I am sorry, I have to completely disagree with everybody else! After a hard freeze with multiple failures, get the water out first thing! Drain the tanks and lines. Open all the faucets (and toilet flush) at once and blow out the system completely (all four ports) with compressed air set at 20 psi, then after you start to see air at the faucets, gradually increasing to no more than 60 psi. Blow out adapter Starting at a low pressure with all the faucets turned on means you won’t be blasting a lot of water underneath the floor.... Then you can close the taps and start looking for ai
  7. An external port positive wire goes through a 10 amp fuse, then directly to the batteries, no controller is installed there. It is not connected to the roof panel circuit in any way. So you need to use a portable panel with its own onboard controller, then plug it directly into the outside port, or onto the battery terminals using clips. This is from an earlier manual, I don’t think the current one shows the port wires. The inline fuse is not shown here. If you wanted to use an unregulated panel, so that you can place it further away (less voltage drop), you would need to install a
  8. I suggest a larger panel, so it can also be used when camping. A 20 watt panel is equivalent to a little 120 VAC battery tender, and it has zero usefulness at other times. Of course, theft is a risk so you need to factor that in. Your trailer has phantom electrical draws, that occur all the time unless you disconnect the batteries. The propane detector, for example, uses about 0.3 amps, day in, day out. So if you do get a small panel, disconnect the negative cables to eliminate those loads. I think Bill’s method, using the trailer 7 wire harness, is simple and will work OK, it requires ve
  9. Those high numbers are the fuse and wire ratings, not the operating ones, to account for the initial start up surge as the motor gets going. That is a VERY brief surge. And that current is momentary and it varies with the time and load (brake hydraulic pressure), so in normal driving you will have intermittent pulses of much lower current. The no load current should be close to zero. There is probably a published figure for “stopped and waiting for a red light” current, it should not be very high, the amount probably varies with the brand of brake controller you have. FYI
  10. You should have used something more dense 😬, I tried that today, I used two pieces of Coleman 1/2” eggcrate foam sleeping bag pad. I jammed them hard onto the intake opening (with the grill removed) and the sound definitely became deeper and more muffled. I launched my sound measuring app ..... https://apps.apple.com/us/app/decibel-meter-sound-detector/id1254994873.... and took some readings with the iPhone sitting on top of the curb side mattress, near the edge. With the grill open it was about 58 dBa. With it covered it was 52 dBa. That is a significant improvement! And that doesn’t include
  11. I have not had a reason to go back to Hohenwald, but if they would offer a disk axle upgrade with some extra travel, that could be retrofitted easily, I would probably hit the road ASAP. Any idea on when there will be an announcement? I have been waiting anxiously for five years...! Thanks. John Davies Spokane WA
  12. Here is an earlier thread. 2021 F150 John Davies Spokane WA
  13. Does the fuel door open by hand, or must a remote release be operated? Is it possible for somebody to syphon out fuel with the factory setup ? That cap is a nice piece of equipment and I think the price is more than reasonable. Even if it is never actually stops vandalism, it will make you sleep better. You have so many other things to worry about with a modern diesel ☹️ John Davies Spokane WA
  14. LOL, I did not mention that you should wait long enough for everything to come back up to room temperature. On a hot day four hours would be enough. I kinda thought that was obvious. But maybe not..l.. John Davies Spokane WA
  15. The Ollie sensors are not internal. They can possibly be affected by gunk inside, but the sensors themselves certainly do not have that issue. For those of you who still use the black tank, if you think your sensor is acting flaky, dump a bag of ice cubes, not crushed ice, down the toilet when the tank is half full, immediately before you start towing. They will crash around inside, loosing all the deposits so they will go out the drain the next time. If you use the tank flush feature, this should not be necessary, maybe, perhaps. Do any of you also use a hand flush wand, from the t
  16. A 2100 pound car with about 80 bhp .... that sounds optimistic. I sure would not like to tow more than 2000 pounds with only drum brakes on any TV. Ford started installing them in the F series trucks that year, what a significant upgrade that was! Towing capability has come a long way, up to 11,300 pounds for a new F150. John Davies Spokane WA
  17. That is good to know, thanks, what did you cover the grill cutout with? Cardboard? I was thinking that a 5/16” piece of HDPE plastic, with sound insulation inside it, cut to fit the hole shape, plus insulation in the rest of that vertical inside wall, would significantly lower the sound level. I would also add rubber seals around the outside to stop any leakage. Just covering the hole isn’t enough, it needs some acoustic sound baffling, like that stereo mat stuff you glue inside your car doors. But it needs to be able to stop high frequency sound, not those deep low frequency vibrations.
  18. If it makes you feel better, do that, but the “bad” one isn’t really bad. 😬 I personally would not bother. John Davies Spokane WA
  19. 5 ounces of imbalance is not good, but it is actually acceptable for a heavy LT tire if it can be corrected with weights. A hopping wheel and tire will also wear out that shock absorber and the wheel bearings much faster. Did you have them check the spare? Even if you don’t rotate it wth the others, it would be good to know it was OK for a (possibly long term) emergency. https://blog.tirerack.com/blog/make-driving-fun-2/how-many-wheel-weights-are-too-many- The Cooper tire is about 32 pounds, the wheel is maybe 30 pounds? 62 pounds total, so 1% would be 0.62 pounds, or about 10 ounces
  20. Pat, go for it, I appreciate your safety concerns. Everyone who tows is personally responsible for his setup decisions. Just be aware that by using that all-inclusive industry standard for stick and staple trailers, which allows for worst case conditions like underinflated tires, worn out suspension, a weak and flexible frame and absolutely horrible aerodynamics, the tongue weight for a 7000 pound GVWR Ollie would be 700 to 1050 pounds. You would definitely need a different truck with higher reserve capacities, or order the smaller trailer. You can plan on leaving stuff at home, but travellin
  21. I actually meant multiple Forum FAQs, not a Sales FAQ. For member discussions here, John Davies Spokane WA
  22. Classifieds should be open to all, I agree. As long as it doesn’t start to be overwhelmed with non-Ollie related stuff, like “seeking a new home for my cockatiel”...😬 that sort of thing should be dumped by a moderator. John Davies Spokane WA
  23. I agree wholeheartedly. There seems to have been a huge increase of “new shopper” and “simply curious” threads and comments, which is NOT a bad thing! It was bound to happen as these wonderful trailers become less of a mystery to the general public - last year the “is that was some kind of Casita?” question I kept getting was replaced by “is that an Oliver?” There should also be FAQ threads stickied at the top of each sub-forum to collect some basic information, because Search is a problem. I still can’t find stuff! There should be a Bookmarks page accessed at each member’s page wher
  24. FYI That particular unit operates at 1800 watts/ 120 VAC (15 amps!!!), so it should only be used on a shared 20 amp circuit (12 or 10 AWG wire), or at a minimum on its own 15 amp dedicated circuit (14 AWG wire), with its own 15A circuit breaker and NO other outlets. Even then, it might cause the breaker to nuisance trip. It would require rewiring the Ollie. Running one extra 12AWG cable to that location would not be a big deal, but replacing all the existing wires with a larger size would be, indeed! There are empty spots on the breaker panel, so it should be doable.... You should run this by
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